Saturday, August 10, 2013

Causal Order

Don't know who he is, but this guy gets it....

The causal determinism that allows planets to remain in constellation with one another is the same force that motivates you to tailgate me because I’m driving to slow and you have an important engagement to attend. The thought of being late arises from the same causal force as that which keeps the earth in orbit around the sun. Nothing is free of the universal WILL that easily trumps the egocentric “willpower” that believes its choices are free of causality.

The causal order is directed by a WILL that entire galaxies must adhere to, so in what way do you believe you are FREE of that? 

If the WILL that gave you existence demands you engage with serious intent in silly social games of no significance, you will do as directed. If the causal WILL requires you be afflicted with cancer and die, again you will do as so directed, regardless of all your attempts to thwart (which is also NOT freely willed). 

From the moment cosmic dust coagulated to eventually form terra firma (earth) not one random event has ever occurred. Everything you have done up to this moment, every thought that has arisen and bounced around in your cranial cavity has been as certain as the thought that proceeded it. Every action that your thinking has prompted, has been influenced from past antecedents that you had no choice in experiencing and that shaped the neuro-circuitry in your brain.

Every “choice” you have ever made was made for you at the moment of conception. You have about as much control over what you do as you have over the rising and setting of the sun.

This demonstrates that “you” have been out of the loop since the moment you were born, or whichever moment you believe you autonomously assumed the job of self-development which, of course, was previously the responsibility of your body, brain, parents, school, socio-cultural setting. Suddenly one day you simply took over the reins of your self-construction and became boss of your ‘self.’ You took pride in the fictions you chose to identify with as a part of your ‘self.’ 

Hence, if there is no choice in what you think and do, why fret so mightily about what was done and will be done? Isn’t it strange how sometimes you experience moods that you do not WILL to be and cannot determine the origin? Electro-chemical impulses arise from a neuro-circuit Netherlands, the depths of which you could never plumb even in your wildest imagination. There is sheit tangled up in your cranial circuitry that you have not even the slightest knowledge is there, but it clearly influences every thought you think.

You are not the creator of your thoughts. To be so would mean you would have to decide to think them before they actually arise in the mind. To be “creator” of your thoughts, you would need to decide to ‘think’ a thought before you actually think it. Like another “I-me” mind directing the “I-me” mind you identify as “I-me” to remember to pay the electric bill. Yet, the illusion of choice allows you to think you construct the thoughts in your head, simply because that’s where they are located. 

Yet one fateful day a few of you will arrive at the conclusion that the very self you call “I-me” is itself fictional and was never yours to begin with. You are an imaginary box in which you store numerous other fictions to actualize your “self” as real, even though a ‘self’ has no factual basis, but exists to give the body things “to do.”

The causal order is directing the action and all you can do is follow the script. It was written long before you came here and will be followed long after you’re gone, because there is nothing new under the sun.

Some are even allowed the WILL to see this overall grand pattern, while others remain completely oblivious to it and claim that it is their WILL that causes events in their lives, completely ignorant to the fact that life happens and there is no reason to have an opinion on that ‘happening,’ simply because it makes no difference one way or the other.

So why did the universe from which you were given existence ordain this life you now experience? Was it simply for you to realize that you are completely controlled by a causal order for which you have had no choice in controlling and that any belief in self-causation or individual WILL is to exist in a dream?

Hence, the determined causal order will reveal itself to you at its own choosing….

… or not.