Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Human Egocentrica Mammalia: Destroyer of Worlds

The post-modern social fictions of the collective egocentrica mammalian ‘self’ are pathetic momentary wisps of smoke, quickly dissolving into insignificant anonymity, which demands human egocentrica consistently twist and bend his own fictions to validate his importance.

Validation is necessary due to the undeniable awareness of his abject insignificance. Awareness right down to the sinew of his bones, chronically informing him that his words don’t matter, his actions change nothing, his thoughts are useless to divert his eventual death and a causal order at work in the entirety of the universe (including an indifferent natural world) could easily smash him to smithereens in an instant without the slightest logical reason or rationale.

Alas, enter the ‘prefrontal cortex,’ with trillions of historically ‘significant stories,’ neurally hard-wired through childhood social programming, serving no other purpose but to provide an individual sense of grandiose self-importance.

Based on the predetermined causal order, that clearly holds nothing sacred, human egocentrica mammalia has little choice but to desperately press himself against that unfolding order. A reality that could care less for his complaints when his fictional "lifestyles" eventually FAIL (as they always must) to actualize him into some tiny semblance of magnanimous significance. This desperation is so psycho-emotionally profound that egocentrica mammalia will employ acts of destruction and death to insure and reinforce his individual, independent significance.
“The sense of insignificance and death anxiety have been shown to play a key role in everything from terrorism to mass shootings to extremist religious and political ideologies to obsessions with materialism and wealth. Just about all that is violent and corrupt in our world seems connected to it.” LINK
It is egocentrica mammalia’s blatant insignificance, deeply hard-wired in his primitive limbic system, that drives him to wipe out entire populations (populations similarly existing within fictional boundaries, participating in fictional activities) as a means of asserting his own fictional significance, and this has gone on since an individual ‘self’ electro-chemically crackled to life in some nebulous circuit in the 3 lbs of fat between his ears and, will obviously continue until his pursuit of significance eventually overrides all his circuits and he gets sucked up and consumed by his own electro-chemical brain matter, with billions of neurons overloaded by his incessant need to escape the undeniable fact of his own pathetic lack of significance to the universal causal order.

The genetic nature of human egocentricity is based on one specific variable, not available anywhere else in the predetermined causal order of manifest existence, and that variable is… the capacity to ask ”why.”

Nowhere else in the universe is “why” even slightly entertained. Everything is as it must be, and has always been, based on a predetermined natural order that has been expanding and unfolding since time began. But the delusional hubris of egocentrica mammalia actually proclaims an answer and that answer is a product of ego-centered delusion, based on the all-encompassing fear of his abject insignificance, resulting in a mental labyrinth of lies, fantasies, delusions, fabrications, mythologies and distorted beliefs.

Everything egocentrica does, he does to raise himself from the depths of his own microscopic insignificance within the grandeur of the universe, made vigorously apparent by the knowledge of his own eventual death.

Egocentrica mammalia pins his entire existence on the vagaries of “why” and constructs complex fictional realities to provide answers as to “why” he exists and what the purpose is to that existence.
Fictional stories give purpose to the purposeless. Yet, it is a desert mirage and the closer you get the more it dissolves into thin air.

Hence, egocentrica has constructed fictional societies to mask his insignificance through vapid goals, mundane and morbid distractions and futile aspirations and there are very few who will get close enough to see the emptiness that is actually apparent in all of it. 

“You” are absolutely of no significance to an indifferent predetermined causal order and that indoctrinated recognition only compels you to engage mythological fictions, absurd ideologies and blatantly ignorant belief systems to somehow deny the truth of your worthlessness to the predetermined causal order that allows you to exist at all and granted you the capacity to mentally construct your ‘self-ness’ as a means of engaging in fictional pursuits to fabricate fleeting experiences of significance.

But, of course, with a wave of his hand, death scatters all your significance into nothing, like a sand painting on a blustery day.
“The Grim Reaper has his hand up all our butts. He’s puppetting all of us because everything that we do, every project we undertake, child we have, building we build is because we know we are going to die. It’s the main driving force of our lives. If we ignore our death, we end up just going around completely oblivious to why we do the things we do!” Read more: Caitlin Doughty: Mortician + Death Activist | Rising Stars | OZY

 Artwork by Metalpiss