Saturday, August 9, 2014

The “Hero’s Journey” Follows a Neural Pathway

With some 86 billion neurons wired up to a trillion miles of dendritic connections, fueled by seemingly infinite synaptic electro-chemical interactions, there is a virtual universe between your ears and just as galaxies have no free-will to determine their fate, “you” are no different.
So tell me where, in all that…are “you” accountable? Which Neural pathways are “you” responsible for maintaining?
The journey of a thousand miles does not start with the first step, but with the first firing neuron, genetically formatted and bathed in varying amounts of motivation inducing dopamine, telling you when and where to go. The "Hero’s Journey" is a centuries old glorification of a free-willed egocentric mammalian ‘self,’ cloaked in the illusion of choice that, apparently, exists nowhere else in the predetermined natural order.
There is nothing you need do to be free. You are truly and undeniably free. Just allow the neural network to take you where it will (which will happen, whether you allow it or not)
Your “spiritual journey’ is housed entirely in your skull and there is no leaving those predetermined neural pathways. The paths you follow, wired up in your grey matter, were predetermined for you long before you were born (genetically and socio-culturally) and you have no choice but to go where they take you as they define and determine who you are and what you desire.

Nevertheless, your goal has always been not to follow your neuro-circuitry (cause the sheit in your head just constantly pisses you off!), but to seek out and follow someone else’s neural pathways, some “master teacher,” in the hopes of achieving the brain state that they vigorously claim as “awakening.”

For over half a century I have studied the products of other neurally predetermined “enlightened masters,” only to eventually jettison each and every one of those teachings as pure drivel (examples of that exist throughout this blog). Yet, in retrospect, it was necessary for me to encounter and burn through each and every “spiritual” ideology I engaged, since this is how the motherboard is fried. Yet, I had no idea I was doing this and had no conscious intention thereby. I longed for the one ideology that would save my sorry arse.

Escaping the path is part of the path and your chronically historical attempts to find the "right path" is all predetermined by the path you are now on. 

Thoughts have become particularly useless to me these days (as demonstrated by the diminishing posts appearing here). Regardless, thoughts arise as they always do, internally (pre-programmed neuro-cicuits) and externally (sensation) influenced, the only difference being, at this point in my “journey” I have experienced the complete abrogation of free-will (volitional choice and agency) and, hence, have become quite comfy cozy with whatever pops up in the gelatinous fat between my ears.

I really don’t give a fook about the thoughts in my head. “You,” on the other hand,  care deeply about what you ‘think,’ so much so that you actually avoid thinking, because of the chronically dumb sheit that incessantly arises in your cranium, or you seek out and diligently learn new strategic ways of ‘thinking’ to improve the "quality" of your life, in a rebellion against the very neuro-circuitry that determines the quality of your life and the motivational dopamine that bathes those circuits, to keep ‘em lit up like a Christmas tree.

I have absolutely no interest in being anyone’s “teacher” since, clearly, you will learn what you’re supposed to learn whether you want it or not (it's all predetermined). My interest is more about engaging with those who have suddenly realized that they are frying their motherboard, which has similarities in relation to stages, but completely dissimilar in how and when those stages are encountered. In that realization, the burn intensifies, because you’re not wired to want or expect it.

Before there was only fear that you were some sort of mental mutant, because you just couldn’t engage the social fictions with the rest of the socially programmed Egocentrica mammalians. But now, hopefully, you've come to a point where you enjoy the burn (if not, don't worry, you will)

You have been straying from the herd for decades and have no idea why and it bugs the sheit outa you. You’re disengaged, discombobulated, disenchanted and psycho-emotionally distorted, but only in relation to your egocentric brethren, who seem to exhibit excellent adherence to programming (but deep within the circuitry, they're beginning to fry too!). They don’t understand you and you are getting to the point where you don’t have a fooking clue as to what motivates them to engage in the fictional/mythical bullsheit they find so utterly fascinating. Feel free to disembark from the herd, if the spirit moves you, otherwise, your attempts to graze with the chomping cud eating cattle will eventually drive you bat sheit crazy (but, that may be necessary, if so prescribed by the causal order).

Your brain is hard-wired to accommodate fictional realities which, thereby, demand behavioral conformity. Every socially enchanted rule and law has a corresponding neural pathway because, if it was not hard-wired in your cranium, you wouldn't know what the fook to do. 

But as the ‘frying’ proceeds you may find that you no longer care what to do and let the ‘doing’ unfold however it may, because you have no “choice” anyway, so why sweat the big stuff?

Artwork by Zoran Nova