Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is Your Mojo Risin’? (part 1 of infinite)

Describing Mojo is a bit tricky, so you best just experience it for yourself. But if I had to I'd say that it's like the Deep Spirit life force that pervades your deepest core and is progressively absent egocentric bullsheit. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine.

But ya know it when it moves ya…when it touches your core, you can't help but feel it.

But you can’t see Mojo, only it’s effects. It ebbs and flows with emotion fueled by belief. Think of it like electrical current. The circuit can be shut off and even dumbed down or it can be jolted with ever increasing amounts of Mojo. Hence, some beliefs increase Mojo, while others decrease it.

Your world is a product of Mojo.

But Mojo can also be victim to the world. The trick is to keep the Mojo risin’ no matter what’s happenin' outside Mojo. No matter what fool is dumpin' on yo Mojo, you just a keep on a' gogo (old Mojo saying).

Like, I paid $450 for car repairs today. Damn Mojo Dumped on me. But then, I said, “fook it man!” and Mojo risin’ again. Talked to an interesting beauty today…Mojo risin!

And once Mojo rises, you can't fight the urge to share it, which only jacks it up more. In fact, Mojo really rises, only when shared.

Mojo rises real high when circuits couple up, forming completely new and more powerful Mojo. Mojo circuits create the world you experience (and you thought it was God? Ha!).

There is never NO Mojo. There is only high and low Mojo. 

Mojo at its highest is completely free of all FEAR. High Mojo plays infinitely in a finite world. High Mojo is virtually unstoppable.

It seems that sometimes low Mojo has to pass through the rings of fire to get to the high Mojo center. This isn’t necessary, but low Mojo just thinks it is. Low Mojo thinks up all kinds of things to make sense of low Mojo, when low Mojo can NEVER make no sense at all. Some live with low Mojo for so long that they know nothin’ but low Mojo.

It’s easy to get Mojo risin.’ 

There is no good or bad Mojo. Only high and low Mojo. Low Mojo desperately wants to be higher, since it is the nature of Mojo…

…to RISE (as high as Mojo can go)

Is your Mojo…risin’?

The best way to get Mojo risin’ is to find a high Mojo Circuit and join in. However, those who deny their Mojo tend to unconsciously stifle it and that may interfere with your own Mojo (especially if you're already low Mojo).

Yet again, those who have high Mojo tend to fire-up low Mojo and that can be a thrilling experience indeed… when Mojo’s join and magnify each other. I was at a Mojo Gathering once and all these high Mojo's were dancin' around and jetting out Mojo Joy all over the place.

Mojo can be affected by a lot of egocentric bullsheit. Like...on my way to work yesterday I felt my Mojo droppin, but then realized I was dumping on my own Mojo through stoopid beliefs about work. Suddenly, the Mojo started risin’ up again. Sometimes all ya gotta do is think in terms of Mojo, and up it goes naturally. Ha! Go figger...

But as soon as you fixate on dumb sheit, down goes Mojo. Unfortunately, most things that egos fixate on are pretty dumb and result in Mojo dropping and staying low. Like money....real low Mojo in that sheit.

Low Mojo is always wanting to rise, but because of the fear associated with low Mojo, this is hard for some.

Low Mojo is always high FEAR.

Hitler was really low Mojo. Probably the lowest Mojo ever experienced. Mojo can drop to a point where risin’ seems damn near impossible. Mojo that low can be destructive and some say it's “evil.” But there ain’t none such thing as evil, only really low Mojo. But even really low Mojo can rise, if it has a hankerin’ to. But this usually requires alot of high Mojo mixed in. When you get a lot of high Mojo all together in the same place, the desire of low Mojo to connect is irresistible. See if ya don't want to! Ha!

Poor Obama’s Mojo took a nosedive, but he had high Mojo. Whadefook happenin’ to the dudes Mojo??? He was raisin’ everybody’s Mojo. Why’d he go and disconnect from the circuits? Hope he gets it back up there.

High Mojo is always associated with deep peace and wild experiences of Mojo Joy. Mojo Joy is infused with unbelievable high levels of Mojo and is essentially fearless. However, high Mojo don’t run around pontificating on itself and tellin' how high it is.

High Mojo just calmly and peacefully takes over the world.

Some peeps fear their own Mojo and this causes them to get nervous around the high Mojo of others. Or sometimes, when you’re in high Mojo, you find yourself avoiding somebody’s low Mojo. This tends to reduce your high Mojo cause you ain’t merging it with other Mojo circuits. Mojo can't stay up high on its own, because it only rises really high through merging with other circuits. But Mojo should NEVER be contingent on what’s happening in the world. That’s just low Mojo and low Mojo can be contagious. But not as much as high Mojo.

High Mojo is like God.

I like tellin’ folks when they’re raisin’ my Mojo. I say, "Dang, Jojo, you makin' my Mojo a'gogo!" Then again, I don’t mind letting ‘em know when they’re bringin’ my Mojo down. I say “Yo, leggo my Mojo…mofo!” But usually I’m just trying to get up their Mojo, cause these days its hard for anyone or anything to dump on my Mojo, but easy for 'em to bring it up. It’s usually up there and if it dumps, well, I jack it back up right quick, cause who wants to go through a whole day with low Mojo??

The highest level of Mojo is often called "Christ Consciousness" or "Buddha Mind." But then, giving Mojo another name is just low Mojo.

Infinite Mojo is simply the realization that Mojo can keep risin' and there ain’t NO end to how high the Mojo can go. 

When you reach that high level of Mojo the world tends to recede or even disappear. It ain’t actually gone, you just ain’t aware of it no more (since who needs a finite world when you’re in Infinite Mojo, yo!). But you do wind up bringing others with ya, cause Mojo can only rise so far on its own. High Mojo always needs more and more Mojo.

Infinite Mojo only wants to show low Mojo how to rise up. It tries to join with low Mojo, but low Mojo keeps on breaking the circuit cause of dumb sheit (like low Mojo "money"). Low Mojo is as addictive as high Mojo. But who wants to be addicted to low Mojo?

Low Mojo’s sometimes winds up worshiping the highest Mojo, failin' to see that it could get that high if it wanted to. Yet, what usually seems to happen is that low Mojo winds up making a religion out of Infinite Mojo and that only keeps Mojo low for a long time.

Centuries even…

Artwork by Yue Minjun - "Between Men and Animal"

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Climb Aboard the Dream Weaver Train

The ego-self, or that abstract package of beliefs you identify with as your “self,'” idolizes its symbolic world as “real,” but fails to recognize that a symbolic “reality” is only conceptual.

You do not see a “world,’ but merely organize concepts (Kantian-like) or weave together a symbolic tapestry as a means of making sense of what, otherwise, would be an amalgamation of complete absurdity.

What you see in your “world” are symbolic representations of reality firmly entrenched in your mind prior to “perception” (concept). But you have little doubt that the symbols in your mind reflect FACTS and this is how you organize the symbols into a “reality.”

Unfortunately, you’re not so sure your mind is a FACT, but you do accept that it symbolizes “you.” Nevertheless, you do experience concepts and many arguments have been made that the mind is all you experience, but only through symbolic concepts.

An ego-self does not really see a tree, but only a symbolic conceptualization of a “tree” and, in that concept, the “tree” is only what the concept requires and NOT what it is in truth. “You” (concept) could never know what it means in TRUTH, because all egocentricity ever “knows” are its own concepts and concepts can only symbolize what is TRUE. They can never actually be TRUE simply because they are symbolic facsimiles of what you believe MUST be “true” and what you wish to be “true” today is always contingent on what WAS true yesterday.

A facsimile may look and feel like the original, but you know it’s only a copy and, if you look close, you’ll see all the tiny imperfections that demonstrate its inauthenticity.

An egocentric self-concept does NOT see a world, but sees its symbolic representations of a “world,” or a facsimile of a “world",” in the form of conceptual constructs within its own inner-experience of an individual MIND. “You” do not live in a realistic world, but in a world of concepts which serve to symbolize a ‘reality’ that you believe is FACTUAL.

Egocentricity demands Facticity in order to actualize an existence as “real.” Facticity is the superimposing of specific separate parameters to enhance belief.

Yet, concepts are bland beliefs without emotion. But “emotion” is also a concept, since it too is experienced in the mind and an egocentric mind only experiences concepts. Nevertheless, your concept of a “tree” may do little to stimulate any further conceptual dream weaving. While the concept of “money” may stimulate ever increasing conceptual configurations that egocentricity considers “real.”

The non-dualist idea that there is “nothing there” merely emphasizes the fact that concepts are only symbolic. If they are only symbolic then how can they affect you? But this is completely opposite what you experience. You experience a “world” for which you have NO doubt of its reality and are victimized by that “reality” on a daily basis.

Hence, the only difference between real and facsimile is your own victimization, because no one would fall victim to a facsimile in knowing it is not authentic or genuine. 

However, if an ego-self is nothing more than a package of beliefs and those beliefs are conceptual symbols representing reality, then the ‘self’ you idolize as real is nothing but a well packaged aggregate of symbolic representations. Hence, there is nothing REAL about “you” and what is NOT real can only make lame attempts at representing the REAL.

Is the body “real”? Certainly, as you conceptualize it, it does seem authentic. But the self-concept of “you” cannot know the body free and clear of concepts and, therefore, what you experience as “body” is inauthentic and disingenuous.

Is there a difference between the image of a blue sky and thinking the thought “the sky is blue”? Is the thinking that is composed of words different from the thoughts composed of images? Could they be made of the same stuff and, if so, who made them? Even though both thoughts and images are experienced in your mind, you believe the thoughts are yours, while the images belong to the world. Hence, your thoughts are minimized as less important and even false, in comparison to the images, having little to no power to alter your experience because you have determined that your concept of a “body” is the only concept that can provide accurate representations of your world. Clearly, the concept of a “self” is minimized next to the concept of body. Hence, the ‘self’ can be full of doubts, but never regarding your concept of “body.”

But are they not both experienced in the mind? Do you experience a blue sky outside your mind? How could you, when ALL experience is IN and OF the mind? Could it be that the blue sky is nothing more than a symbolic representation of what may not be “there” after all?

Ah, but your egocentricity assures you that it MUST be there, because if it’s NOT really there at all, what does this say about “you.” If it’s NOT “there,” then “where” are you?

Everything an egocentric self-concept experiences MUST be experienced to insure the reality of that ego-self.

Clearly, you live your entire “life” (concept) counting on the images (concepts) to give you truth, but doubt your own thoughts. Your mind is inconsequential to the grand order that you have strung together with concepts. Your conceptual weaving of a “reality” is the only thing occurs from moment to moment and never to you question whether or not the concepts accurately represent reality. You just weave your concepts together because they must fit together adequately. If even one concept is determined to be illusional, then the whole foundation must crash of its own fraudulence.

Is it any wonder you’re so damned exhausted all the time?

Yet, be prepared for the day when you finally come to doubt even the images you have always experienced as “real,” because…

as the world fades away…

…so must “you.”

But fear not!

“You” were never really “there” in the first place.

I've just closed my eyes again
Climbed aboard the dream weaver train
Driver take away my worries of today
And leave tomorrow behind

Ooh dream weaver
I believe you can get me through the night
Ooh dream weaver
I believe we can reach the morning light
Fly me high through the starry skies
Maybe to an astral plane
Cross the highways of fantasy
Help me to forget today's pain

Though the dawn may be coming soon
There still may be some time
Fly me away to the bright side of the moon
And meet me on the other side

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Daily Chaotic Guilt of Egocentricity

The ego-self, or that which you call “I,” is a battleground of opposing beliefs, held together by the tiniest most imperceptible strand of guilt. In fact,”your”  life is an exhaustive struggle to make sense of your ‘self’ on a daily basis. Every morning you awake to the relentless job of arranging your beliefs to avoid crumbling into complete nonsense.

Are “you” a body or a mind? Good or bad, right or wrong? Hopeful or discouraged, aware or ignorant, happy or depressed?

From this unstable and inconsistent framework you perceive and make sense of your world. From this filter of chaos you make decisions that symbolize what you believe “you” are.

“You” believe one thing at one time, only to change course at other times and then back again. Often you believe you must DO what you DO NOT want to do, while NOT DOING what you want or DOING what you want when you know you shouldn’t, but NOT DOING what you should because you DON”T want to.

Sometimes you don’t even know what to ‘believe,’ but pick something because you believe one should believe something, like everyone else does, and that can change from moment to moment. You often believe you should lead, while other times you get pissed because your leader doesn’t lead the way you believe they should.

There are things you desire that you believe are “wrong” and things you reject that you believe are “right” (but only at certain times and depending on your mood). Your belief that one should work hard for a living competes with your dread of the daily mind-numbing grind and "you" resent that your "existence" requires this. You always want more money, but rage against the greed on Wall Street. You believe you should be there for your family, but hate when they get in the way of things you want for yourself, but then feel guilty for being selfish and hate them for that guilt. You believe you should have access to good healthcare, but sometimes smoke, drink to excess and eat crappy foods because you believe it feels good and sometimes you believe that “feeling good” is more important than anything. You believe you should be happy with what you have, but really wish you had your neighbor’s Hummer. You love your spouse, but wish he/she lost weight, then you’d really love him/her, except when he/she pisses you off, which you recognize is sometimes only his/her reaction to the stupid things you do, but find it easier to blame him/her and so continue to do so. You know you should not commit adultery, but would if your coworker wanted to, but hope he/she won’t, even though you’d be thrilled if he/she did want to, so hope he/she might, which you know probably won’t happen so you try not to think about it but sometimes can’t help it. You definitely do NOT believe in “murder,” but feel we should nuke the Iranians and then the North Koreans and if your neighbor’s dog sheits on your lawn again you claim you’d shoot his dog and him. You don’t believe in lying, except on your taxes and to your spouse (if you slept with your coworker). You tell yourself that you "love" your mother, but think she can be a real pain in the ass and still blame her for your “issues," which you blame for all the times you feel like a big sheit as opposed to the times you really love your 'self.'

Your egocentric self-concept struggles mightily on a daily basis to keep it all strung together and in some semblance of order. But sometimes this attempt at maintaining order crumbles and “you” do something completely irrational and absurd, only to experience the guilt of your “wrongness,” demanding you impose stricter order on your thinking (until the next time you blow it).

Human nature is essentially irrational and absurd because it is essentially egocentric and egocentricity is extremely difficult to maintain in any precise order or balance. But you work very hard at it nonetheless. You take care of your body, meditate regularly, try to be nice to people, eat healthy and manage your anger. Until the moment of irrationality when you toss it all to the four winds, telling yourself some rational sounding story to justify what you will later recognize as complete idiocy.

But not to worry, egocentric guilt grinds you right back down into your ‘self’ rather quickly and it is actually guilt that provides an illusion of order and the appearance of holding all the tenuous strands of your egocentric self-concept together. Without guilt you’d completely unravel into total absurdity and nothing would make any sense. 

Naturally, and as every “Christian” will tell you, with guilt must come punishment, otherwise, what use for guilt? Hence, the claim “nobody can hurt you like yourself” or “you are your own worst enemy” is completely true, but only because of your own personal egocentric guilt, which you need but feel guilty for needing.

Indeed, the guilt that troubles you the most is not the guilt for what you do or do not do or have done or have not done, but the guilt for what you have THOUGHT. This is the guilt that nobody sees, but that you often believe, if others could see, you would be known as the vile and evil creature that you often believe you are.

All this merely illustrates the suffering that is the nature of egocentricity and that, without it, one could not be an ego-self. You have invested your egocentricity with the modus operandi of experiencing an “existence” and from that prime objective your ego will do anything to achieve that objective, even if it means attacking YOU because of the guilt IT manufactures and makes "real."

Make no mistake, you gave it all its power and absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

One day, however, you may wish to take that power back. You can do that easily if only you would recognize that you granted it in the first place.

Maybe "you" should stop trying to keep it all together and be okay with the chaos rather than feel guilty about it? This will tend to dissolve the guilt that acts as glue and provides an illusion of self-coherence. However, surrendering your need to arrange and order your chaotic egocentric self-concept might seem like a sacrifice, but only to the ego and not to YOU.

However, the ego-self you currently refer to as “you” will attack you viciously for not following instructions. It will berate and condemn you with all its might.

But I would just ignore all that or, at the least, fail to take it too seriously, because egocentric guilt is serious business ONLY to an ego-self.

Once the ego is ignored, it’ll most likely stop bothering you.

Egos need to feel special…

…otherwise, they tend to shrivel up and die.

Artwork by Barry Godber - "21st Century Schizoid Man"

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Individual Truth is an Oxymoron

Do you believe you will transcend your egocentricity through means established by your egocentricity?

Do you really believe you can do it all on your lonesome? That “you” can seek out the right path and the perfect teacher? That “you” will one day claim truth for your…”self”? That “you” can and will achieve your own personal and individual “enlightenment”? That you can “awaken” to absolute truth as an individual?

Is this not the epitome of egocentric arrogance? Does this not completely and totally accentuate and symbolize separation and division? What unified oneness, what non-dual perspective, can an “individual” ever achieve?

The premise instantly negates the conclusion.

An “individual” claiming truth is an oxymoron.

The individual endeavor, to be rewarded for finding absolute truth just for “you,” smacks of total and complete hypocrisy.

But then…not to an ego…ha!

But what are “you” moving to and why? What is it you really wish to “transcend”? Why else would an ego-self choose to go it alone, if not for its deep distrust of THEM? And when you achieve your coveted “awakening,” how will THEY look to you? Closely examine every modern “enlightened master” and, contrary to the claim of “enlightenment,” the distrust is always there, based on seeing INEQUALITY.

Centuries of egocentric translation of the Great Wisdom Texts has channeled the truth to conform to egocentricity and now “you” accept it as incontrovertible FACT. But why shouldn’t you? Look at all the sheit you have to put up with, your entire life, from other people.

Make no mistake,  TRUTH alters ALL objects of consciousness and makes them completely… EQUAL… in every aspect imaginable.

An ego cannot transcend itself, just as a snake cannot eat its own tail.
Nevertheless, “you” continue to persevere in your egocentric desire for the individual rewards promised.

But who or what interpreted those promises? Who or what found them desirable in the first place? Who or what picked the vehicle and who or what set out on the chosen path? Who or what went in and who or what will come out?

Why…”you,” of course. An “individual” claiming truth. The egocentric YOU. Possibly a little calmer, a little wiser and maybe even a bit more arrogantly egocentric. But hey, you’re “awakened” and a little arrogance is part of the GAME.

So go ahead, close your eyes and ears in years of meditative tranquility and when you open them, if INEQUALITY stares you in the face…best you close your eyes again because TRUTH is not yet available to “you.”

“When the two shall become one”… has passed you by. Drat, foiled again!

Well, maybe it’s time for a change? Maybe your awakening lies with THEM? Maybe you really can’t do it alone? Maybe you need help?

“No!” exclaims the frightened ego, “they cannot be trusted. Look what they’ve done to you!”

It is NOT the world you seek to transcend… but THEM.

THEY are your world.

Your suffering is ENTIRELY bound up with the egos that populate your world. Although you like to think that you “love” them, primarily it is FEAR that determines your interactions and the limits of your “love.” Self-protecting, self-preserving, self-actualizing…FEAR. All your anxieties, all your depression, all your disappointments, worry, anger, guilt, etc, etc, etc is directly associated with THEM. Look closely at every problem that dogs you these days and recognize it's some “other” who impedes what you desire, what you demand.

You could have anything you wanted…

…if not for THEM.

You believe THEY are wrong and “transcendence” will make it better. You do not fear no-self, you fear other selves.

The government, the Illuminati, the police, your boss, your coworkers, your kids, your mother, your spouse, your neighbor, Aunt Ginny, Uncle Joe, angry people, inconsiderate people, greedy people…

…but not your dog! Fido is pure, just as nature is innocent. But the rest of THEM? Not to be trusted. THEY are clearly guilty.

There would be no need for transcendence if only THEY could be trusted. The world would be such a wonderful place if not for THEM. You could be “happy,” if not for THEM. Peace would be a reality, if not for THEM.

If that is true, then there can be little doubt that your “awakening” to truth lies entirely with THEM. Because the only FEAR you need overcome, to achieve the deep and abiding peace of TRUTH, is your fear of THEM.

The hardest path to follow is the one you fear the most. But the best path to follow is the one that faces fear head on.

THEY are your TRUTH and your SALVATION.

Fully engage THEM completely without FEAR…

…and awaken.

Artwork by Michael Hussar - "Stigmata"