Monday, May 5, 2014

"You" Are Just Along For The Ride....

Free-will demands "cognitive dissonance" or that of holding two polar opposite ideas simultaneously, which obviously seeks consonance or 'freely' choosing the 'correct' perspective" for relief.

It does seem apparent that "being in the moment" is nothing more than a detachment from belief circuits that ascribe to a self-based will that is free.

It also seems apparent that every "awakened" master simply realized this as fact, thereby, neuro-plastically disrupting brain chemistry and eventually altering and re-routing previously programmed circuits to generate a brain state for which "enlightenment" concepts were then superimposed for the sake of communication.

Hence,  "enlightenment" or "awakening" is nothing more than the total and complete termination of all cognitive dissonance, which can only be ended when the option of 'choice' is neuro-plastically removed entirely from the circuits.

So relax, sit back, and allow the brain to simply do what it does, since this is what has been occurring all along anyway.

You have always just been along for the ride and nothing more than that....

(vid's a bit long, but very informational as a means of gradually gaining freedom from an internalized core referred to erroneously as an I-me "self" that makes 'choices' free of stimuli influence)

There is a much bigger picture that an ego-centered core-self cannot fathom:

"We are the global network of neuro-chemical reactions. And the self amplifying cycle of acceptance and acknowledgement, sustained by the daily choices in our interactions, is the chain reaction that will ultimately define our collective ability to overcome imagined differences and look at life in the grand scheme of things" (video)