Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sheit Happens (so just keep dancing)

It makes no difference what you "do," yet this does not negate the "doing." You'll continue the delusion of control until it finally makes no difference. When the final breath is extinguished you'll have about as much control as when you took that first gasp.

Go ahead and allow your egocentric insecurity to wash over you like raindrops in a thunderstorm.

Consciousness unfolds as it will and the Divine Comedy is that your belief in free-will is as much a product of consciousness as all those important decisions and choices you "think" you've made all these years. Consciousness is in the drivers seat, since only it has subjectivity, while all else is mere object (including "you"). Consciousness is the Puppet Master and its pulling your strings, all the while filling your head with sugar plum faeries that you call "choices."

But hey, isn't it great to know that all your choices don't mean squat and that you have about as much free-will as weeks old road kill? Doesn't that fill your heart with a sense of freedom ne'r before experienced? You're free to allow consciousness to flow like water and take you wherever it WILLS. All you gotta do is sit back and enjoy the dance. Just keep dancing and whenever you fook up royally, you no longer need take on that guilt that's been dawgin' ya all these years, because when you look closely at cause and effect, "you" are not in the equation at all. Never were. Never will be. 

So just sit back, relax and watch the show...cause Sheit Happens, Yo!

One moment your jumpin’ for joy, the next your down on your knees praying for it ALL to go away. The illusion of control is just an attempt to make sheit less sheitie or, if it's good sheit, to roll around in it as long as you can. But still...IN consciousness....sheit happens, as it always has and always will happen. It makes NO difference what you do, cause when sheit happens.

Look at your "life" and see for yourself. Sheit happens causing more sheit to happen, causing more sheit to happen, thereby, hence and ergo, causing more sheit to happen and then, one day, you make a "choice" and think that the choice you made was the cause of the sheit happening. But you fail to fully see the Pattern of Sheit Happening. Sheit had to happen before you made the "choice" that made that particular sheit happen. Sheit happens whether you choose it or not. If all the previous sheit had NOT happened, the "choice" you think you made, that you believe made sheit happen, would NEVER have happened.

And look at all the major sheit that has happened to you in your "life" that you didn't choose! (you call that "chance"). Most of that sheit, good and bad, fell in your lap with absolutely no help from you. You have NO choice about sheit happening, cause it will happen as it has and always will.

“Time” is nothing more than a constant procession of sheit happening in consciousness. While sheit happens, consciousness never changes. Consciousness remains the same, but sheit keeps on a' happenin.' Forgot about the nature of "sheit," just focus on the "happening." The sheit is "you," while the happening is simply consciousness.

So now that you know "The Secret," you can get all jiggy with sheit happening in the recognition that nothing you can do, or not do, will fail to make sheit happen. Cause sheit will inevitably happen as it always has happened and always will happen.

Consciousness. You can’t leave home without it.

You couldn't even have “thought” if consciousness didn't allow it. yet, you think you have control. Nope, no control, just repetition. And consciousness gives you that.

Like the other day you were walkin' down the street when, Alakazam! from outa nowhere, up pops a thought and you go, "now, damn, where'd that thought come from?" Or how about feelings? The ones that come upon you outa the blue causing you to run to your therapist with "I just don't know why I feel so bad."

Give it up to consciousness kids! You are a victim. Without consciousness yo arse wouldn't exist. Without consciousness there'd be no universe to exist in! Consciousness owns you. Do you think your egocentric theories of logic have a snowball's chance in hell of making a spit of difference to consciousness? Ha!

You egocentrics can get your panties all in a knot if you want, with all your save-the-world-and-do-the-hokey-pokey sheit. But that don't stop dualistic sheit (good and bad) from happening in consciousness. And consciousness wants duality, cause that's what you get (and why would you get it if consciousness didn't want it?) and there ain't no saving grace in that dearies. It's just all kinds of sheit happenin'!

Some get a billion bucks, while others get run over by the bus. Some get mental illness, while others invent theories of relativity. Consciousness don't care who gets what, just that the sheit that happens unravels in living Technicolor. Consciousness allows sheit to happen. "You" don't. And none of it makes a speck of difference.

But egocentricity wants to know "why." 

Only a few will ever understand...

You can pick and choose sheit you like and sheit you don't like, but that don't matter, cause the sheit keeps happening. Consciousness don't give a wippiedoodle about your suffering over sheit happening, cause sheit keeps on a' happening. That should be clear by now.

But go ahead and grit and grind over the sorry state of your personal world. Sling around all kinds of kumbaya yippie yahoo ideas on how to make a better world so that only “good” sheit happens. Consciousness allows that too!

You can't stop sheit from happenin,' so just sit back, grab some popcorn and... sheit happening.

Artwork by Erik Johansson - "Arms Break, Vases Don't"