Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Defending Bullsheit....

The purpose of egocentricity is to give meaning to bullsheit and defend that meaning as if it were "true." But the point is not whether the bullsheit is actually "true" or not, just the purpose of having something to defend as "true" (cause deep down in your mammalian brain is the understanding that none of your bullsheit is true, but your fatty gray matter has snuffed that out completely and called it "logic"). You experience a "world" of a million "truths," each requiring a choice and, once the choice is made, demanding its own uncompromising defense (yet, surprisingly, egocentrics still believe there can be peace in such a "world").

Egocentrics can only recognize their egocentricity by pressing it against other egos in competition for truth.

Which begs the question...does truth need defense?

Only in a dream....

Jettison meaning, purpose and direction and everything becomes a surprise...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

What to Keep and What to Lose...You Choose?

Sitting in a corner, attempting to shut down all neuro-circuits, seems like a noble pursuit (you could be out robbing banks). But then, how does one pick and choose which lines to disconnect? I'm sure you prefer not to extinguish the ability to use a fork and knife, drive a car or use a cell phone? Maybe you prefer just extinguishing childhood trauma or the day your spouse left you for another lover? Or the time you had your car repossessed cause you lost your job?

Or are you actually, unknowingly, constructing new circuits to compete with the old? It seems Buddhist's have extinguished much of the circuitry that deals with material possessions (but they still like their statues, incense and pillows).

But what circuits brought you to that corner anyway? What circuits gave meaning to the meditation causing you to desire the practice? Is your spirituality an offshoot of cognitive-emotive circuits that eventually failed in seeking pleasure from the world?

The circuits will never let you escape, so go ahead and keep doing what your doing. You were always meant to do it....

...from the very moment of your birth.

Gonna Wipe that Gray Right Outa Your Brain...

We are extremely pleased to announce a new and revolutionary form of therapy that will put an end to all your suffering and give you the peace that passeth all understanding.

UnReality Therapy...

UnReality Therapy begins with the premise that “true” and “real” are simply concepts and there is nothing either true or real outside your head.

You have superimposed upon your experiences all the meaning they have for you. You have simply weaved together neural networks of socially derived and constructed meanings and values into a tangled web of complex and contradictory electrochemical impulses that you naively refer to as thoughts and emotions, but that entirely rule your life.

When thoughts and emotions are generated through such a tangled mass of competing circuitry, you are never upset or happy for the reason you “think.” Actually, “you” have nothing to do with it and will never fully understand why you think and feel the way you do, causing you to do the sheit you do, day after day. You have only the barest notion of what you want, not just from day to day, but from moment to moment.

Everything you SEE must pass through the visual cortex, which itself is linked up with memory circuits that immediately fire upon stimulation giving you a meaning-based experience which is then attributed to whatever is perceived, completely neglecting the fact that what you see is defined exclusively by circuitry. You would have absolutely no idea what a “tree” is if memory circuits did not automatically light up in tandem with imprints upon the visual cortex. Without the circuitry informing you that the figure standing before you is, in fact, your husband, how would you ever know who to be angry with when your conceptualized “love” circuits have not been adequately stimulated in ‘meaningful’ ways? And good grief, you’d run around spanking ever misbehaving child if you had no circuits to inform you of which little cretin you actually owned.

Nevertheless, even though neuro-circuitry is necessary for various survival tasks, it also can lead to long periods of chronic unhappiness and disappointment unless networks are effectively stimulated to reroute dysfunctional thought-emotive networks and extinguish stale and useless conditioned pathways. Do you really KNOW what a tree is or do you simply know the experience your brain provides? But is that really a tree? Do you really know your husband or simply the circuitry that allows you to perceive him in the exact same way all the time? Can you genuinely relate to the joys of your children or does the circuitry only generate anxiety about their feral behaviors? Are you really engaged with your world and the people you love or does neuro-chemically magnified fear impede your ability to live joyfully?

Through UnReality Therapy you can learn to SEE the world in a way that lets its meaning be given to you, rather than the unnecessary predictability of incessantly superimposing your neuro-circuits upon the world and, thereby, only experiencing your beaten down and paranoid gray matter. No longer must you grit and grind over ridiculous tasks, care a hoot about purposeless social responsibilities or be constantly discouraged that you fail to meet unnatural expectations just because everybody else is doing it.

No more worries, because we’re gonna wipe that gray right outa you’re brain!

Through our revolutionary techniques of extinguishing old dysfunctional circuits (90% of all your circuits are essentially useless except to mindlessly stare at TV and computer screens for hours on end) you can learn to see the world with awe and wonder. Through our patented Neuro-Dissolving strategies you will be amazed at the beauty of a world you have not experienced since childhood (now long since forgotten), simply because you demanded it conform to your conditioned circuits and all its exhausting rules and laws. People will fill you with joy as you see them completely free and clear of all your prejudicial and judgmental neuro pathways. Believe me, my friends, when the circuits have been cleaned the world will literally bend to meet you with nothing but love, because your socially-defined concepts of “love” will be wiped entirely…clean!


With our patented Neuro-Blocking application fear will be a thing of the past! (because your past will be no more).

After completing the rerouting and extinguishing processes  we will insert our patented "Neuro-Stints" to block fear circuits from forming and joining up with other circuitry. Never again will you experience guilt from your profoundly ignorant judgments of other people, nor anxiety by not conforming to useless social rituals. No longer will you experience self-esteem depreciation because you’re driving an 1999 Huyndai, while your neighbor drives a 2012 Escalade with spinning hubs. We have wiped you clean and purposeless social displays and performances are gone for good! (it was all uselessly fake anyway)

The fact is, ladies and gentlemen, neuroscience is demonstrating that more than half of all brain neuro-circuitry has actually evolved from old fear-based survival circuits. Now you no longer fear the saber tooth tiger, but your beer-bellied belligerent boss and his threat to fire you if you don't kiss his rotund ass. Well not to worry, because after completing our full spectrum of neuro-processes, he’ll be getting a big bear hug for your pink slip as the excitement of unemployment evokes new levels of raucous joy.

My friend, it’s all in the neuro-circuitry and through our patented UnReality Therapy you will find joy in everything you do (and don’t do). 

No longer will the guilt of not living up to social expectations interfere with your ability to jump for joy when your car’s repossessed and who’s to say foreclosing on your mortgage is NOT a beautiful day! Make no mistake, our processes will wipe that silly “American Dream” right out of your head, because there’s nothing “real” or “true” about it. Just neuro-fantasies that you were conventionally conditioned to believe “real” and “true.” Wouldn’t it be great to have no cares or worries about “money” anymore? We make it a reality! Because money and wealth are dysfunctional circuits that have only resulted in nothing but stress, anxiety and guilt and have served no other purpose.

You have never seen reality, only your neuro-circuited interpretation of a “reality” you were taught to believe is “true” and “real.” Fortunately, my friends, it’s simply NOT THERE. Look around you. Do you really believe all this surreal absurdity is real? In your world of utter hypocrisy and contradiction, what is really true? Do you often feel as if you just don’t belong, like this is not your home and not where you’re supposed to be?

There is a world out there, just not the one you “think” you’re in. There is a world waiting for you to love and enjoy, if you could only see it without your neuro-circuitry, without your socially conditioned preconceived notions superimposed upon sensory impulses giving you distorted and dysfunctional conceptions of what is true and real.

It’s like a bad dream. But no worries, you made it all up and we are here to wake you up!

Artwork by wolfepaw -  "Your Brain of Fractals"

How Is It Supposed To Be?

Egocentrics live their lives always wondering if this is how it's supposed to be.

Even though they're never really sure how it's supposed to be, they're chronically worried that they're not doing what they're supposed to be doing to be "happy" and so they rarely ever are, simply because they have no clear idea how it's supposed to be.

However, they do seem "happy" in pointing out how it's not supposed to be and they're quick in demanding you do the opposite, except when that's not how it's supposed to be, because it's supposed to be this.

Egocentrics can never be "in the moment" unless that moment is how it's supposed to be, even though they don't have a clue how that's supposed to be and if they did, no doubt, that wouldn't be it.

But then, obviously, with egocentrics....

....that's how it's supposed to be.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Being in the Neuro-Moment

“Who, dear reader, do you think you are? Do you think your mind is capable of independent judgment and largely directs the course of your life? Do you think that most of your decisions in life have been the product of your rational, conscious self? Do you believe you are in control of your life? Do you cherish ideas such as self-expression, a sense of autonomy and a distinct, self-authored identity? The chances are that, albeit with a few qualifications, most of your answers are yes. Indeed, given a pervasive culture which reinforces all these ideas, it would be a bit odd if you didn't.
But the point about this new explosion of interest in research into our brains is that it exposes as illusions much of these guiding principles of what it is to be a mature adult. They are a profound misunderstanding of how we think, and how our brains work. They are fairytales, about as fanciful and as implausible as goblins.”  (Madeleine Bunting,, LINK)

The whole enterprise of self-actualization revolves around self acceptance vs. non-acceptance. The entire billion dollar “spiritual” self-help industry is entirely founded on your continued failure to accept your egocentric “self,” just as is, in each and every moment, each and every day. In fact, the one chief principle of most self-help and new age “spirituality” programs is about teaching you to be “in the moment” which, of course, as they claim, you are NOT, else why would you spend the $150 for the DVD box set that will teach you how?

Yet, not one cent would be made if the human brain was not wired for constant REJECTION. Not one religion Could have been developed if the brain were only wired for ACCEPTANCE.

Dualism is hard wired into two opposing hemispheres. With each neuro-circuit that sends a specific electrochemical message, there is the corresponding opposite message at work as well. The pathway that informs me to do some specific act, also has a corresponding pathway negating that act or canceling out the originating circuit. Clearly, only one message can be electrochemically emphasized from which action will be initiated (although we have all experienced the paralysis of indecisiveness from circuit crashes). All this can cause a great deal of tension between neuro-circuits (the actual origin of stress).

Nevertheless, eventually one circuit will supersede another (simply because the ultimate goal of egocentricity is “doing” something…anything) but this is usually supported by adjacent circuitry that we refer to as “values, goals and aspirations” which are nothing more than genetically wired and conditioned socio-cultural pathways of experience taught to you from birth and demanding that you desire something. Very little is experienced outside those parameters, at least by choice (although the delusion of choice is circuited as well).

The great egocentric struggle is between what you believe you should do and what you believe you want to do.

Hence, I may have a conditioned neural pathway that requires I perform some specific act, but which competes with another pathway which insists that this act to be performed is not desired. In other words, what I am conditioned to do often competes with what I have been conditioned to WANT to do instead. I could have a neural circuit that provides positive electrochemical stimulation to watch the football game on TV that is in competition with a circuit that requires the lawn be mowed. No matter which action takes precedence, there will be a sense of dissonance between the two charges. If I mow the grass, I will experience a sense of dissatisfaction that the football circuit was not acted on and if I watch the game instead, the circuit directing me to mow the lawn will intensify, thereby, limiting my satisfaction in watching the game. It does appear that guilt is hard-wired in the brain.

What we call “cognitive dissonance” is merely the experience of two competing electrochemical charges upon brain circuitry, involving both a constant fluctuating, back and forth, of acceptance and rejection.
We have billions of competing neurons laid out over miles of dendrite connections consistently giving a sense of never doing what one should be doing and always doing what one shouldn’t be doing. This causes a sense of nervous system tension, often felt throughout the entire body, which we refer to as anxiety. Anxiety is the primordial emotion and is the origin of all mental illnesses.

Anxiety is essentially nothing more than electrochemical competition between brain neural circuits. Always, one circuit will attain predominance and be acted on, but this action will be attended to by the intensification of the electro-chemical stimulation of the opposing circuitry that has not been acted on, because neuro-circuits do not instantly go away. This is the origin of guilt and guilt is nothing more than competing neuro-circuits. While I am mowing the lawn I will experience the tension derived from my not being able to watch the game and that increased tension is anxiety. While watching the game the pathway requiring the lawn be mowed will intensify resulting in anxiety and a failure to fully enjoy the game as I might like.

This is why there can never be an experience such as “being in the moment” and if such an experience does arise it will be the result of the a spontaneous dissolution of competing electrochemical charges (because you have arrived at an electrochemical point in time in which you just don’t give a sheit about the lawn or the game).

For instance, if a sudden fire erupts in your house, the mow lawn/ watch football circuitry will immediately be redirected, just as if you where suddenly to realize you had the winning lotto number for a ten million dollar prize. All other competing electrochemical charges would cease to stimulate and other socio-genetically conditioned circuitry would take center stage.

You could attempt to generate circuitry that allows for an electrochemical experience of “being in the moment” and there are many “spiritual” programs out there that attempt to teach this as a “skill.” Unfortunately, such ‘learning’ would necessarily compete with other conditioned neuro-circuitry that has been consistently reinforced for many decades. it would be like attempting to alter your gender identity through a ten week course, even though that identity has been reinforced electrochemically for 50 years. A real no brainer! (no pun intended).

Accepting the brain neuro-circuitry that has sculpted you all these many years is much more advantageous to reducing anxiety and, hence, suffering, then constantly rejecting and seeking to change the brain. An attempt to be “in the moment” merely reinforces that you do NOT accept your neuro-circuitry (because you believe you’re NOT “in the moment”) and, thus, that rejection becomes a powerful electrochemical circuit all its own and it will dawg down your every moment in terms of good and bad choices.

You are an amalgamation of brain neuro-circuitry that has evolved genetically and through socio-cultural conditioning over many years. Your rejection of this constructs opposite circuits that cause tension or anxiety. Recognize that with every thought, every feeling and every action you are “in the moment.” Make no mistake, even with the tension of competing electrochemical charges you still are “in the moment.”

The brain is always “in the moment.” Even though, that moment may consist of tension between competing circuitry, there is no reason to suggest that the electrochemical stimulation of neurons is not momentary or actualized at that moment.

Even future thoughts are generated from momentary electrochemical processes firing up instantaneously. There really is NO future moment, only current electrochemical stimulation of brain circuitry providing a sudden experience of future thought.

This includes memory. Although the circuitry that mediates current awareness may not be electrochemically charged in relation to the time you got drunk on your wedding night, that circuit was impressed upon the brain and based on the emotional circuitry attached, is still “in the moment.” Electrochemical charges keep the pathway alive, but only minimally stimulated and when the awareness circuit engages it the electrochemical stimulation will intensify and you will experience the attached emotional stimulation of being a complete asshole on your wedding night. All of this is entirely “in the moment” and you are never NOT “in the moment.”

Of course, you also have circuitry, conditioned over many years, that stimulates electrochemical data providing an experience that you are more than just a brain consisting of experiential-based neuro-circuitry. Couple that with the circuits that provide the electrochemical experience of “self” and you are able to negate brain activity as influencing “you” at all and, hence, must then pay the 150 dollars for the DVD which will teach you how to be “in the moment.”

Unfortunately, you will be disappointed, as will all who attempt to learn specific skills being “in the moment.”

Simply because you are, and always have been, already there, thanks to a brain that keeps you there 24/7.

Artwork by Sebastian Eriksson

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Same As It Ever Was....

Why do egocentrics hate themselves so much? Why are they always seeking escape from who and what they are? What’s so bad about egocentricity? what is the driving need to find some ideological exit door to some utopic afterlife?

Get back to where you once belonged...

Oh sure, you’re self-centered and self-absorbed, demanding attention, victim to your desires. You’re oblivious, laughingly ignorant and often cruel and, even in your most charitable exchanges with other people, there is not a nano-second when you’re not thinking of your “self" (you never lose sight of "you"). The stress of keeping the scattered and unrelated pieces of your loosely defined and deluded self-concept together is often literally exhausting, in the recognition it could all crumble into a heap with the slightest change in the weather (and frequently does just that, as you scramble to re-connect the pieces once again).

But that’s the nature of egocentricity.

Why resist your nature?

What should “you” be? Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent?

Dang, what a drag, but go ahead, if that's where the circuits lead you. “You” can be that too, depending on how you’re wired up in the noggin.’

Nevertheless, one of the most universal aspects of all egocentrics IS their omnipresent desire to escape themselves. To transcend or transform. To be something other than egocentric. The incessant desire for self-development into something they are not is indicative of a universal disgust with egocentricity. You can never truly love yourself, simply because it's not in your nature and besides, "you" invented the concept of "love" in the first place. Does nature give a fook about "love"?

But even all that is folded up into the nature of egocentricity.

Does an elephant wish to leap like a gazelle? Does the squirrel constantly suffer through its neurotic pursuit of nuts, wishing life would be better if it could only find truffles? Are bears incessantly annoyed about shitting in the woods, hoping one day for conveniently located porta-potties?

So why do egocentrics want to be other than egocentric? Nature provides NO choice to it’s progeny. Everything does what it’s supposed to do, living out its nature, and the chief preoccupation of egocentrics is to make “important” choices. Doesn't matter that your choices are useless and deluded. You still gotta make 'em anyway.

Hence, the ultimate nature of egocentricity is to make choices in the belief its choices matter. You do this everyday and you don’t even think about it cause it’s as natural as a bear shitting in the woods.

Ever notice how your choices, though seemingly different in form, seem to repetitively give you the same content? Oh sure, you could win the lottery and get all jiggy for a few days. But eventually, the neuro-circuitry takes over and you’ll drop back to your baseline and be what you’re wired up to be, experiencing the world as you always have.

However, there are some egocentrics that couldn’t give a rat’s ass about choices, knowing that choices made are not at all up to him/her (and they don't sheit in the woods as far as I'm aware. At least not regularly).

This type of life-engagement has been referred to as Infinite Play (as opposed to Finite Play in which making “right” choices is absolutely critical to egocentric well-being and takes up ones entire existence). Of course, Infinite Players make egocentric choices, but they tend to react equally to both good and bad choices, which tends to dissolve the difference (hard to describe, cause an Infinite Player never admits to being one).

They tend to make choices with little concern for outcome in the recognition that it’s not up to them, so why worry.

Infinite Players accept egocentricity in all it’s glorious, hellacious bullsheit. I watched one just the other day get all pissed off and cursed his head off cause his phone went dead on an “important” call. He then immediately laughed about how well he did 'pissed off,' responding, "damn, did ya see that! ha!"

Infinite Players play with their egocentricity and are not played by it.

Many complain about being victim to the world, but Infinite Players know that they can only be victim to egocentricity. The world has nothing to do with it. Hence, they are neither victims of the world or their egocentricity.

Infinite Players recognize that even though they will continue to keep ‘doing’ sheit, like they always have, there is absolutely nothing that need be done.

So go ahead, do what you feel compelled to do, because it’s not up to you. You're gonna do it anyway.

Just let the days go by….

You may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
You may find yourself in another part of the world
You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
You may find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife
You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?
Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again after the money's gone
Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground
You may ask yourself, how do I work this?
You may ask yourself, where is that large automobile?
You may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful house
You may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful wife
Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again, after the money's gone
Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground
Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was
Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was