Sunday, May 29, 2011

“I Think You're Crazy...Just Like Me”

So what do ya THINK?

Is this shit CRAZY, or what?

An infinite player does NOT surrender his thoughts TO the images he “sees” in his mind and, as a result, he’s NEVER victim to experience and is completely FREE from his own control.

(read that again with emphasis on "is completely free from his own control").

This tends to make the infinite player seem a bit "crazy" to those who demand what they “see” be REAL and out of control (so that it can be adequately controlled). I mean..imagine if everything fit perfectly. Then what the fook would you do?

Your life is…”appropriate." You have conformed. Yet, when you were a kid you identified with CRAZY. Now…for a moment anyway…it makes you strangely…GONE. Yet, come back, you must.

Finite players invest their images with magical powers, that demand specific actions and reactions, else it just doesn’t make any sense. However, the infinite player plays in his egocentricity as if ‘cause and effect’ were nothing more than a silly Saturday morning cartoon.

The finite player plays egocentric games to self-actualize as real. The infinite player plays ego-games to self-actualize as imaginary (and that just blows your serious mind, don’t it?).

In realizing the ego-self as imaginary, the infinite player is NOT victimized by an ego contingent on a world conforming to particular shapes and sizes. When ALL experience is imaginary, the games no longer need be taken serious and you can actually have fun playing (go figure).

The infinite player’s thoughts are his own. But they do not in anyway resemble what finite players think, because infinite players realize that thought can be anything you want it to be. This is anathema to finite ego games, in which the rules need be sacrosanct and conform to a “real world."

Therefore, finite players are very careful about their minds. So much so, that they’re often afraid of what they THINK. They even fear losing their minds and so, maintain strict adherence to ordering and controlling their thoughts. Images are arranged in accordance with serious belief systems. This allows the finite player to feel in control, as if the games were profoundly important and necessary

My friend, what you’ve really been searching for all these years is not more control…

You really want to be free and if you look very, very closely you’ll see that all your stress and tension has been between the freedom and oppression of your own mind and the “outside” world has absolutely NOTHING to do with it.

"I remember when, I remember
I remember when I lost my mind
There was something so pleasant about that place
Even your emotions have an echo in so much space"

Well, that’s all for now, cause I got some important shit to do...

Artwork by Dark Vomit - "Xmas vs. Christmas"

Friday, May 27, 2011

Just Do What "You" Are Told

There’s really nothing “you” can do…

So stop all your damn complaining...

Let “governments” do what you expect them to DO.

You are an ego-self and egos are very frightened concepts that thrive, and are sustained, by fear.

Not only will you surrender your body (which is no longer yours), but you will eventually surrender your mind (because, essentially, you already have).

Do “you” really think your thoughts are your own? Do you really believe your beliefs make you a unique aspect of the herd? 

An ego-self is essentially a belief in inadequacy, impotence, ineffectiveness and FEAR and this is endemic to each and every 'self' that pursues “happiness,” believing this is its right. All your precious attempts at self-development have only reinforced the primary foundation of fear.

Therefore, “you” must eventually allow your ‘self’ to be controlled and herded, because of  FEAR. An ego-self composed of fear MUST seek to control what it perceives as an “outside” world. Hence, it will group with other egos whose self-interests are aligned with its own. But make NO mistake, it will cut them loose when the time comes.

There is nothing you can “do” to avert this, because it is everything you “do” that has made this possible. 

Enjoy your egocentric comfort while it lasts. Although, you needn’t worry, because the ego-self will easily adjust to ALL limitations (and lies) as it has for centuries, all the while proclaiming it demands its “freedom.” At least, that is, until it can perpetuate its most arrogant act of separate individualism….DEATH. And that will come to “you,” simply because every action you perpetuate in your world reinforces you as a prime candidate for DEATH. If you expect it, why should it NOT come as you expect?

Every action and behavior you perpetuate demonstrates your expectation of death. And egos collude together in self-interest based on the YOUR fear of death. This is because, although egocentricity is entirely self-absorbed and self-motivated, it realizes there is safety in numbers.

Yet, even in death the ego-self will blame the world for its limitations, as the world continues to normalize death, but only as “ you” command. Ask and ye shall receive, because your “world” gives nothing more than “you” expect.

Obviously. you will complain loudly, but by then, egocentric desire will become “true.” Your complaints are merely the bleating of frightened sheep, who have lost their way because they have NO TRUTH. “You” once thought you knew your ‘self,’ but now the ego has convinced you of your folly and “you” now allow your ‘self’ to be controlled, simply because you fear what you are NOT.

And you are NOT of any significance whatsoever (the hypocrisy is that, although the ego supports your continued development, it will take you to your death and "you" have little choice in the matter, if any at all).

Those who fail to KNOW what they ARE, can only accept direction from those who are deluded into believing they ARE what they are NOT. 

This is your destiny as an ego-self. This is what you ask for and receive. Do not delude yourself for a moment that the power brokers of the world do not control your destiny. You have demanded your own victimization simply through your fear of engaging the “world” you experience. So go ahead and die. You expect death, so why must “you” keep bleating about “freedom”?

Simply allow those greater and more powerful than you to tell you what to do and simply do what your told.

Egocentricity believes it must die anyway…and all it’s actions demonstrate that belief as paramount.

So why should you care that others enslave you, when you have enslaved your 'self'?

Video Link:  Feed the Machine

 Artwork by Laurie Lipton - "Pandora's Box"

Friday, May 20, 2011

Infinite Play on Judgment Day

The Infinite player has little time for finite ideological myths. Yet, they neither deny or affirm your sacred scriptures and they never squabble over your discrepancies with relative interpretations. Interpretation is everything for the finite player and wars are fought in defense of those relative “truths.”

Although the infinite player does play in finite religious games (and many other finite games), there is a distinct lack of serious intent, which tends to dilute the significance of the game. There is more a desire to fully engage with others, regardless of the ideological commandments or rules. Infinite players are unconcerned with the rules of the game, but this does not impede their ability to play with gusto. Yet, their lack of adherence to the conventional rules often results in prompting finite players to evaluate their own rules (yet this is not the infinite players intent, it just happens naturally when finite players suddenly realize that their rules are nonsensical).

Life is a series of games that everyone plays (even deciding NOT to play is a strategic move in a game). You play hundreds of games throughout your “life” and, therefore, your life can be seen as nothing more than moves in a game (although serious egos rarely ever see it that way). To win the games you must achieve the coveted outcome by adhering to the rules of each specific game.

Infinite players play all the games you and I play. They get “married” and “divorce.” They participate in “education” and even follow particular “careers.” They “parent” children, “own” houses and even practice “religion.” However, they have no desire to achieve the outcomes you and I play to achieve and so they care little about the rules of any particular game. Obviously, they also follow rules, but this is more about NOT disturbing you, than in winning a game.

You have always had an abstract attraction and repulsion to those who do not take your rules seriously. Sometimes you even hate them, but infinite players realize this is all part of the game and thus, do not hate you back. This is clearly a distinct break with the accepted rules.

There is a clear lack of seriousness in the infinite players conformance to the rules, which tends to dilute the power of the rules you have come to see as sacrosanct and beyond question. Infinite players have been vilified, persecuted and crucified by finite players. They have had all their “property” confiscated and have been imprisoned and even executed for refusing to take the rules seriously. However, they tend to see this as simply more strategic moves in the game and so, they tend not to suffer as you and I might in believing we have lost the game. In fact, historically, infinite players rarely even suffer through impending death (death is also a game with rules and outcomes).

Infinite players do NOT believe in “winning” or “losing,” only continued playing. Infinite players simply love engaging the world fully and that includes the game of death, which they also engage freely with gusto because they do NOT ever feel compelled to play.

Finite players tend to fully engage only parts of life, or specific games, to the exclusion of others, and usually with the intent of winning the specific games they choose to play. Finite players fear death as a “game ender,” while infinite player relish the opportunity of experiencing a new game. Finite players do not like playing with the rules of death and so, they ALL tend to die similarly, with much gritting and grinding of teeth.

Most importantly, infinite players are quite adept at playing with the rules of their own egos and this is especially true with the egos fear of death. They tend not to experience the same discomfort and guilt that you or I feel when we somehow fail to follow the rules of death, which emphasize the need to fearfully suffer.

One way you can identify an infinite player is through their attempts to play with the rules of death. Not because they wish to win the game, but simply to bring on as many new players as possible.

In fact, the only real discernible goal of an infinite player is to bring in as many new players as possible. This actually aids in changing the rules in the games, because the more players there are the more likely a “winner” will be harder to determine.

And NO winners makes it very difficult for you and I to determine the losers.

This Saturday, May 21st, will you be an infinite player or a finite winner?

 Artwork by Fourpanelhero - "The Last Happy Meal"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Show Me The Way to Go Home (I’m tired and I wanna go to bed)

Look around you and ask yourself,  "do I really feel at home here? have I ever felt at home? Is this really where I belong?"

Your delusions are highly structured and extremely complex. But you believe them, else they would NOT FEEL REAL.

You have never felt at home here and you often wonder if you ever will. You are beginning to recognize that what you NEED cannot be found here. The problem is that you have NO idea what you NEED. Therefore, you allow an egocentrically deluded world to teach you what is needed. But in all these years of “education” are you any closer to knowing? Have you become any “happier” from what you’ve learned?

You believe the world teaches what you need. Yet, the world teaches what the student demands and thus, the world gives you what you ask from it. You find this suggestion preposterous, as you go about your mind-numbing activities, blaming others and the world for what you LACK, all the while never recognizing that what you lack is has always been what you EXPECT to lack and you have NO intention of changing what you EXPECT.

Do you?

Your "world" is the world of scarcity that you make real every time you suffer through the feeling of deprivation. Hence, how can you love a home that keeps you deprived? A home that threatens to destroy you? A home where no one really gives a shit about you and, in turn, you really couldn’t give a rat’s ass about them? A home where you are coming to believe it’s safer to stay in your “house” then go out and engage the world?

The world you experience is hopeless and becomes more deprived everyday. Suspicious minds are gradually closing in upon themselves by excluding more and more of what they experience.

Splitting” refers to the egocentric process of breaking off pieces of WHOLE EXPERIENCE and jettisoning those pieces away from the ‘self.’ This does NOT deny that these parts are still IN your mind and you continue to experience them. It simply aids egocentricity in excluding parts of the WHOLE EXPERIENCE in order to support your complete and total impotence and inadequacy. An impotent and inadequate mind must turn to egocentric schemes for salvation. But an egocentric mind MUST always need salvation, since it is comprised entirely of the fear of deprivation. The ego is only a small part of your mind and because of this, IT (“you”) must always feel deprived...

...of the rest of YOU.

When will you accept that ALL your experiences are undeniably and  irreducibly YOURS?

Nope... ego would rather believe that some experiences it controls, while others must be blamed on the “world.” This is why “you” have never felt at home in your own mind and why you most likely will never make it home at all.

DEATH will not take you “there,” simply because ‘death’ is the most profound individually exclusive, egocentric experience “you” will ever encounter. It tends to keep you locked onto the treadmill of fear that you have yet to leap off of.

When will you make that leap?

They say that “home is where the heart is,” but your gradually losing heart for all the bullshit you feel required to participate in. Yet, all that need be done is for you to accept responsibility for the experiences you encounter in your head. You will know you are HOME, when those experiences no longer effect you and you fully accept and embrace ALL of it (because the experiences are ALL yours). Do not allow ego to extract you from your own mind by excluding particular experiences in opposition to others.

It's ALL you…ALL the time.

You KNOW it, my friends, without a doubt this is not YOUR home. This is not what YOU were meant to experience. But because you wish for some part's as opposed to others, you have dualistically arranged your own particular sense of HELL.

But remember,  it's NOT OUT THERE.

Your home awaits you, and "there," you will be completely safe and protected, experiencing infinite waves of intoxicating reunification and reconciliation with the WHOLE EXPERIENCE.

Yet, make NO mistake,that “home sweet home” can be found none other than within the "promise land" of your own MIND…

…and everyone will be happy to join you “there," because without THEM... will remain lost, traveling in and out of disparate experiences that make NO sense.

No one goes HOME...alone.
(even God knows that)

Artwork by Herman Smorenburg - "Journey Home"

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hey Everybody!… EGO is in the House, Yo!

Ego must naturally resist all your attempts to transcend it, all the while, providing assurance that you are indeed making progress in becoming a more spiritual being. Egos love to feel “advanced.”

Ego does not wish for you to realize that YOU are in complete control and NOT IT.

Seek not to control IT and it will dissolve of the weight of it own delusional system. Why seek to control what is NOT real, except by imagining? Recognize that it is delusional and it can trouble you no more. You do NOT wish to control the world but to control the ego’s experience of a world.

Therefore, control the ego and the world conforms accordingly.

HOWEVER... the paradox is that to control egocentricity, you must relinquish ALL control. Obviously, "you" cannot possibly grasp this idea egocentrically, but why resist what is NOT real and has NO basis in TRUTH?

The ego really does not know what you should “do” and this is why you “change your mind” so often. One day you enjoy your work, the next you suffer through it. Today you love those you are close to, only to hate them or feel indifferent tomorrow. The body provides satisfaction until the times it must betray your trust in it. You fluctuate between the love of being “alive” and lamenting your "lot in life." Satisfaction is never steady and there is NO consistency or logic to the irrational chaos of egocentric decisions.

Therefore, it makes NO difference what you “do,” except to an egocentric, abstract and nebulous self-concept that must actualize itself through the actions, behaviors and movements of a body in order to realize it exists. Yet, clearly, the actions of the body have never sustained you and soon the body must decline to provide you satisfaction as it approaches its demise. Eventually, there will come a “time” when you’ll no longer look to the egos advice to “negotiate” your world...

...since your experience of a “world” was constructed by the ego to be non-negotiable. Do you really think that from a position of egocentricity, you have any control?

Just sit back and simply wait for the hopelessness of your situation to dawn upon you as it eventually MUST.

In the meantime, feel free to do whatever IT demands, only recognize it is the ego that makes the request and NOT YOU or the world you see. The world, of itself, can do nothing to you (except when you insist on egocentricity).

Do anything it demands. Only recognize from where the demand comes. If IT demands “happiness,” then give it up and if it demands the opposite of happiness, do as it asks and really grit and grind in your suffering. You may think that this means the ego is in control. However, the big difference is that you now KNOW you are UNDER control. This is contrary to your previous state of mind, which was that of denial, as if decisions made belonged exclusively to some REAL entity you referred to as “me.”

To switch from ego control to Christ Control requires you first become aware of the ego and identify all its many methods of control. Awareness, in and of itself, is the most powerful weapon you have against egocentric control and it requires you do nothing at all but... KNOW. With every move you make, every action taken, every thought/feeling experienced...inquire as to THE PURPOSE.

To “Know thyself” is an admonition promising freedom from your ‘self,’ because it has always been “you” that you seek freedom from. It is not the world, but your experience of the world that torments you and there is NO world apart from YOUR experience.

“Doing” is always of the ego, because it involves the body. This is why Christ Consciousness cares little for what you DO, but only for what you THINK.

Ego controls THOUGHT only when you deny it HAS control. 

Examine your thoughts right now. You feel disappointment in reading this, because egocentricity expects something more individually profound and “enlightening". You wish to be saved from the hell of your own mind and the ego informs you that what I provide is insufficient to that CHOSEN task (ego's love choices). The ego continues to demand that you learn to “transcend” IT only from those who claim to conform to the official transcendence rules. In addition, your body has not felt well for years and the ego continually reminds you of your nagging sense of angst from a general disillusionment with your routine and repetitive “life.” Hence, ego requires your frequent fixation on money, bodies and the demand that others meet your egocentric expectations. Mostly, you feel as though you've made little progress and are becoming bored with this whole silly “spiritual” game because, as the ego continues to inform, there is always a better "you" to experience. So keep on truckin' bro!

These thoughts that fill your mind are entirely egocentric, but you feel compelled to THINK them as you always have. But worry not, the ego informs you of the many ways to seek relief and so you turn to TV sitcoms, alcohol/drugs/medications, mindless fornication, shopping at the mall for shit you don't need, reading doomsday predictions, manicuring your lawn, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, over and over, round and round it goes. And then, of course, you die…Ha! (the most fun you'll ever have!)

But these thoughts are NOT yours. They come from an aspect of mind, constructed out of fear, that has convinced you of the need for self-preservation. But that aspect does NOT exist and so these thoughts have no basis in reality. They do not exist and could not be thought at all, simply because that aspect you identify with does NOT exist.

Yet, still, you allow your "life" to be managed by that which is fucking NOT THERE.

The ego does not exist and all that is required is for you to be aware of it, in order to see it’s just NOT THERE (keeping in mind that "existence" is nothing more than an egocentric concept, no different than the "let's pretend" of childhood games)

Yet, you continue to claim that “I am me, goddammit!” Therefore, it is best that, during the times you insist on claiming to your ‘self’ that “I am me,” you simply remind yourself that you are under the egos control and if fear continues to plague your mind in any degree or level, realize that your reminder has gone unheeded and remind yourself again and again. Most of all, do not seek to control, overcome, appease, placate or punish your egocentricity for being what it IS. The ego is immune to its own control techniques and any attempts to use it against itself will only result in reinforcement and continued claims of “I am me!”

Christ Consciousness employs no forms of control, but merely watches in complete awareness. The most important tool of control the ego employs is your denial that IT exists. The paradox is that your awareness of it dissolves it immediately by admitting to its control, so that you can realize that there is nothing there. Be aware that it is NOT you who think thoughts of hell, causing you to suffer through an imaginary world.

The world appears entirely different to those who finally SEE the ego and realize it is NOT there.

Artwork by Suzzan Blac - "Bashing an Angel"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2012: The End of Guilt and Punishment

Does the world seems to be spinning wildly out of control. Yet, how else will you learn you never had control if not through the experience of chaos?

All attempts to control the effects of delusion must fail, simply because effects can only be controlled at their cause and all delusion is a distortion of MIND. This is why your world continues to repeat the same effects, ad nauseam. As each individual mind refuses responsibility for what it "sees," what it sees must repeat because permission was granted simply by continued SEEING.

You believe what you see was there before you saw it. Yet, nothing is ever there UNTIL you look for it and you only look for what you expect to see.

Hence, your prayers are always answered, but by YOU. “Ask and ye shall receive” is YOUR truth, although you may NOT like what you give yourself. 

Guilt demands punishment and these are the building blocks of your suffering. If you SEE death and destruction then, make no mistake, you have asked and received in accordance with your wishes. It ALL belongs to you because NOTHING leaves your mind. All experience is of the mind and it can be true or deluded... but never both.

The egos existence is entirely contingent on GUILT and guilt ALWAYS demands punishment. The ego actualizes itself through seeking out the guilty for which to contrast AGAINST. Guilt divides you from your experience of a world by chopping up the wholeness of that experience into opposing parts and all opposition is entirely fueled by guilt. The ego cleaves the mind in two, demanding opposition between the parts. You hate the innocent for the guilt they make you feel, but love the guilty because through them your innocence is actualized. From day to day, moment to moment, such judgments are made "naturally" by the ego-self.

The dualism of your world is a product of guilt. Some parts are better, wiser, smarter, more courageous, more ignorant, more innocent, more guilty than others. In your mind, Hitler must oppose Mother Teresa, just as ugliness must oppose beauty. The ego seeks out differences for which to actualize itself in contrast. The darkness is guilty of hiding the light, while death is guilty of being lifeless. “Less” is guilty of not being “more” and “losing” is guilty of not “winning,” while “wrong” is guilty of not being “right.” This can change on a whim and sometimes less is more and losing is winning. It makes no difference to the egocentric. As long as opposition rules the mind, the ego is at home. As long as peace is absent, the ego is always present. As long as opposition severs the interconnected and interdependent wholeness of experience, all your separate and isolated experiences are underlined by the fear of guilt.

Governments, or the collusion of the egocentric, fuel your guilt as a means of greater control. Are you a Muslim or a Christian? A terrorist or a patriot? A socialist or a capitalist? The “enlightened” who see the unenlightened are as imprisoned as those they claim to save. Egocentricity must see a world of guilt and innocence and spend a "lifetime" sorting through those differences as a means of self-actualizing through contrast and comparison. The ego demands colliding particles and opposing forces. It cleaves and rips apart all experience of wholeness and claims parts of the world are at fault and must be punished for their guilt and so you alienate and estrange your ‘self’ from the indicted.

But what will become of "you" when ALL are guilty as charged?

It is becoming more difficult to tell the difference between guilt and innocence, causing you to experience a chaotic world spinning out of control. As the lines blur, the ego can no longer pit innocence against guilt and it must self-destruct because it NO longer has a purpose. But this requires a great deal of suffering, until the absurdity makes itself known, because the ego-self will fight to maintain its innocence by seeking out the guilty.

Someone must pay for your suffering.

Experience is a product of mind and nothing is apart from experience. To impose guilt upon your world is an indictment upon YOUR mind and you will not escape the punishment that all guilt requires. All defense of guilt supports egocentric suffering and, make no mistake, it’s NOT the world, but the HELL of your own mind that you seek to escape. There is NO world outside your mind.

There is NO “doom” scenario you need concern your ‘self’ with, because the ego will never willingly  disassociate itself from its NEED to suffer. The end of GUILT and PUNISHMENT will awaken you to the fact that you are not an ego-self, because only when you set them FREE in your own mind, will YOU experience FREEDOM for yourself.

Prepare now for the freedom of 2012, because the end of guilt and punishment will certainly change the world as you know it.

Artwork by Laurie Lipton - "Tete a Tete"

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Betrayal of False Choices

You complain about how tired you are of all the pain and suffering.

Yet, obviously, you are not yet tired enough to end it and, make no mistake, the end of suffering is entirely your choice. The only purpose of free-will is to end your suffering. But what you WILL is to suffer and so, you do NOT yet experience a free-will (although we like to blah,blah, blah about how free we are). Your WILL is anything, but free. But this is how you CHOOSE to experience it and NOT how it is in truth. You don’t have a clue how it is in truth, because you don’t have truth. What you have are…


And you think more choices prove how FREE you are.

When you are truly “tired,” in the recognition that you have never been free, only then will you experience freedom. Until then, you will continue to seek to control the victimization that an imprisoned WILL must experience, because it is NOT free and must make choices that an imprisoned WILL must defend as true.

And any WILL that gets its power from making choices is clearly a victim of its own egocentricity. If you wish to know “The Way” or “The Tao,” etcetera, etcetera, or if you wish to experience “Buddha Mind” or “Christ Consciousness” or any of the other labels pointing to infinite freedom, then simply make contact with your inherent, God given, WILL. You’ll know you got it when you simply no longer have a need to make choices.

Every ounce of pain you experience is entirely of your WILL to experience. Therefore, as First Cause, it is entirely of your WILL to break the shackles of your own head games and get FREE. This is your choice and it is the ONLY choice you need make to be free. ALL other choices merely reflect the choice to suffer through the need to make choices.

There is only one choice needed to end all choices. But you love making all the choices that delude you into believing your free…”menthol or regular, filter or non-filter, king size or medium, hard or soft pack, etc, etc, etc. It’s YOUR choice. Hahaa!

Therefore, the question you need to ask your ‘self’ is…"when will I finally get tired of choosing?” Contrary to your claim of being tired, if you still suffer then you have not yet fully exhausted your choice TO suffer. This means you require further suffering and you have to wonder WHY you would always want to choose that. But, if this is what you choose, then why complain about the suffering experienced by your choice? Go ahead and suffer gladly!

Oh, but you contend you have NO choice in making choices and you simply cannot dissolve the suffering that is inherent to this form of existing. You are human and humans suffer and so, must make choices, ad infinitum (funny how you don’t choose birth or death, but you damn well better make good choices in between the two).

And through the alibi of inherent human suffering you have made your choice to choose. Your reasoning and logic is simply an alibi for which to support your choice…to suffer through choices.

However, a choice that requires defending cannot be TRUE, because TRUTH requires NO defense. 

Therefore, anything you must defend reflects a choice you make that is opposite TRUTH.

Anything that is not TRUE, must ALWAYS betray you, but only because what is not TRUE requires defense and anything that requires defense can be destroyed, otherwise, why would it need defense? When you claim a “truth” for yourself, you must then defend it, because you know it can be smashed to smithereens. Why defend that which must eventually fail you by the very nature of its being false? This has been the nature of your existence.

Defending the false against the false.

Eventually, however, it becomes readily apparent to you that what you defend does not serve you and this includes every choice you make and defend as the "truth." You are constantly betrayed by your own choices, until the moment you no longer choose to make choices you must defend. If you continue to make false choices, you will continue to be “tired” of the betrayal that must accompany defense of what is NOT TRUE.

You do NOT know the TRUTH. You only know only the betrayal of false choices, but you keep hoping that just one of your numerous choices will one day be the right choice. “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do” is the most profound TRUTH of your existence and clearly emphasizes the suffering inherent to the false choices that have been made for centuries and must only support and emphasize continued false choices. Just look at the absurd choices being made in the world right now, by so-called “smart” people.

So how do you make choices that reflect truth?

YOU CAN’T. Because TRUTH cannot be reflected. It is or it is NOT. To say that you “tasted” or “glimpsed” the truth epitomizes the game of egocentricity. The false choice requires some situations be a reflection of TRUTH, but not others and this is why it must eventually, and always, betray you. Realize that NOT one choice you make reflects TRUTH in anyway. Recognize that there is no preparation you could choose to locate the truth, because ALL your preparation for truth are merely choices designed to FAIL and you will experience betrayal when your “truth” fails as it always has and always MUST.

When nothing else matters, the TRUTH will not shock or terrify. But when so much in your life is more important, then TRUTH must be rejected since, only through TRUTH,  will “you” learn that all your important fixations have never amounted to a hill of beans. It might suck a little when every choice you have ever made was a useless choice. But not to worry, you’ll NEVER make another useless choice again. Ha!

 Choose NOT to choose, because "you" don't have a clue. Your absolute lack of preparation and choice is what prepares you for awakening to TRUTH. Truth cannot be predicted by an ego fixated on all its wonderful CHOICES. But the ego is always the defender of the fully prepared mind and insists you closely follow its recommendations and choose ONLY from that menu. All preparation only fixates you on egocentric outcomes and rewards and there is no TRUTH in that and never has been. Only continued betrayal by the choices ALL egos love to make. You think having choices means you are free, when it only proves…

…you’re locked away in a prison of your own mind.

 Artwork by Mickey Me - "Seeking Immortality"