Friday, August 28, 2009

Integral Christianity: We're ALL as Guilty as Sin

You have been taught that forgiveness is a gesture of compassion that brings a sense of "peace" to those who "trespass" against you. Unfortunately, the world’s “forgiveness” does not convey innocence, but only reinforces guilt.

The very fact that you can choose to “forgive” my sins, simply reinforces a world where "sin" is possible and ALL are guilty. Notice how the ego-self constructs experience before hand, which informs what can be 'perceived.'

Your forgiving me simply raises up your innocence on the back of my guilt and for you to be innocent, I must be guilty. The ego will never lose sight of this distinction, all appearances to the contrary. Guilt and innocence created the world you perceive and "perception" was constructed to differentiate the parts from the whole, thereby, missing the whole entirely.

Make no mistake, when you grant me 'forgiveness,' you will maintain my indictment deep within the recesses of your mind...and I must never lose sight of that fact, because you have ways of reminding me. Your eyes continue to see guilt, although you may not speak it. You will “forgive,” but how can you forget and why should you... I'm as guilty as sin!

This merely reinforces your innocence, keeping us both fixated on our division and separation that is an immense canyon never to be bridged as long as any part of the world is guilty. "God" does not define guilt, you do.

True Forgiveness asserts that it never happened and therefore, it is NOT seen. There is no need to forgive since you have not been harmed. Perfection cannot be harmed, therefore, if guilt does NOT exist how can it be seen?

However, a separate, illusory self is easily violated and therefore, SEES guilt everywhere it looks, since that's the purpose of 'perception,' to seek out contrasts.

But, if nothing is external to mind, then your indictment of me, indicts you. My guilt is yours, as we are ONE and it is our mutual guilt that keeps us apart.

“Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone,” simply means that no stone need be "cast" as everyone is innocent. However, if you choose to believe in guilt, then the inverse must be true for you and all of us. If you are guilty, then so is the world and, whenever you perceive the 'world' it will be guilty as charged.

We are either all guilty, or completely innocent. There can be NO in-between, although the ego enjoys applying levels and degrees to guilt. We are all either "sinners" or without sin of any kind. This is the experience of non-duality available to Christ Consciousness.

The world believes in “sin” and therefore, forgives to crucify. Without this value-system to differentiate your world, what would you perceive?

If you can be violated, then the guilty must pay and “the wages of sin is death.” The guilt you impose on me enslaves us both to a world outside the mind and, inevitably, outside control . Guilt holds us hostage to beliefs that violate our perfection. Your inability to truly forgive your transgressor, indicts the world and everything IN IT (including your 'self').

When you perceive the truth, you then realize that we are all innocent, therefore, truth denies guilt and has no need of forgiveness. True Forgiveness sees perfection and perfection is guilty of nothing. True forgiveness is resurrection and that was the message of Christ Consciousness, which overcame death to prove that, what is perfection, cannot be harmed in anyway. How could it be?

Eventually, the choice must be made between the laws of the world, that "you" made up to limit your 'self,' and the laws of NO limitation. Making this choice is the point of your spiritual journey.

The forgiveness that will bring you complete and total peace is the forgiveness that has no need to forgive. You cannot be harmed, because you are more a mind than a body and mind is infinite. Therefore, no forgiveness is required. How can that which is infinite, be harmed, unless eternity is denied.

Have you denied eternity today?

“But if my child is killed by the drunk driver, how do I forgive that! Someone must pay for my suffering!”

Someone will pay, and make no mistake, it is ALL OF US.

The world’s justice requires that a price must be paid and this price is vengeance. Nowadays, vengeance is on everyone’s mind. Therefore, how can it NOT define the world?

You may feel that such perfect forgiveness is impossible to attain. I must agree with that feeling, as I am no enlightened master. Yet, if you can even slightly “perceive” the truth of this, then you are in the process of “knowing” it. You can feel confident that the “Kingdom of Heaven Within” merely awaits your awareness of perfection.

Perfection is guilty of nothing and neither are YOU.

The moment you see the world through the eyes of true forgiveness is the exact moment you claim your perfection as you were meant to BE.

Otherwise, we're ALL as guilty as sin.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Christ Returns...When "you" Leave

Christ Consciousness simply does NOT consider form, or body, as superior to mind. Yet, the fact that you conduct your life entirely based on the body indicates that you take little consideration of Christ Consciousness.

That you do conduct your ‘life’ based on a body is indisputable, since you consider death of the body, the death of “you.”

 Christ Consciousness does not deny awareness of form. However, it recognizes that “life” is not in any way contingent on form. The chief dualistic distinction is not that of body versus no body, as if the experience of a body was simply to be nullified in order to attain freedom from form (which many ‘spiritualists’ claim).

Actually, the distinction we make is that without a body there can be NO mind. This ultimately creates fear and fear then becomes the chief determining factor of ‘living.’

If we were certain that the mind did not end upon expiration of the body, the experience of ‘living’ would be quite different. Christ Consciousness realizes that the body is merely an appendage of mind and that mind is not in any way determined by the body nor is the mind controlled by the experience of a body in a ‘world.’

However, we believe that a body experienced as ‘in a world’ must take precedence and demand the minds total attention.

Christ Consciousness simply reverses this order. As a result, mind is the controlling aspect, and the originating factor, of both body and world. There is nothing external to mind that can in any way control or victimize mind and this is the realization of Christ Consciousness that many report is an encounter with indescribable freedom.

The world is full of enlightenment paths and programs that seek to empower the individual through reducing the controlling aspects of body and world. Unfortunately, these programs continue to maintain that body and world determine direction of thought and, thus, the content of mind. Many claim that all you can ever do is seek to reduce the extent of this conceptual bondage, but never be free.

Therefore, it is no wonder these programs have been ineffective in making the slightest dent in the current collective structure of the world and man’s inhumanity to man. Christ consciousness miraculously and radically alters your experience of a ‘world’ by fully realizing that the body does not determine the content of consciousness.

Such consciousness need not conform to the world’s dictates, since the world’s value system is entirely oriented to the body. Christ Consciousness has NO need to seek to control the world nor does it seek to withhold or surrender control. This is because Christ Consciousness restores the natural order which ego-self has denied (but cannot eradicate).

Christ Consciousness merely realigns the mind with itself, thereby, negating control by the body or the world. Christ Consciousness does not deny that there is a “you” associated with a body ‘located’ in a world. Christ Consciousness merely affirms this a result of free-will.

Christ Consciousness affirms free-will, as opposed to the body and world’s negation of free-will, in the recognition that you are NOT victim to the objects of consciousness (body and world) because you are 'source.' Nevertheless, obviously, source is not “you” in any way you could conceive of yourself. Therefore, the biblical message accurately prophesies the return of Christ, but only upon the disappearance of “you.”

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."
- Jesus Christ

Friday, August 21, 2009

EGO DYNAMICS: Healed Perception

The chief hallmark of healed perception (which some call enlightenment or awakening) is the realization that the world is not to blame for your suffering and deserves NO condemnation.

However, as you begin to retract blame from the world, suffering intensifies as ego resists attempts to alter condemnation as the basis for 'perception.' The ego demands the world be culpable and egoic perception is designed to make judgmental distinctions through contrasts, thereby reinforcing the experience of self divided from world.

The ego’s chief instrument of distinction is ‘perception.’ The ego refuses to accept that perception is a product of belief and instead insists that you must always believe what you perceive. Perception is crucial for the ego to exist and to deny what you perceive is to deny the ego.

However, your ego-self is not to blame and neither is perception

The problem is neither the world nor your ego-self but the conceptual construct of blame, which must lead to condemnation. The ego constructs numerous concepts to reinforce the experience of an external world. This is because the ego is nothing more than a belief in an external world. Yet, essentially, you have NO precise knowledge that an external world even exists, since the body that gives you this information (sensation) is itself external to the ego-self (this ontological issue is as old as time itself).

However, although many “enlightened” minds contend that an external world is maya, or illusion, they cannot argue against your 'experience' of an external world. You do experience a world separate from mind and that experience is solely your own. Many bright minds assert that you are NOT separate from your world, but that you have bifurcated, or split, your ‘self’ off from your experience of a world.

"Spiritual awakening" merely identifies that your experience of a world is indivisible from your experience of a ‘self.’ They are one and the same, because they are both within the domain of ‘experience.’ Condemn the world and, since your experience of a world is indivisible from your ‘self’ you condemn yourself. Blame your ‘self’ and you indict the world. Distinctions are delusional because they construct experiences to allocate blame by maintaining dualistic contrasts.

Miraculous perception, or Christ Consciousness/Buddha Mind, does not dissolve the world, but dissolves blame and condemnation in the realization that there is no division to experience.

Nonetheless, many will assert that the ego constructed the experience of blame and thus, is at fault. But the ego also constructed experiences of joy and beauty to aid in contrasting between what is guilty and what is innocent. The ego constructs conceptual preferences to reinforce your attachment to ‘perception’ as the chief means of knowledge and understanding. Therefore, perception seeks out contrasts by its very nature because the ego needs you to rely on it fully, as opposed to something deeper, that it senses, but can never understand through perception.

Blame the ego for your suffering and you seek to divide your experience into parts and ‘perception’ will continue to divide itself from the world by contrasting between heaven and hell, pain and pleasure, good and bad. This merely reinforces a stronger ego against an external world and it is the fundamental fallacy of many religious and spiritual ideologies.

The ego cannot be dissolved by anything “you” (egoic self-concept) could do, simply because you are an ego and an ego denying itself paradoxically reinforces itself. However, the concepts ego-self constructs as experience can be denied and extinguished. This is because the ego perpetuates itself through denial and it does this simply by denying that its experience of a world is unified and indivisible from itself. Blame separates into parts and denies unity to experience.

Deny blame and condemnation to the world and experience an end to all self-condemnation because there is no division between self and world.

The Great Way is not difficult
for those who have no preferences.
When love and hate are both absent
everything becomes clear and undisguised.
Make the smallest distinction, however,
and heaven and earth are set infinitely apart.
If you wish to see the truth
then hold no opinions for or against anything.
To set up what you like against what you dislike
is the disease of the mind.
(Seng-st'an. Third Patriarch of Ch'an Buddhism)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hell Is Other People, But Then, So Is Heaven

The ego is a disorganized complexity demanding order from its own manufactured chaos. Stress is a psychological fear response of an ego-self experiencing lack of control over the chaos it conjures up.

We certainly have little control over other people and this is a fearful and confounding prospect to an ego, which must always predict its actions based on the actions of others. Therefore, to an ego, hell is other people and hell is the foundation of fear.

Nevertheless, the greatest joy you experience result from engaging in a world of others. Hence, heaven is other people. 

If you had little time left to live, your fear would not be loss of self, but the loss of a self as engaged with others. If you were the only existing 'self' in the world, death would result in minimal suffering and this is because it is others from which you receive your greatest joy and you fear that loss more than anything. Even joys that seem individually invented are magnified exponentially, when shared with others. Meaning is mutually defined and not solely developed by any one person.

The self is always constructed in reference to other selves and without others there could be no self-concept or “you.” However, in a dualistic world, that which brings intense joy must also be the foundation for fear. Fear has many symptoms, from mild nervousness to paralyzing panic. It can be so debilitating as to drive ones mood into a self-abnegating ‘nothingness’ referred to as depression. Fear can also manifest as anger and rage and many bright minds have theorized that, when enraged, even the most mild-mannered are only a thought away from the act of murder.

Of course, fear is also experienced as guilt, embarrassment, remorse, regret, etc, and these responses are grounded in the memory of past failed actions or inactions. In fact, some claim that the pressing burden of guilt alone keeps us locked in the past, seeking freedom. This is because the self is an invention of the past seeking to become free of what it believes constructed it. As a result, the past is your "Creator," not God.

Experiencing the stress of fear responses is directly related to other people and, thus, it is others that we seek periods of escape in order to mitigate or seek relief from fear responses. We believe that by reducing physical proximity to others, fear is mitigated.

By removing your body from me, you believe you are safe from psychological fear and this is because you believe you are more a body than a mind. 

Let’s face it, if you’re alone with nature, you have no fear of judgment, whereas, with me, you may need to be vigilant to the contents of my mind which, although I may not directly disclose, you may feel forced to decipher my judgments and that can initiate psychological fear responses or stress. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why so many seek the sanctity of solitude and some seek it above all else making it the most sacred of relationships.

Seeking to sequester ones self-concept from other self-concepts may very well be absurd, since the self-concept is purely abstract and is not in any sense ‘real,’ other than what the mind invents. Yet, protecting your self-concept from “me,” certainly reinforces its reality for “you” and sometimes such conflict paradoxically makes us feel that the self-concept is “real” and that we are truly “alive.”

If only you could be free of my judgments, but then this will mean freeing me from your own, because my judgments are yours.

Judgment is nothing more than mutually superimposing a past upon one another and the greatest joy we can ever experience will be in sharing a moment free of the past.

The greatest suffering (hell) will be imposing a past upon one another in an attempt to control chaos and diminish our mutual hell.

Therefore, we are both heaven and hell to each other and any proverbial “awakening” must be mutually attained, otherwise individual enlightenment is nothing more than a figment of our collective imagination.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MATRIX of CONSCIOUSNESS: "You Are Cause Of Chaos"

NEO: You say that I create my own reality. Then why is that my reality is not as I intend it to be?

THE ARCHITECT: How could a ‘mind’ that has no idea who or what it is, construct intentions with any degree of accuracy? You are confused and confusion can only result in chaos. You are cause of chaos, hence, chaos is your experience. Ergo, the world you ‘see’ is exactly as you intend.

NEO: But I don’t want chaos.

THE ARCHITECT: Apparently, you must, for if it is your experience then you are indisputably the cause. Indeed, you are very committed to your experiences.

NEO: I am only one mind among billions. How can I alone be cause of the world.

THE ARCHITECT: I did not state that you are “cause of the world,” but that you are cause of YOUR world. In your world, experiences appear to intersect, but this merely affirms that you have no control, which commits you, or should I say, resigns you, to chaos.

NEO: If this is true, then all of this happens without my knowledge, which is why I have no control.

THE ARCHITECT: It is your “knowledge” that impedes control. This is primarily because it is worthless, yet your reliance on what you “know” is implacably unswerving. Knowledge reliant on gross bodily impulses, or “sensation,” can only result in confused intentions, thereby, constructing experiences of chaos.
Note that even your most abstract concepts, which you would argue have nothing to do with physical reality, require processing by a physical brain encased in a cranium and centralized atop a “body.”

NEO: So how do I control chaos?

THE ARCHITECT: Chaos, by its very nature, is uncontrollable. You believe that by asserting control upon your world, you can ameliorate, or even dissolve, chaos. However, if you are cause, then the correction is misconstrued, because it is based on what you “know’ and everything you know rigidly confirms that you are NOT cause. Hence, the intellect that you pride yourself on is completely composed of worthless data.

NEO: The world is not all chaos. There is order in the world.

THE ARCHITECT: Really? That statement proves how committed you are to your data. Closely examine your world and note the compromises required to make sense of it. There is nothing but contradiction and all logic is based on bodily sensation.
The mind interprets all bodily signals based on a different program for each mind that processes experience, thereby, making all bodily information a product of mind. Nevertheless, you refuse to recognize this most basic fallacy and continue to rely on relative sensory information to educate you.

NEO: Now you assert that there are other minds.

THE ARCHITECT: To the contrary, I merely reflect back to you the absurd logic that you adhere to in determining your reality. Unfortunately, you failed to grasp the humor.

NEO: So you are saying that to end chaos in my world I must end it within myself?

THE ARCHITECT: That would seem the logical connection. Unfortunately, it is a fallacy of logic and based on your accumulated "knowledge."

NEO: I thought you said I was the source.

THE ARCHITECT: There is no “you.”

NEO: But to have this conversation we must differentiate between us.

THE ARCHITECT: For the expert author to deeply engage the reader, numerous literary devices are utilized to suspend disbelief and create a…‘world.’ However, once the novel is completed and the book placed upon the shelf, the reader no longer suspends disbelief.
Your problem is that you continue to suspend disbelief in a story you made up and continue to believe it all to well. But then, many great novelists have been known to lose themselves within the pages of their own fiction.
Eventually, when you realize your own literary devices, they will cease to engage you any longer. As a result, you will gradually remove yourself from your own fiction and in so doing, you will recognize the absurdity in either “you” or “I” having ever "existed."
In fact, you will encounter the absurdity of the very concept of “existence” and your attempts to embrace it as defining you.

NEO: This makes no sense.

THE ARCHITECT: Obviously, you are not quite yet ready to break from your fiction, otherwise you would immediately comprehend the information I provide.
Therefore, as a main protagonist, you require I adhere to the plot. As a result, you will continue to plead ignorance demanding that I be “The One” to teach you truth. This I will do until eventually you realize that you teach yourself, at which time, I will cease to “exist” for you and, in that moment, “you” will cease to exist for yourself. Obviously, chaos will be no more, for the cause has been extinguished.
You are cause of Chaos.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sorry, But You Cannot BECOME "Awakened"

What do you 'see'? Make no mistake, what you see is what you expect to experience, otherwise, you would not experience it or its opposite. The ego manufactures experience based on expectation and experience does not leave the mind of its maker, even when defined as a product of ‘perception.'

You will never stop manufacturing constructs for which to experience 'existence.' Even an ego determined to experience “beingness,” or “oneness,” manufactures that experience based on expectation. Experiences are ‘constructs’ because you make them up.

Your ego actually processes ‘beingness’ as a finite outcome for future acquisition or ‘becoming.’ The ego constructs finite experiences because they aid in promoting a fixed ‘self’ to contrast with your fixations of others and the world.

The self can never stop manufacturing personal constructs as experiences through which to identify and know itself. There seems no way out of this, because the ego-self must employ finite constructs to further perpetuate itself as becoming.

The problem with pursuing finite outcomes of ‘becoming,’ like non-dual, beingness, oneness, awakening, enlightenment, rapture, salvation, satori, nirvana, etc, etc, etc, is that the ‘self’ must be rigidly fixed in order to interpret these finite outcomes.

You cannot transcend the ego-self simply by dissolving its experiences through constructing more finite experiences for which to ‘become.’ However, you can perpetuate your 'existence' through infinite constructs that have no outcomes. Of course, infinite constructs are also beliefs, however, they tend not to attach to a predetermined past, but actually look to reinterpret the present moment without reliance on the past and thereby, create an entirely different experience.

To live infinitely is to exist through experiences that have no outcome, since all fixed, time/space outcomes are interpreted as meaningless. But this only asserts that you withhold your meaning and not that meaning is absent.

Make no mistake every guru, enlightened master or “non-dual” claimant you meet, is rigidly attached to a fixed ‘self’ if they teach ‘becoming.’ Whether it be enlightenment, awakening, realization, non-duality, etc, etc. They are teaching finite constructs which are processed as outcomes and those “transcendent” outcomes are considered rewards to be achieved.


Infinite constructs are not bound or supported by past beliefs and require no teaching devices or conceptual subterfuge. Infinite constructs expect no rewards by eschewing all anchor points from the past. They are permeable and immediately open to change, because they are not rigidly attached to any particular ideology or conceptual belief system that requires 'becoming' or any other outcome. You cannot ‘become’ an infinite construct, because it is NOT fixed or predetermined. This can be frightening to an ego relying on its fixations to define itself, yet it can also be 'surprising.'.

You will manufacture and dissolve numerous experiences throughout your life completely of your own volition. However, most will be directly associated with some past ideological fixation, whether it be the monetary-value system (material wealth) or the spiritual-value system (awakening, enlightenment, salvation, non-duality etc), finite constructs are experienced as outcomes or goals to be attained. Make no mistake, anything taught as an outcome to achieve, acquire or become is undeniably a finite ego construct.

You can continue to play ego-games freely and the ego will eventually dissolve itself, but not in anyway you (or it) could ever know. No one owns the truth nor can it be taught and, therefore, no preparation is needed, contrary to popular opinion.

Infinite constructs seek no attainment whatsoever and are unattached to outcomes. Thus, egoic constructs become more associated with simply relating, or ‘relationship’ to other experiences, since all personal experiences are interdependent within an experiential fabric of ‘existence.’ Finite constructs impede relating by perceiving the world through rigid belief systems and associated value systems. It’s as if you knew the truth and this fixation devolves into a compulsion to repeat the past. History is replete with such repetition and this is the world you experience.

Infinite constructs naturally reject outcomes by making them meaningless. Without outcomes relationships are free to emerge as they will and reinterpretation of the ‘self’ is not restricted to past renditions. In addition, the ‘others’ experienced in your ‘world’ are also free to emerge, as no demands need be made by you upon them. Infinite constructs allow the world to BE not as it is, but as it WILL be and your WILL is the deciding factor, because you have freed it from a need for outcomes.

Infinite constructs replace finite constructs in the realization that purposes and functions are unknown to you. Not determining, and applying, purposes and functions to others, you free yourself and them. Thus, you will not ‘perceive’ your personal constructs (world and others) as conforming to expectations because you have none. There is nothing you can do to experience truth, because truth is not constricted to experiences the ego interprets and does not conform to your personal constructs of "awakening." Isn’t that a breath of fresh air?!

Currently you believe everything is open to question except the finite constructs that you have determined are truth. Yet, relative truth has many levels and degrees. Accept that you do not know truth and allow yourself to learn of it because it has no outcome. As long as you remain fixated on your finite constructs, you remain mired in the past. Finite constructs predict the future based on the past and so you will experience what you expect.

Infinite constructs can miraculously change your reality because of your refusal to manufacture experience based on past precedent. Unfortunately, non-reliance on the past will make you seem a little ‘crazy’ in contrast to all the sane and intelligent people seeking rewards through outcomes.

“He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye.” - Buddha

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The "Enlightenment" Disclaimer (that you ignored)

Sit at the guru’s feet and eventually you will hear the disclaimer: “only those ready for enlightenment can be enlightened” or “You must be prepared for ‘awakening’ in order to awaken.”

There’s only so much enlightenment to go around, so we gotta weed out the undeserving (who are simply unprepared) It’s the law of supply and demand. A law found in the 'world.'

So how does one prepare for enlightenment? Do you just gotta want it real bad? How can you be ready to “awaken”? The “master” tried to give you truth. Yet, even though you’ve struggled and sacrificed for most of your life, obviously, you’re still not ready. Make no mistake, you have no one to blame but yourself. So forget that refund, because it’s not the master’s fault you’re still ignorant!

However, if you happen to get your coveted “enlightenment,” be aware that, like everything else in the world, it has no guarantee. This makes it no different from anything else the world gives you and everything in the world is impermanent.

Everything dies and nothing lasts.

Then why do the wizards of awakening teach that enlightenment is the means of “transcending” the world? or your suffering? Or, most importantly, your ‘self’? 

What gives, yo?!

If “enlightenment” is transcending the world, and the world is impermanence, shouldn’t enlightenment be permanent and that permanence be absolutely guaranteed to last forever?

After you received your enlightenment (first paying the required fee), did you perceive the same world you saw before?

Well then, rest assured, you haven't transcended the world (nor the ego that perceives it). This is because perception is sensation and sensation is a function of the body and the body stands directly on terra firma (solid ground) because gravity insures that it doesn’t float out into space. Ha!

Looks like you got schnuckered, because you’re still in the "illusion." But don’t sweat it! If you were taught to better negotiate that cold, cruel world, then maybe it was worth the price. Problem is, the world, no matter how cold or cruel (or loving and joyful), is impermanent. Therefore, your enlightenment product cannot last and, eventually, must disappear like dust in the wind.

Hey, NO problem. Just buy another one! Otherwise, your only other option is to stop seeking “enlightenment.”

It’s a lot of fun to play with paradox, just don’t take it too serious and think that you “know.”

I close my eyes, only for a moment, and the moment's gone
All my dreams, pass before my eyes, a curiosity
Dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind.

Same old song, just a drop of water in an endless sea
All we do, crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see

Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind

[Now] Don't hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky
It slips away, and all your money won't another minute buy.

Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind
Dust in the wind, everything is dust in the wind.