Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dissociating From Your Egocentric Embodied Experience

Every egocentric experience merely serves to accentuate your inadequacy and the need to attain greater CONTROL of a “world” that exists to prove exactly how inadequate “you” are. The egos reliance on a-body-in-a-world to demonstrate its own existence ONLY proves its own weakness, simply because the world is perishable and this makes you victim to that experience.

In HELL, any escape the world provides, no matter how brief, is perceived as salvation. This is why your suffering continues to verify a HELL of your making, because the world is an experience of egocentric invention. To believe the body can save you is to believe in HELL and to suffer accordingly.

Everything you look to as a means of salvation through the body, asserts a HELL of your making and everything offered by the world is offered only to bodies. What bodily experiences you worship, or what in your world you rely on as proof of HELL, is inconsequential when the consequences are always the same within a consciousness fixated on embodied experiences. The ego relies on the body to self-actualize itself as ‘existing,’ but must prove itself master by what it demands the body do in its name. The ego-self hates its embodiment, but must rely on that which it hates to sustain it, hence, it is a match made in HELL.

Yet, the ego-self finds this corrupted love affair completely natural (as do “you,” based on your suffering) and it will look to its experiences of a world to accentuate its existence separate from and superior to the body. It could choose drugs, alcohol, sex, food, money, or any number of bodily experiences through which to reinforce its superiority over the body. While the body indulges at the egos request, the ego transfers responsibility to the body, which it experiences as outside and separate from itself. Thus, the body can manifest any number of diseases or disorders at the egos request, while the ego-self indicts the body as guilty and demanding of punishment. 

While the ego demands that “you” exist through a body, the body is blamed for the appetites and cravings the ego seeks out. But here’s the catch: In order to overcome the body’s desires, you must rely on the ego’s advice since, as the ego-self claims, only IT can save you from your ‘self,’ even though it was the ego-self that brought you to this point by using the body as scapegoat. Thus, the ego-self remains superior and only IT offers salvation, which it informs you will be found through the ego’s manufactured experiences of a “world.” This maintains your weakness and inadequacy, since you must remain victim to your egocentric experiences as the means of actualizing your ‘self’ as REAL.

The ego needs the body to prove that it exists, but this also proves the ego exists as weak and inadequate because of its reliance on the body to self-actualize. Yet, when you suffer through the body’s appetites, you must turn to egocentric experience for salvation, even though it’s the ego’s reliance on the body that demands “you” suffer in the first place.

In psychiatry, the term “dissociation” defines the “splitting off of a group of mental processes from the main body of consciousness, as in amnesia or certain forms of hysteria” ( However, this psychiatric term signifies a negative process that distorts ones orientation to “reality.” Yet, essentially, dissociation from ego-self fixations is necessary to communicate with the part of consciousness that is not fixed on any egocentric experiences. The body is an ego fixation that must be dissociated from the “main body of consciousness.” But keep in mind that what you are fixated on is not the body, but an egocentric embodied experience and all experience is malleable and plastic, easily shaped to conform to belief. If the belief system rests upon a foundation of inadequacy and weakness, the body will stake claim to the mind through an ego-self of your own invention.

 Artwork by Ben Howe - "Ribboned Bust"

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Absurdity of “Chance”

You always experience what you want, although often you deny responsibility by making ridiculous claims that it is not what you wanted after all. Nevertheless, you KNOW nothing with the certainty that TRUTH would give you and this is why you remain confused, causing you to believe that some experiences occur without your wanting or that your life is essentially dictated by “chance.”

This is patently absurd (but not to “you”).

ALL experience is OF the mind and there is nothing external to experience. Nothing escapes the Law of Mind, simply because nothing escapes the mind, regardless of your attempts to free yourself from your experiences by ejecting them away FROM you, through the worship of sensation, and superimposing upon an outside ‘world.'

Make no mistake, the outside world is a scapegoat, because everything rests WITHIN experience. All experience is DIRECT. However, from within YOU there are the experiences of the ego and experiences not of this “world.” Yet, the ego requires a “world” to actualize through and so, egocentricity is always rooted and hinged upon that “world.” Eventually, even experiences evaluated as not of this world, must be subsumed and included within egocentric categories of thought. The moment an ‘interpretation’ is applied it becomes “real,” because all interpretations are derived from experiences of the world and, for an ego to exist, a “world” MUST exist.

“Chance” is an egocentric construct to avoid responsibility for experience. In order to maintain control, the ego must avoid recognition that all experience is internally manufactured to maintain a sense of inadequacy. Inadequacy demands ever greater levels of CONTROL imposed on experiences of an outside world. If you were to ever learn just how extremely powerful your mind really is, the ego-self could NOT exist at all, since the ego is a direct product of weakness and inadequacy through opposition to an outside world.

The moment you question the parameters of egocentric experience is the moment you question the very existence of your ‘self,’ since the self must always be inherently ego-centered. Therefore, ALL your experiences conform to inane and ignorant distractions, with no other purpose than to cultivate your chronic, blind unawareness resulting in your deep-seated sense of inadequacy and impotence. Besides, you’ve never really liked your ‘self’ very much anyway….

Do you really believe there is a purpose to ALL your nonsensical actions other than to distract from TRUTH? Egocentricity demands ignorance in opposition to TRUTH. Look at the actions and behaviors you impress upon the body throughout your daily “life.” Study the ‘habits’ that originate from fear and recognize the complete waste of time that makes up the entirety of your life all in the name of chance. Is this your purpose? To be victim to chance?

“Chance” is an alibi for ignorance, for if your life is ruled by chance, what need for responsibility when you have only limited choices? To what but ignorance are you accountable? Hence, you have no problem in experiencing a world of death and destruction, because identifying with egocentricity allows you NO responsibility for what a weak and inadequate mind experiences.

Within that confusing mish mash of consciousness you call “you,” there is a tiny, barely perceptible ‘spot’ that does not rely on time and, thus, KNOWS only absolute certainty. This part recognizes that there is no experience of consciousness that conforms to chance. That part is the only whole that is real, but you have jettisoned it away from you in believing it is only a part of consciousness.

It’s through understanding the whole that you will free yourself from being victimized by its parts. Your mind is powerful beyond recognition and its delusions conform to that power in maintaining a sense of delusional perfection. But if ‘delusion’ is NOT real, how can it be ‘perfect’?

There is NO ‘chance’ in a world of your construction unless you construct it to conform to chance. Examine the WHOLE of your ego-self experience and refuse to be hypnotized by its separate PARTS.

 Artwork by Robert Craig - "untitled"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Egocentric Survival

"You" are an ego-self and the ego defines itself so profoundly by what it suffers through that to be absent of suffering is to be absent of identity.

However, for an ego not to identify with its experience of itself is not to exist and therefore, suffering emphasizes your “survival” and hence, continued existence. The main purpose of egocentricity is to “survive” (or remain centric or ‘centered’ in a ‘self’) and inherent to that survival is suffering. Therefore, an ego must seek out suffering as a means of identifying its main purpose of survival and, thereby, self-actualize. Your survival is the prime objective of egocentric identification and the more self-actualized and developed your ego is, the better your chances.

Simply look at your ‘self’ now, as you suffer through your days in the drive for momentary pleasures. You feel your pleasures indicate actual “living” but, make no mistake, it is your suffering that symbolizes your experience of being  “alive,” because the end of suffering would be the end of “you.” Without the suffering inherent to survival, who or what would you be?

You identify with a concept of self that does realize this, since it is associated with all the ego’s experiences. Yet, also inherent to that egocentric concept of ‘self’ is UNAWARENESS. Wrapped up in your egocentric identification is an unawareness that has become completely natural for you. This MUST remain “natural” as long as identification persists and there can be NO extraction from this predicament. The ego is what “you” believe you ARE and to terminate that belief requires the ego’s allegiance, which is impossible for an ego contingent on survival for self-actualization, although you may adopt a “non-dual” perspective and pretend that it doesn’t matter as a means of mitigating your pain. But then… every egocentrically adopted ‘perspective’ MATTERS, or why else would it be adopted and everything that matters must be suffered through.

Have you finally recognized that, in all your supreme and profound efforts to dissolve your egocentricity, amazingly it finds a way to remain INTACT and persist in suffering?

You could never escape your ‘self,’ since “you” require the participation of your ‘self’ to begin with. There is a part of your mind that is egoless, but in your belief that “you” are an egocentric, you have no way of communicating with that part and merely attach to egocentric concepts like “soul” or “spirit.” Although the ego-self can masquerade as “egoless,” by parroting the many ‘exalted’ in your world that make such claims, it could never adopt a belief that denies its egocentricity (exaltation is the height of egocentricity and that’s why you seek to emulate those models). This is contrary to the prime objective of “survival.” Thus, your only alternative is to dissociate from the prime objective.

Does this mean you should want to die?

It is your fear of death that makes the “idea” of death real for you, thus reinforcing and strengthening the ego’s appetite for survival. The ego has easily incorporated “wanting” death into its repertoire, since death reinforces its existence and facilitates “survival” as the chief means of self-actualizing in a “world” where death is treated as profoundly "real." Everything you do is in rebellion from death. But your rebellion inadvertently makes it real for you. Lay down your arms and embrace the enemy, for in your acceptance it easily dissolves, as you learn that it never existed in the first place. Some learn this only upon the moment of death.

So what’s the difference between wanting death and not wanting to survive?

You have NO personal experience of death, but you do experience your numerous means of survival. In fact, it takes up your mind and the whole of egocentric existence. Every day you seek to further actualize yourself in a world perceived as honoring DEATH and you demand your idea of a body conform to your idea of death. Every choice you make is made to further accentuate and improve your chances of survival based on your experience of a world that reflects these needs everywhere you look.

The objective of the ego is survival, but only because it has assured you of death. Survival opposes death, thereby, confirming the idea of death as real and unraveling the entire dualistic experience of ‘self’ and ‘world’ in chronic opposition in the battle to survive and maintain the idea of a 'life' prior to death.

If you wish to maintain the ego-self, then you must defend its experiences and that includes the numerous means of experiencing its ideas of death. The main method of defense is fear. You fear awakening to truth and thus, construct experiences to keep that fear alive and kicking. As long as you identify with these experiences, so long will survival be desired as a means to reinforce DEATH.

In the egos estimation the whole purpose behind the idea of your birth was to do battle with your idea of death and to the egocentric mind, there is no other reason to the inner experience you call 'life.' In identifying with the part of your mind that conceptualizes “death,” this delusion is camouflaged through ‘unawareness.' Simply look closely at your experience of a world and your complete indifference to the suffering and death of others (except for token efforts to appease egocentric guilt). Death is so absolutely REAL to you, that survival seems to be your only alternative.

Then why should you care about the death of others, when in fact their suffering and death merely reinforces the prime objective of SURVIVAL and, as we all know…

…only the fittest will survive and, thus, “life” becomes nothing more than vain and deluded attempts at reinforcing your survival needs.

Artwork by Jaroslaw Kukowski - "Poland"

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Certainty of Christ Consciousness

The ego cannot ignore the body and, in fact, must live in opposition to it as a means of self-actualizing. This is clear with sickness and disease, because it’s the actions of the self that must compete with the body in overcoming the “idea” of illness. This allows the ego-self to self-actualize in winning battles against its own idea of a body.

ALL such problems have been specially arranged by an ego-self that requires bodily identification through which to actualize its ‘existence’ as REAL. The ego-self is an idea specifically designed to contrast against its own specifically designed idea of a body. This is why “you” both glorify and vilify the body, but could never fail to consider your body as your ‘self.’ The ego-self both needs and detests the body. It desires to be free of it, but will fight to maintain it and these conflicting interests are superimposed upon your experience of a “world.”

Christ Consciousness is simply NOT affected by these egocentric arrangements. 

Christ Consciousness completely alters perceived EFFECTS by dissolving them at their CAUSE, rather than remaining fixated only on EFFECTS thereby reinforcing self-victimization. The body is cause of nothing, however, your egocentric ‘idea’ of a body can be a real fooking pain in the ass. Alas, it IS your prison and all ideas of freedom must incorporate, and conflict with, ideas of imprisonment. Is it any wonder why you can never seem to consistently maintain your dreams of “happiness” no matter what you ‘do’?

The egocentric self-concept is transfixed by its “ideas” and all ideas must dualistically oppose one another. Make no mistake, your body is nothing more than an idea and it need not be a problem to the mind, unless you choose this EFFECT. Christ Consciousness makes NO such choices and experiences NO conflict between opposites because in certainty it recognizes the delusional nature of all EFFECTS.

However, Christ Consciousness does NOT make correct or incorrect choices regarding the body. Christ Consciousness makes NO choices at all, because it lives in absolute CERTAINTY. In certainty, there is NO NEED to choose. Every thought you think MUST be in the mind, because it has always been certain that you would think it. Therefore, it follows that every action is performed as it MUST. There is no disparity between the certainty of Christ Consciousness and the body’s acting in accordance to that certainty, since the body is only an egocentric idea. In the certainty of Christ Consciousness, no choices NEED be made, because all choices have been made as ONLY they could have been made.

Yet, the ego-self is a direct product of uncertainty. Therefore, its ideas specifically conform to that framework. An ego could never have certainty with anything, since that would spell its DOOM. Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop you from seeking some ‘certainty’ you can live by (just never find). The ego-self is an uncertainty seeking certainty, all happening within an absolute certainty it could NEVER SEE.

It was certain that you would come to a point in your learning in which choices were seen as unnecessary. NOW it is no longer necessary to make choices, even though unnecessary choices made before this decision certainly had to HAVE been made. However, it is also certain that you will rebel against certainty and continue to make unnecessary choices in resistance to IT, because you have no comprehension of NOW in fixation on your ideas. The certainty of Christ Consciousness is always NOW, since certainty is a CAUSE that has no past or future to muddy its EFFECTS. Egocentric uncertainty always has a shady and obscure past to direct its future and, hence, it can be in the “present moment,” but never NOW.

A “present moment” is contingent on there being a “before” and “after.” Christ Consciousness makes no such distinctions. Therefore, IT can never be IN a “present moment,” because certainty is aware of no chronological orders of delusion.  Delusions ONLY transpire when certainty is resisted. Your experience of a “world” is clearly a product of uncertainty and, therefore, is delusional.

Confusion is a product of uncertainty and words symbolize it. Uncertainty requires language, while certainty needs NO communication.  Words can only take you so far because they were invented to represent delusion. But the curriculum must conform to the student, if learning is to occur. This is an egocentric requirement, because certainty need NOT be learned to be certain.

Christ Consciousness does not ‘judge’ between what is certain and what is uncertain, because only ideas conform to that criteria and Christ Consciousness is NOT an idea. Therefore, as should be clear, you cannot in anyway seek to “achieve” Christ Consciousness. However, you can seek become aware of your own egocentric dynamics as a way to insure clearer awareness when it does come to you…

…because its coming to you has always been CERTAIN.

Postscript addendum - Christ Consciousness: Frying the Motherboard.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just Moments Before Mass Extinction....We ALL Awaken.

It seems highly likely that a mass "awakening" will occur in accordance to our approaching the very brink of unavoidable mass extinction. 

This is evident if we examine the "dark night of the soul" theories perpetuated by those, past and present, who claim their own individual "awakening." If we believe this as "true," why is it hard to consider we require burning through the same "rings of fire," but on a mass scale?

"It's Not Your Imagination: The Number of Disasters Keeps Rising." (link)

If we subscribe to the Unified Consciousness theory of reality creation, we are all beginning to recognize the utter uselessness of self-absorbed, individual "enlightenment' episodes to rectify our current disparaging situation, which further erodes by the day. Therefore, we, as a collective consciousness, are no longer holding out hope for an individual savior, but are, in fact, expecting a mass awakening upon the point of mutually assured destruction. This is NO different than the Indian guru's who have supposedly experienced a "death," only to return awakened to the truth of their actual existence (or lack thereof).

Therefore, in accordance to this theoretical consideration, we should all look forward to the very point of extinction, because only such a reality-break would free us from the clutches of our delusional fixations on specific lifestyles and stoopid belief attachments related to individual self-preservation. It seems highly likely, as mass extinction approaches, that you will then do what you should have been doing all along...

...fully engaging with those around you in a swell of unconditional love, since the silly conditions through which you now attempt to love others have been useless in altering your egocentric suffering or that of the world. But what need of conditions when your days are numbered. Ha!

Freedom awaits us all and NO child will be left behind (since, most likely, that's the only way we can all finally be free of what we do to one another).

See, the game is infinite. Yet, unfortunately, the world is now inundated with finite players, ALL seeking their own individual outcomes or rewards, regardless of consequences. Their numbers have been growing gradually over time and the destruction they impose, based purely on egocentric goals, has taken a severe toll on continued human existence. Hell, even infinite players are finding it hard to insulate from their finite schemes and detach from their self-absorbed designs. But let's not vilify the finite players that we ALL are.

However, I got it from a good source (an infinite player) that we may be approaching a significant game changer very soon...

(might wanna fasten your seat belts though)


Your Meaningful Hierarchy of Delusion

There is NO “world.” Only an inner experience that you egocentrically superimpose referring coordinates, through which to ‘place’ your ‘self,’ so that when you look to find your ‘self’…

…there you are!

But even that is an experience of the mind. Outside your mind could be nothing more than undulating plasmatic phlegm or a ham sandwich. Nevertheless, that phlegmy ham sandwich has come to MEAN the “world” to you and so you experience it AS your “world.” Make no mistake, since the experience is IN you, it’s always YOUR world (although you stupidly tend to blame others for the content of your experience).

And in that experience of a “world,” you have imposed inequality. Thus, a ham sandwich is less meaningful than Filet Mignon and Filet Mignon is less meaningful than sex and sex is less meaningful than money and money is less meaningful than sickness and sickness is less meaningful than death (go ahead and impose your own order to things, since you do anyway). In your experience sometimes pain is more meaningful than pleasure and often war is more meaningful than peace, while suffering often completely overshadows the meaning of joy. In this hierarchy some people mean very much to you, while some mean less and some mean nothing at all. Some mean more because of your hatred, while some mean more because of your love.

But what's really “there”?

The ego-self demands something be “there” for which to reference ITSELF in contrast with.

You live in a fluctuating, but very “meaningful,” Hierarchy of Delusion and that hierarchy supports an inequality of value. Are you “awakened to truth” but see me as ignorant? Then you’re victim to your own delusional hierarchy. You may apply meaning to your unique experiences by labeling them “true,” but it is very unlikely that truth supports your inequality and that experience is nothing more than your own MEANINGFUL delusion.

The ego-self impregnates your mind with contrasting experiences. In fact, the ego demands other egos through which to define itself as egocentric. It’s NOT your individual identity you need dissolve… but MINE.

It’s all very simple. You define your ‘self’ based on your defining me, since it is how you define me that will determine the parameters of your interactions with me, thereby, defining you. In other words, you define your ‘self’ by the meaning you superimpose upon your experience of ME. It is from the meanings you superimpose upon me that you will adjust your ‘self’ in relation to me, thus, locking you into a perspective, or “story,” from which you behave and act upon your experience. And because I am doing the same in accordance to my defining “you,” we are both in a constant state of flux based on the numerous definitions we impose on others and our continuous adjustment accordingly. Thus, is the world made REAL.

You make the world and then adjust to it, negating that the experience is your construction from the start because you applied the MEANING.

Therefore, there is NO fixed or direct ego-self that you can reference as “you,” only alternating currents of delusional meanings projected upon the whole of your experience. The ego needs to envision other egos for which to self-define, otherwise, it could NOT know itself at all. You need me through which to define your ‘self,’ just as I need you in turn, because we both define one another.

So best to dump that idea of a well developed ‘self ‘down the potty. You're about as unique as a drop of water in the oil polluted ocean.

Would you like to transcend the Hierarchy of Delusion and experience the pure bliss of complete egolessness?

Best you jettison the ego you dumped on me first, because until that experience is erased…

…your ego is alive and kicking, Yo!

 Artwork by Scott G Brooks - "The Chosen One"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Egocentric Honesty Is A Complete Lie

Honesty is valued in the world and because of that it is completely absent and has been since your perceived your ‘self’ IN a world. And if that world is a lie, what does that say about the ‘self’ that believes it exists IN a world?

An ego-self does not have the slightest capacity to be honest, because it is a fabricated construct. How could what has no idea what IT IS ever be honest about anything?

Obviously, this means that every egocentric belief and every individual thought is a complete…LIE. And every thought or belief must be a lie, because “you” think IT. Therefore, “you” are a pathological liar. But you’ve really had NO choice, so don’t sweat your pathology.

In fact, for you to ever have an honest thought in your head would immediately spell your DOOM. 

At least, it would predicate the complete and total annihilation of the ego-self you THINK “you” ARE. All it would take is for you to have one single honest thought, one TRUE idea, and the ego would immediately be smote to ashes and NO MORE.

This is why egos don’t like TRUTH and avoid it at all costs. Oh sure, “you” THINK truth is important and “you” strive to be honest. But, take a good hard look at your world. What IN IT is true?

There simply is no such thing as TRUTH in a world as perceived by an ego-self. The ego-self has no real idea what IT IS and, therefore, fabricates grand narratives (stories) which seem to give it a sense of permanence and consistency. Your developed “personality” is an egocentric head trip to make your ‘self’ seem REAL, but it has no legitimacy whatsoever, because you made it up from shards of a non-existent past. You could change your personality each and every day, but that would only prove your ego-self is a complete fabrication. Therefore, you cling desperately to your “personality” as if it were really YOU, because without the personality you made up, you would cease to exist. Try NOT having a personality for a day and see.

Of course, this puts “you” in a no-win situation, because to have an honest thought would be the end of you, therefore, your only choice is to live a lie or cease to exist. Ego’s are expert at living through lies and do it almost without a thought, every day…every moment in fact.

So is there a way you could live without being a liar?

Nope, "you" are destined to lie. In fact, I’m lying right now!

Best you can do is recognize that everything that comes out your pie-hole is conjured up in order for the ego-self to prove it exists.

This is why Infinite Players fail to take their lies seriously and love to play around with "truth," which is a serious violation of the game for finite players. Finite players believe their lies, and play as if the outcomes resulting from being a real “personality” were of value. But how can any rewards achieved by a fabricated ‘self’ ever be of any real value? And if your ‘self’ is a pathological liar, how can anything the ‘self’ desires be anything less than completely false?

So think of something that is NOT a lie. That you have a body? Lie! You experience having a body, but it may be nothing more than a ham sandwich for all you know, since your experience of the "body" is of the mind. That the world is round? Again….lie. Although this could be considered a “supporting lie,” since it helps to reinforce time/space coordinates, which helps you to lie about being a "body" pressed down into a "world" (once again, “where” are you ever, but in your mind?).

However, you can continue to apply profound meaning to your lies, call them “truth” and speak “honestly” about them. But why bother?

So go ahead and have a laugh whenever anything comes out your mouth that you THINK is profoundly honest and true and stop taking your 'self' so damn seriously.

Artwork by Reality Must Die - "Persistence of Silence"