Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Reason “You” Are ALWAYS Wrong...

Your greatest defeats have been your greatest victories. But "you" don't see it that way. What the ego interprets as failure MUST always be a success if interpreted by the part of your mind that does NOT understand loss of any kind and is not associated with egocentricity.

If you follow the ego’s directions you must ALWAYS be lost, because the ego is ALWAYS wrong. In its narcissistic grandiosity, it cares little for what you need, beyond what it determines. It merely demands you ALWAYS look to it for advice and you ALWAYS do.

Therefore, why should it surprise you that you are always unhappy when, in fact, you are always wrong?

Every decision made for a ‘self’ in a world must always be wrong, because the ‘self’ is always as delusional as the world that exists to support IT. Nothing from that point of view is worthy of consideration because NOTHING from that perspective can ever be based on TRUTH. Even a decision the ego evaluates as benefiting another, hence, as ‘selfless,’ MUST in some way benefit the ego, else it would NOT have been made at all.

To collapse this apparent opposition, simply allow others to make decisions for you and accept every decision they make. Of course, this is entirely contrary to egocentric grandiosity and your intense distrust of the world and all others IN it. From egocentricity, “you” MUST find this idea patently absurd. For the ego, ALL experiences of a “world” serve no other purpose than to be opposed. Your 'world' exists for no other reason and through the suffering inherent in that conflict, you know your 'self' as egocentric.

Yet you can choose for your experience of a world to serve a different purpose. Your trust in them will reciprocally reinforce their trust in you and appropriate decisions will be made from that unified perspective. This dissolves the significance of egocentricity and all the MEANINGS that such an identification superimposes upon everything “you” experience. The ego is entirely fixated with superimposing ITS meanings upon ITS experiences in order to accentuate ITS own egocentric existence as REAL.

Yet, what “you” deny is that the meaning of ALL experiences were applied before the experience was encountered, because it was the identified meaning that allowed for and defined the experience before it “happened.” Every decision an ego makes already has conflict built into it, because every egocentric decision expects to be opposed by a ‘world’ of other egos. Thus, discord must be experienced between the ego and its experience of a “world.”

Therefore, simply allow the world to decide for you and conflict is automatically dissolved. It doesn't matter if they're right or wrong, because in a delusional world there is NO need to differentiate between right and wrong when it's ALL delusional.

When your egocentric 'best interests' are no longer opposed to the meanings you superimpose upon your world, you are free of the world and the world is in turn free of what you demand to experience from IT. If another asks you to do something you do not want to do, why experience conflict in the realization that the ego manufactures the experience of both their request and your opposition. The ego manufactures an experience of a “world” for which to define itself as opposing so that it can self-actualize” as REAL. 

But if ALL experiences are manufactured delusions, what does this say about their origin? 

The ego does not trust other egos, the world and, most importantly, it does NOT trust YOU. This is why it is imperative to the ego that you remain convinced that it IS you. However, every separate mind, at some point in ‘time,’ has experienced a timeless moment completely absent egocentricity. A moment in which, what you want from your world is exactly EQUAL to what you want for your ‘self.’

There is no experience more frightening to an ego-self than the moment you encounter an experience it cannot control because YOU realize NO need for control. Hence, there is nothing more joyful for YOU than realizing NOTHING need be controlled. Yet, as long as you continue to interpret every experience from an egocentric perspective, the ego-self is assured of your opposition to that experience and as long as you oppose your ‘self,’ the ego reigns supreme. All your suffering signifies your opposition against yourself and that “you” remain allied to the finite ego right up to your death. Make no mistake, death is the most powerful experience an ego could manufacture and it maintains egocentricity long after belief in non-existence is embraced.

Only the arrogant grandiosity of egocentricity could consider the delusion of non-existence and actually seek to experience it. Ha!

The world is your experience and it has no other parameters but what you impose upon it and, since it has no meaning other than that, hence, it is completely meaningless. But you have become victimized by the meaningless in denial that ALL meaning is YOURS.

Both victim and victimizer are in your mind and can be none other than “you.” The ego demands finite experiences. Therefore, your only choice is to live infinitely.

Nothing leaves the mind.

Artwork by Lily Mae Martin - "The Unknown"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Ego Does Not Die…It Divides and Multiplies

What you experience is an egocentric self and egocentricity thrives on opposition and conflict with the other egos it ‘perceives.’ This is how IT knows itself.

You have contrasting experiences that “you” make meaningful through a hierarchy of opposing ‘values.’ Therefore, If I slap you across the face you may, at the least, be grateful that I did not knife you in the gut. Egocentricity sees the least suffering as the greatest reward and this is how your “world” functions, by denying that ALL is suffered. This is how an ego-self manufactures its experience of a “world.” Make no mistake, the ego (“you”) defines itself through its suffering.

An ego that does NOT suffer…does NOT exist.

If you experience beauty then, make no mistake, it is IN you. There is nothing IN your world that is not IN you. The mind participates in NO such division, but is fixated on an ego-self that divides up experience continuously, moment to moment. This is an egos only function.

Therefore, you don’t experience beauty as IN you, but seek to find it outside. This is why beauty must contrast with ugliness because, in your mind, both are equally REAL. In your mind, hate competes with love and good seeks to overcome evil. Your mind can be a very frightening place indeed, often requiring you hide from your own thinking. Why else turn to an ego-self to aid you by dividing the WHOLE experience in two, so that there is “you” and your “world” and neither shall meet in cooperation, but oppose one another in fear and hatred. How can your world be anything less than a cruel opponent since, in identifying with a separate part of your mind as “true,” you’ve expelled your world and made it an enemy to individual egocentricity. The ego needs a “world” apart from “you,” to maintain its exclusive existence. The ego must seek to conquer and control all opponents, since there is no alternative to an egocentric self intent on preserving its centralized and grandiose position against its “world.”

Yet, just as there is only ONE MIND, there can only be one ego and that ego superimposes multiplicity upon itself to preserve its egocentric exclusionary perspective. How could an ego exist alone and still preserve the delusion of existence? What would it contrast with and oppose, if there were no ‘other’ egos? How would it define itself? How could it experience ‘death’ of there were no ‘others’ to die and, hence, prove death real?

The ego does NOT die. It divides and multiplies.

Simply look at your world and take note of the multiplying effects of egocentricity. It consumes everything it sees with uncompromising indifference. Although, for centuries, many have claimed to be egoless, the ego continues to multiply exponentially. ONE MIND maintains its fixation on one ego, which fixates on multiplying itself.

Clearly, this fearful saga never ends, until you end it. But death cannot be the means, since death is an ego invention and only egocentricity can experience it. The ego manufactures death as outside itself to reinforce its purpose in “life.” Without death an ego could NOT “live,” because life is nothing more than the ego’s multiplying through division. The solitude of death is the most profound experience the ego could devise. But not one separate, solitary mind in your ‘world’ can define that actual experience, except as it pertains to the death of ‘other’ egos. Thus, allowing that the ego has made it “real,” you must wonder if it is TRUE, since there is much in your experience of a “world” that seems real but is certainly not TRUE.

If the observer changes the experiment just by the act of observation, what does this say about your experience of death?

An ego multiplied must experience death alone, simply because it has never experienced itself as unified with what it separates from and it separates from itself. “You” are a house divided against yourself and death assures that you must fall.

There is only ONE MIND and one ego multiplied against itself. ONE MIND deludes itself through investing in an ego, which invests in multiple renditions of itself through which to insure contrasting forces as the means of self-actualizing against the mind. Yet, it takes just one ego out of billions to realize its unity with another as the means of dissolving egocentricity for 6 billion “others.” This has NOT yet occurred because, with every so-called “awakened” mind, there is always the tiny connective tissue of egocentricity holding it all securely in place, simply because an ego claims “awakening” for it ‘self'.’ TRUTH is all or nothing and it does NOT come in spurts or pieces, for some but not others. Therefore, you cannot be partially awakened and partially NOT. This is an egocentric ruse to insure the continuation of egocentricity through levels of opposing inequalities in a world that supports and reinforces conflict.

The death of multiple egos insures the continuation of the one ego we all are entrenched in, presenting the delusion of multiple minds. You need fully engage with only one other ego to dissolve this multiple division by joining to see it is a delusion of ONE MIND.

But be prepared, because you will no longer know your ‘self.’

(But does that really matter, since you’ve always been against your ‘self’ anyway).

 Artwork by Mitsuyoshi Haruguchi - "A Man and a Woman - Love"

Friday, April 8, 2011

Your Egocentric “Love” Dissolves in Christ Consciousness

Even though you have many conceptions of love, “you” have no such experience. Yet, this does not impede your deep desire to experience love and you could never end seeking to fulfill that desire, no matter how egocentrically distorted and delusional your attempts.

Although you have interfered in the extension of love, by experiencing delusional parts of your ‘self,’ it is your whole composition and cannot be fully denied no matter how much you inadvertently impede it. The ego-self can distort it, but cannot extinguish it completely, because it comes from a unknown part of consciousness. A part that an ego has NO contact with.

An ego-self must interfere in the experience through its own delusional renditions of “love.” Nevertheless, if you were to make contact with the whole of your composition, you would experience a power beyond egocentric imagination and, hence, the ego would perish. As you probably can attest, the ego-self is a very fragile idea.

Extracting the mind from egocentric expectations and designs is to fully engage your whole composition. Nothing “you” believe is TRUE and this is especially true of your concept of “love.” (of course, its true that everything written here is also false..Ha!). The ego has a concept of “love” and thus, does NOT experience it because love is NON-conceptual. Nevertheless, the ego insists that love be conceptually standardized for consumption and the ego’s love does consume and exhaust you because it is NO different than any other delusional concept IN your world, extremely useless, but that doesn’t stop you from idolizing them. The ego demands "love" be found and so, you fully engage in pursuit of what you will never experience.

Christ Consciousness is fully engaged in the whole of your composition and from that total package all egocentric experiences are radically altered to include everything. This is beyond the egos definition of “love” (although even that is included).

The ego-self must exclude parts of its experience in order to find the love that meets its preferences, judgments and expectations. Therefore, it extends only to what it judges as preferable to it, thereby, excluding all else. But it demands that its expectations be met, otherwise it retracts, excludes and even attacks. The ego can withhold on a moments notice if it determines its expectations are unmet. Egocentric love is highly fragile and capable of instantaneous self-destruction at any time. This makes the ego very vigilant in recognizing when its conditions are unmet, at which time it will vehemently attack the offender. The only thing the ego loves extending is guilt. Egocentric self-concepts cannot love (but they do love to talk about doing so).

Christ Consciousness extends without expectation and has NO preferences requiring any judgmental capacity. Christ Consciousness experiences the world completely free by freeing itself of its own concepts, thereby, dissolving all egocentric conditions superimposed upon a “world.” Christ Consciousness does not recognize the ego’s demand for specific parameters or forms (such as marriage or divorce). It is not bound by bodily or sexual possession or fidelity. The love of Christ Consciousness is not impeded by the body and therefore, has no reason to exclude it (it just tends to overlook it).

The ego’s love must possess. It gives only upon getting and it forms enclaves for which to mark its territory and keep what it possesses within its boundaries. Outside its delusional boundaries it does NOT extend love, but only the indifference born of fear. The ego-self chooses closed systems of preferential enclaves (families, races, religions, states, countries, etc).

Christ Consciousness is infinitely open and, thus, extends without end. It has no parameters or boundaries to which love is restricted or contained. It has no preferential enclaves to include or exclude and it loves in order to set free from conceptual imprisonment, not to bind others to conceptual demands. This is why it can fit NO concept and is conceptually unintelligible and completely confusing to the ego. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why the ego, or “you”…

…fear Christ Consciousness.

But have NO fear. It is the LOVE you’ve been searching for, and will find…

… the moment “you” stop looking.

Artwork by Gabriel Nardelli - "Zen"

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's ALL in Your Head

To play infinitely in a finite world, simply dissociate from your significance.

To dissociate from the ego is to extract oneself from finite outcomes and the beliefs that determine such outcomes as valuable. However, this is liable to cause much suffering initially because, for a very long time, you have experienced value where none exists. To learn that everything you have ever valued is worthless, is a shock that many could not endure. Therefore, they remain fixated on valuing useless outcomes believing them rewards, when in fact, they merely maintain the suffering of a finite existence.

The seemingly omnipotent belief of your 'world' is to “rise above” and this is the outcome you pursue, but always in opposition to those who seek the same. The ego wants MORE. Therefore, to rise above what is below and always less, it must compete so that IT can know itself through the opposition of inequality. 

To SEE equality by equalizing your experiences, is to avoid being victimized by the ego-self you idolize as “you.” Your significance relies on that power alone. Make no mistake, the vision of equality is infinite, because IT has NO opposing forces.

Attach no significance to what you are shown from a state of egocentricity, because there is NO such state, hence, what IT sees cannot be real. The ego points out what it requires you see, because the ego manufactured the experience to be SEEN. Because you are fixated on the ego, you believe it is “you” and so you allow it to direct you. It demands you believe that what it shows “you” was there before you looked. This maintains your attachment to egocentric perception. Attach NO significance to what you SEE and learn that nothing was ever there to begin with. It is how you interpret what you SEE, that maintains egocentric suffering.

The groundwork is laid long before events are experienced. Belief is like a magic carpet that unrolls to disclose exactly what you expect to be “true.” Expectations are the molecules of experience and, when they oppose one another, experiences must conflict and demonstrate to you a chaos of your own invention. And you will suffer through the need to control what you made "true," by denying the fact that it is YOUR experience of opposing inequalities.

On many levels you do understand this, since you recognize that with every experience you have a choice on how to respond. Yet, how would you respond if you knew that your response has determined the experience prior to responding?

If nothing leaves your mind, then both situation and response are on equal terms. Although, you have divided experience in two, it is still unified because its origin is not split. The mind is whole, although you have split off parts of that experience to accentuate your separate egocentric fixation. The ego must experience parts for which to contrast and oppose itself against. Therefore, by dividing experience the ego remains a part of your mind and, by fixating on that part, you experience nothing as whole, simply because an ego can experience nothing as whole.

While parts must conflict and cause suffering, the whole is known by absolute peace in unifying all the parts into ONE. While the whole is infinite, the parts must expire because they cannot be sustained of their own accord, separate from the whole. This is why an ego-self must “die,” because it has rejected awareness of the whole in the delusion that IT can exist of its own accord. All finite experiences must expire because they have no basis to exist divided from the whole. Experiences that engage the mind from an egocentric perspective DIE, because nothing exists separate from the whole including YOU.

You desire egocentricity and your experiences conform to that criteria. Therefore, the ego requires controlling the conditions that make IT real. NOT to control is NOT to “exist.” A world unopposed and equal to the ego is a world an ego could NEVER exist in, because the ego exists through the opposition and conflict of inequality. Equality is infinite and can only dissolve all finite delusional experiences that the ego manufactures to prove IT exists.

The mind holds both the situation and your response, making both experiences equal because they originate from a whole. Yet, the ego must divide them up, accepting ownership of the response, but rejecting the situation as separate from itself. Yet, by taking ownership of the situation, your response must change in realization that the mind is the origin of ALL experience, since all experience is OF the mind ONLY.

Nothing leaves the mind.

Artwork by Adnrey - "Cook in Brain"