Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Your Fate is Sealed

As much as you wish to "believe" that your thoughts, beliefs and emotions originate in some nebulous kumbaya “consciousness,” even that idea is a charged electro-chemical event in neuro-circuitry. Do you channel ancient cosmic travellers? (guess where that occurs?) Are you blessed with precognition? (not without a brain you ain’t) That ghost you saw was purely a neuro-chemical event, and your outa body experiences happen right there between your ears (hence, you have gone nowhere).

Without serotonin and dopamine there’s a high probability Jed Mckenna would not have achieved the illustrious non-dual “awakening” that he seems so proud of proclaiming. To be “done” is nothing more than allowing the circuits to fire as they will, since it has never been up to you.
If your thoughts are not a matter of choice, why fret about what you think? Attempting to control the direction of impulses firing from 48 billion neurons is hopeless and the cause of all your misery. Why not just fugitabout it? Let it do whatever the fook it wants...
Your neuro-circuits are completely locked into the laws of a predetermined physical universe and there is no free-will available in what must happen exactly as it does. You cannot extract yourself from any of it, because you have no responsibility for any of it. It goes on with you and without you.

The sculpted wiring in your cranium has insured that your responses are always as they should be. There is no free-will in alternating electro-chemical currents.They go where they must and travel the same circuits they have always traveled.

Many claim it’s necessary to believe in free-will, else we’d all become a bunch a fat, lazy, do-nothing, sloths. If “believing” in free-will insures your conformance to a specified agenda, then this only emphasizes external influence and the absence of free-will.

Like a well oiled machine, not one microscopic particle in the universe is free of influence by other particles in that universe. There are no coincidences. You may not like what you get, but you can rest assured, you got it for a reason (even if the reason is not presently apparent or never seen).
The electro-chemical illusion of free-will, orbiting your grey matter, is as much a part of the causal order as the orbiting of the planets around the sun.
New conditioning, based on day to day experiences, can alter or modulate hardwired responses (i.e., certain daily stressors become mitigated and diminished over time due to increased tolerance). Nevertheless, you are completely imprisoned within your formative years, (which is why they are referred to as "formative," since you were quite literally sculpted to be precisely what you are right now without any volition or "choice" on your part).

New stimuli is responded to in old ways, generating additional circuitry linking up with other circuits. There is no such state as a “subconscious,” merely dormant circuits that could be easily influenced to fire at any time, often causing unwanted actions and behaviors.

The core self, or ”personality,” is hard wired and the direction the rest of your life takes is entirely predetermined by all the experiences that impacted your grey matter by age 5, in which you were genetically predetermined to respond just as you did. Circuits influence circuits, as the sculpting of grey matter continues on until the current ceases.

You are nothing more than a mechanistic sack of electrified meat. But what’s so bad about that? You are free to do what you do, because you cannot do anything but what the meat demands.

It’s the same old song and dance, because “there is nothing new under the sun.” Your life always seems the same, simply because it is a pattern of scripted impulses enmeshed in a neural network and interconnected to a grand  tapestry of billions of other repetitive networks all influencing you as you influence them. Neuro-circuits respond to the world thus insuring that the world will unfold as it must because your responses are guaranteed.
As neuroscience is gradually demonstrating, the predetermined causal order knows exactly what you will think before you think it.
You are nothing more than a product, an outcome, a result, influencing additional results that end up influencing you in a unified infinite feedback loop that began long before you became a predetermined product of that causal order. The universe set the conditions for your material manifestation and your manifestation is a necessary component of an unfolding natural order. Everything that happened to you today was predetermined to happen in order for tomorrow to be exactly as it must be.

You are both cause and effect, because the universe from which you emerged, and that has shaped your entire life, has itself been shaped by what you do within it. Neither you nor the causal order that shaped you, "chooses" a direction, because that direction has always been certain, regardless of the circuits in your skull that emphasize uncertainty and doubt. It has always been certain that you would experience doubt and uncertainty and, for most, it is certain that will never change.

You are product of a predetermined causal order that has shaped and sculpted every experience that your brain encounters and every response it subsequently projects into that causal order, thereby, generating additional emergent properties that will stimulate more of this same unfolding.

Looking back on your life it is easy to see that everything that happened had to happen exactly as it did. Every electro-chemical ‘thought’ impulse had to arise exactly as it did for you to “think” exactly as you do now.

I have isolated myself from the world in waves of abject despondency and fully engaged it with relentless vigor and vitality. Then one day, I saw the pattern with crystal clarity and recognized “I-me” had nothing to do with it.

Hence, I simply kept on doing what I was doing.

Your fate is sealed. Your destiny is entirely predetermined and what you do in the next moment will be exactly what should be done, no matter how you wish to evaluate it afterward. In a predetermined causal universe, the sinner is as necessary as the saint and neither are responsible for what they must do.

So whatever you wish to do, go ahead and just fooking do it.

You will anyway, whether you want to or not…

Artwork by Igor Morski

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Past Has Always Been Present

Some 13 billion years ago, you were born. Certainly not the “I-me” you experience now, but everything that preceded what you experience now had to unfold for “you” to experience this moment now. If the universe unfolded in any other way, you would not experience this moment exactly as you now experience it.

Many Ghandis and Hitlers had to have existed for you to be in the present moment you are now experiencing. Therefore, what you are doing now is what you should be doing now or you wouldn't be doing it.

There is nothing you should be doing but what you’re doing now.

However, if wanting to do something other than what you’re doing now is what you want to do now, then go ahead and do that instead. You are never NOT present to the moment you are now in, even if in this moment now you’re utilizing some practice as a means of trying to “be in the moment” that you believe you are not in now.
Egocentric mammalians rely exclusively on the chronic non-acceptance of the moment as it is, believing that each moment should be other than what it is and it does seem clear this has always been their fate as a species.
Yet, based on a predetermined causal universe, if the moment was to be experienced in a way other than how you are now experiencing it, it is certain you would experience it in just that way and no other.

When you pray for something, you ask for change and for something to be other than what it is. When you meditate, you seek to experience something different from what you are now experiencing, to acquire some new mental state or way of feeling. When you engage in ‘spiritual’ practices based on ideological rules, some “Master of Change” made up, you seek for a different moment than this one now.

The internet is a teeming cesspool of religio-spiritual ideologies, rules, rituals and practices, to aid you in experiencing a different moment than the one you are in right now, by informing you that the moment you are in right now is not the moment you should be in right now. 

Millions of ideologies have been constructed exclusively to cater to your consistent non-acceptance of whom and what you are in this moment and your desire to change this moment into something else by desiring the ‘self’ experience something other than what it now experiences.

Nevertheless, even the desire to change the moment is wrapped up in the moment. You are never NOT in the moment, even when in the past moment. Seeking to change the moment is IN the moment. A thought to achieve a different experience in the future is an electro-chemical impulse of the present, just as a thought not to do what was once done is in the moment.

However, as neuroscience is demonstrating, due to a slight delay in neural processing (Libet experiment) even a moment experienced ‘now’ is a moment that has already passed, making the past an experience in the present moment. Those who prescribe seeking “pure consciousness” fail to realize that all experiences have a miniscule time delay, thereby, making it already a past experience upon being experienced in the present.

That thought that you’re thinking right now, actually occurred a second before you thought it. Hence, the paradox is that every present moment is of the past and every past moment is ultimately in the present.
That spiritual “awakening” you experienced happened before you experienced it, proving “you” had nothing to do with it and there is nothing to be done, but exactly what you’re doing. When the predetermined causal order decides you should wake up to some other moment, then there is no doubt you will, just not by choice.
Every self-proclaimed new age-master-guru-teacher tells you that there is something you must ‘do’ to be enlightened, some way you must think or behave. Over the years I found many to have fascinating ideas, until they prescribe a practice (like meditation or prayer), always with the implication that without this practice your achieving enlightenment is destined to fail.

Egocentrica mammalia wants to know what to do and can never accept that what he is doing is exactly what should be done. 

The tendency to be a teacher is compelling to egocentrica mammalians, since their entire life has been all about learning how to have exceptionally “happy” moments by actualizing a ‘self’ through historically prescribed socio-cultural methods of achieving “happiness.” Unfortunately, all this learning appears to have resulted in the very opposite of what they desire, but they keep plugging away in the “pursuit of happiness,” as only egocentrica mammalians can and must do, because the predetermined causal order compels them to believe they should be always doing something other than what they are doing in the moment.

If you’re supposed to do the prescribed practice, then your neuro-circuits will take you there and you will engage the practice and vigorously baptize it with grand meaning and purpose, simply because you have to, until some other sacred jewel catches your neuro-circuited up-to-the-moment programming. You have never had a choice in what experiences sculpted your brain circuits, even up to the point you made your first conscious decision to do something, in tangent with fully formed memory circuits allowing you to remember making that decision all by your ‘self.’

You are engaged in that spiritual practice simply because childhood experiences that sculpted the developing gray matter influenced other thoughts and actions, subsequently influencing others, on and on, leading you to the desire to be a “spiritual” person who engages “spiritual” practices.

Egocentrica mammalians love to proudly proclaim, “I did that,” as if they had any part in the experiences that program their grey matter, while the predetermined causal order indifferently allows the next thought to naturally arise as it always does, even before you think it and, thus, with no help from “you.”
You are part of an ever unfolding predetermined causal web. Your ‘choice' to become “spiritual” occurred billions of years ago, long before there was a delusion of an “I-me” making choices.
You are simply flowing along with a predetermined force that has shaped your consciousness just as it has shaped the entire universe. The universe not only gave you consciousness, but every object in consciousness as well. Some recommend not resisting this flow, but again, this is not up to “you,” because even your resistance is entirely allowed and enfolded within the causal order. 

Nothing is free of the predetermined causal WILL that allowed for the delusion of free-will to be experienced in the first place.

Every perception in every moment has been exquisitely sculpted to precisely provide the exact details you perceive in the moment of perception and all else is simply filtered out of awareness, because the neuro-circuits simply do not exist for which to experience other stimuli that it has not been precisely sculpted to experience. 

You perceive a world that the conditioned neuro-circuitry allows you to perceive, based on childhood experiences that have been programmed into the circuitry, thus filtering out other experiences. There are experiences all around you that you will never encounter, simply because you were not culturally progammed or genetically endowed with the precise circuitry, as well as dopamine/serotonin levels, necessary for that experience to register in your cranial fatty tissue.

You have no personal responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs and actions and the choice you make in the next moment was made long before your actual birth. The decision you make in the next moment is predetermined to be made exactly as you make it, because a predetermined causal universe has ordained it be made exactly as it is and in no other way can it occur.

Your acceptance of this fact, or your failure to accept, is entirely contingent on the current programmed impulses coursing through your dense noggin right this moment, because you are never NOT in the moment and so can only do what that moment prescribes.

Your neuro-circutry determines what you experience and how you will respond. So relax, kick back and get all jiggy with whatever the fook you’re doing right now, because it has been causally predetermined to be exactly what you should be doing right now. 

There can be nothing “wrong” in a causally determined universe and, hence, there has never once been a “problem” with anything that has happened or will happen, as it can only happen exactly as it must.

Artwork by altair4444