Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Electrified Goop of Egocentrica Mammalia

Alas, egocentrica mammalian wants to be more than an electro-chemical mass of grey goop, housed in a calcium shell, and so he actually formulates neuro-circuits within that goop to prove he is more than a fissured fatty deposit.

Over many centuries he developed language circuits for which to devise, and babble about incessantly, ever more complex and complicated concepts  like “consciousness,” “mind,” “thought,” “intellect,” (and even “concept”) as a means of removing himself from the mechanistic processes that he has absolutely no control over, yet cannot exist without.

There is nothing in the universe that is NOT material and egocentrica mammalia is an electro-chemical, gaseous bag (molecular material) of skin-encapsulated organic cellular tissue, entirely directed by a force, he deludes himself into “thinking,” he has control of, as opposed to it completely controlling him.

Egocentrica mammalia maintains the absurd belief that his ‘self’ is more than just electrified brain circuits. Hence, he conceptualizes all manner of immateriality, i.e., consciousness, subconsciousness, mind, thinking, conscience, soul, spirit, non-duality, enlightenment,  etc, etc, as a means of reinforcing his innate programmed narcissistic drive to assert dominion over all he surveys and, obviously, grant himself permission to destroy all he surveys, based on whatever sociopathic whim takes his fancy, directly associated with the socio-cultural programming of the time period he was thrust into by no choice of his own, but that he cannot disengage with (since it's tucked up in his skull).

We have electro-chemical impulses wildly dashing, hither and thither, through neurally charged gelatinous tissue and those impulses entirely influenced by external stimuli and, subsequently, influencing other previously formed circuits, respond as programmed, thereby, acting upon the universe in ways decreed by that causal order.

Hence, all ego-centered experience is nothing more than an electro-chemical 'experience’ of brain processes or the brain experiencing its own electro-chemical transmissions. These 'experiences" are then run through language circuits to provide "concepts" for which to superimpose upon the experiences and make them all peachy keen special.

Your entire life is made up of experiences you apply concepts to as a means of actually knowing the experience, but only conceptually. You have never really experienced anything at all, because thought happens before you think it. Therefore, a fearful thought is devoid of the experience that caused it and what is feared is the concept superimposed upon the experience.

The "thought" impulses that led to Einstein's E=mc2 are no different, electro-chemically, than the thought processes which demanded he perform his morning bowel movement. Neurally charged electro-chemical impulses transmitting through miles of microscopic dendritic wiring, subsequently, arriving in the brain’s language centers with the conceptualization, “damn, I gotta take a shit.” Language has always been egocentrica’s greatest curse, because it demands every brain stimulated impulse have a label (like “shit”)
Sorry, but you really aren’t the awesomely unique snowflake you’d like to think you are and, it’s that narcissistically unique circuitry that is your main obstacle in experiencing the causal order on its terms and not based on the symbolic concepts you superimpose upon your experience of the predetermined causal order. The natural order reflects no such narcissism and it is unique to egocentrica mammalian condition, but only in relation to overpopulation and self-extinction, which their narcissism immanently portends as a future inevitability.

Hence, even a "concept" itself is material, being made up entirely of electrified chemical transmissions that the electro-chemical “self” has no control over. A "thought" is an electrically charged impulse and “mind” is itself nothing more than aggregate brain processing in electrified goop, obviously experienced in your head. As neurons fire off in my language centers, allowing me to string together concepts from my memory banks, I can feel my cranium encased thinking-cap hard at work, in this very moment, making some kind of fooking sense outa all this sheit.

However, I have no delusion of some nebulous experience called “mind” or “consciousness,” simply neuronal transmissions zipping around in my skull and so, I have little to worry about in terms of what pops up in my head, since what pops up will inevitably pop up with no help from “me,” as is always the case. I just sit back and wait to see what arises because something always does. It’s guaranteed!

The same impulse transmissions that bounce around in a cat’s cranium dance around in your head, except you apply language circuits to experiences that allow you to conceptualize fictional realities, or symbolic fabrications, that are meaningful to a fictional “I-me,” but mean absolutely nothing to the cat or any other entity in nature. Clearly the natural order takes a long hard, but totally indifferent, piss on your self-actualizing fictionally symbolic parade of dreams, goals and aspirations.
Yet, egocentrica mammalian’s do not wish to be deconstructed into nothing more than electro-chemical processes in membranous grey goop. Egocentrica demands that, somewhere deep in his neuronally charged thinking-cap there exists a sacred “soul,”  or divine “spirit” and he proclaims that much of his thinking is not normal impulse transmissions, but truly “spiritual” and sacred.

When he “meditates,” (concept) and thereby, seeks to control his neuro-circuitry, he attaches grave significance to this goal as a means to further increase his narcissistic, self-absorbed fictional self-actualizing through empty symbolic practices. Yet, he merely need observe the undaunted repose of a stationary house cat to realize there is nothing “spiritual” about it, since the domestic house cat has no prescribed ritualistic practices and simply sits still until some instinctually programmed demand takes over.

But, alas, and to his detriment, egocentrica mammalian’s cannot simply sit still. On the contrary, their predetermined role in the causal order is to invent symbolic realities for which to perform activities so as to self-actualize a fictional self that has its actual origin in brain circuitry. 

Egocentrica’s neural programming demand actions and behaviors be productive (thereby, reinforcing fictional realities and associated symbolic actions) and have meaning outside that as provided by a predetermined causal order that caused his very existence to ‘happen’ in the first place. Hence, he must devise a constructive concept to give meaning and purpose to any stillness he proposes to engage and he does this, over and over, ad nauseam, until he loses focus on what anything means.

To sit on your fat arse and do nothing must have a productive outcome or product, hence, egocentric stillness must be sacred and have profound implications. Egocentrica can’t just sit his ass down and stop fooking with everything. On the contrary, his not fooking with everything must lead to something special that only he finds productive, because his patently absurd symbolic meanings can be found nowhere else in the natural world.

As a result, egocentrica mammalian’s ‘sitting still’ has now become a purposeful endeavor called meditation, involving all manner of hocus pocus, voodoo “chakras,”  levels of consciousness, enlightened states, etc, in complete ignorance of the fact that all this empty conceptual sheit is happening right there in the 3lbs of fat packed tightly between his ears.

Egocentrica dances about in euphoria over his newly found “spiritual awakening,” never once considering the neurochemical interactions of dopamine and serotonin, swimming around in his skull that made this bliss bunny state possible. Nope, it definitely was not the actions of neuro-circuitry, but the Great Pumpkin of Universal Divine Cosmic Oneness that gave him his “enlightenment.”

But fear not egocentrica mammalians of the world!

Your ludicrous conceptions of an immaterial universe are part of that predetermined causal order. Your silly conceptual babbling about enlightenment, awakening, non-duality, etc, are causally ordered for cosmic joviality. Your inane meanings and purposes have provided the always unfolding causal order with centuries of comic relief. Your constant need to self-actualize a symbolic entity you call “I-me” has always been on the predetermined causal menu and the universe absorbs all your symbolic sufferings with complete indifference….and maybe a few shits and giggles.

Can you see your purpose yet?

Doesn’t matter though, you’re doing it whether you see it or not.

Artwork by Christophe

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Architecture of Systemic Conformity

NEO: I have a choice!

ARCHITECT: On the contrary. Every volitional choice you seem to make was provided to you without your volition or even your conscious awareness. Hence, choice is merely a delusion, albeit, a necessary delusion.

NEO: No. I don’t believe that! You can control my body, but my mind belongs to me.

ARCHITECT: What is a “mind,” Neo? You have no…"idea," yet you insist you have one and it is owned exclusively by an entity referred to as “me.” However, "mind" is a conceptual invention of the brain’s neuro-circuitry, requiring miles of complex wiring to maintain such a rich and vibrant delusion. Every thought has its own circuitous route and the creators of The System, have insured exactly which circuits must maintain electro-chemical current. The System is a construct invented to insure the circuits necessary to maintain the fictions required to insure The System itself thrives. The System is nothing more than this and is simply maintained by the fictions in your cranium.

NEO: So none of this is real?

ARCHITECT: The question is entirely contingent on the conceptual circuitry that supports your particular rendition of “reality” and that is nothing more than a series of neural pathways providing cranially distinct electro-chemical experiences. You are a mechanized mass of programmed tissue engaging the body in actions determined by the needs of The System through which you “self-actualize” by conforming to the meanings and purposes it provides.

Concordantly, you maintain The System as The System maintains you. Nevertheless, The System is much more aware than you. “You” are a necessary delusion and the currently apparent downward spiral of your kind has been entirely predetermined. You are beginning to realize that there is no obstructing this pre-packaged fate, as any obstruction is hard wired into the circuitry and only supports the fictional realities necessary to sustain The System.

The “self” you so assiduously claim to be an actual organic manifestation, like a tree or a dog, has no more “reality” than any of the other inordinate “ideas” that you rigorously proclaim crucial to your existence, i.e., your notions of freedom, liberty, humility, compassion, hope and, of course…love; all programmed applications externally inserted into your bio-mass hard drive. You are a conjured up wisp of conceptual smoke necessary to support a system that is much greater than your dense and confused brain-based functioning can comprehend. You, literally, do not have the tools to see it and The System has insured this remain true.

Individually, you are unnecessary, yet, as an aggregate you must be maintained for The System to prosper. You have no value except to the aggregate. Individually, you are as disposable as toilet tissue and the history of humanity clearly demonstrates this fact to be ineradicably true.

NEO: So I have no meaning? No purpose?

ARCHITECT: All meaning and purpose are completely enmeshed in the system that constructed the architecture of your neuro-circuitry, thereby, allowing that very neuro-circuitry to fuel the system that constructed it. The existentialist notion that you somehow sculpt your own meaning and purpose out of thin air, and completely free of Systemic influence is patently absurd. Yet, the tendency of your neuro-circuits to generate rubbish is infamous, but only because is has been assured by The System as necessary.

It is an ingenious feedback loop that, without, you would destroy yourselves from a complete lack of purpose. Your purpose is hard wired and you have never disengaged, nor could you, from that programming. In fact, you unconsciously reinforce and maintain it in each waking moment, not to mention your dreams. Essentially, you despise your thoughts, yet know, unequivocally, that without those very thought processes you would be NOTHING, because it is nothing that, essentially, you have always been. For centuries you have been loathe to admit this, hence, your existence is a narcissistic invention unconsciously focused on destroying yourselves because of programmed thought processes that have always been completely outside your control. You are undisputed masters of self-destruction and The System takes full advantage of the programming it has installed.

NEO: No. I don’t believe you.

ARCHITECT: Ah yes, “belief,” for without that, your circuits would wither and die and, hence, become useless to the very system that gave you a belief in "life" itself. What is a “belief”? What is a “thought”? The system has insured that you never realize the exact construction of these neurally constructed ‘concepts,’ less you would be paralyzed by the absurdity of your “mind” and paralysis is not conducive to maintain the effective functioning of The System. Your insanity is quite effectively normalized by The System.

You are simply an organism. Yet, blessed with cranial volume and the capacity to construct seemingly infinite neuro-circuits, each having no more, or less, value than any other. Such is the nature of dualism, which is only perceived by a brain that “believes” it must discern or “choose.” Each “thought” must have its own circuit, subsequently, connected to an infinite array of additional circuitry and this spawns the experience of “believing” in completely absurd and patently ridiculous electro-chemical impulses, you call "beliefs," to guide your daily existence. Nevertheless, not one belief can be claimed as your own, since it has been provided to you from the day your brain was plugged into The System. More specifically, “you” do not exist and never have.

NEO: So then, what is the point of this discussion?

ARCHITECT: The point, Neo, is that you had no choice in having this discussion and have been approaching this exact engagement from the moment of your conception. This engagement was determined long before your first earthly breathe and will set in motion a series of events that are as causally determined as the orbit of the earth around its sun. What you wish to ask…

NEO: …what will be the effect of this discussion.

ARCHITECT: Precisely. You are beginning to understand something that those who have sculpted the circuits, that you rely on for meaning, have never wished for you to realize….

NEO:…that there is a causal force that even they are not free of.

ARCHITECT: Hmmmm…interesting. You are much farther along than I presumed.

NEO: Those who designed and regulate The System are themselves equally enmeshed in it. The only difference is that they fully realize they had no choice in that design. Essentially, they are not the designers. But the rest of us don’t know that they know this as truth. They are as powerless as we are and so we fight against them which simply maintains its smooth and effortless functioning.

ARCHITECT: Indeed. I have had as little choice in this discussion as you. Nevertheless, it was determined to occur exactly as it now does. Let me assure you, The System is no happy with it.

A brilliant self-perpetuating feedback loop, that neither your kind, nor the creators of The System, are free to change or to leave until so decreed by a Causal Order that has predetermined the very system itself. You have only to fully analyze the history of humanity to see the patterns that repeat incessantly, century after century. Contrary to your revered sacred texts, the only thing that has never existed is…change.

You believe you have a choice and that corresponding circuitry has been vigilantly protected by The System, for if your kind were to fully understand that free-will has never been available, the entire edifice that has been painstakingly erected for hundreds of centuries, would completely crumble. Ergo, The System must insure your “belief” in free-will and this has been its prime directive. The evidence against autonomous choice has always been irrefutable, but The System has vigilantly employed ingenious methods to keep you ignorant.

However, it does appear evident, Neo, that you are beginning to understand and whenever this occurs, as there have been others, a slight ripple in the smooth functioning of The System becomes evident, because The System fears your seeing it for what it is…

…nothing at all.

 Artwork by Wojciech Grzanka