Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The WILL of Christ Consciousness

A mind that acts against its WILL is a mind in conflict. When you do something that is against your WILL, you suffer from the stress of misalignment and disunity.

When THOUGHT and WILL are in accord, all fear is dissolved and a mind, absent fear, sees the world much differently.

The collective consciousness is deluded, not by individuality, but by the desire to separate itself from its own collective WILL. Individuality was never the reason you felt alienated from others and your world, but an individualized WILL must fear its disengagement, while still WILLING to disengage.

Every whole contains parts and when those parts are aligned with the WILL of the whole they experience harmony, diversified as ONE. When the parts are aligned against the WILL of the whole, the whole experiences chaos and confusion. NOT one part of the whole consciousness that we share, realizes that consciousness is shared and therefore, WE share nothing.

Consciousness is a shared field of awareness, shared by ALL minds that experience a ‘world.’ All experiences derive from a deep well of ALL THAT CAN BE EXPERIENCED. Collective WILL determines the purpose of ALL experience. When you are detached from that WILL, you experience NO purpose and thus, lose your way. The lost must always experience fear, until they find their way again.

Although we ALL share in the objects of consciousness, and its changing multiplicities, we resist sharing ONE WILL. Such is the delusion of the collective mind, in which parts are dissociated from the WILL of the whole. Its not drops in the ocean that suffer by denying they are part of the ocean, but the drops in the ocean fighting against the current of that ocean. We ALL fight that current.

Look outside your eyeballs and you will see billions of unaligned parts, each asserting an individual WILL against the whole. Does your lifestyle cause you to feel disengaged and lost? Are you exhausted by all your efforts at finding and sustaining happiness? Do you often feel that your life is a sham, without purpose or direction? Do you often feel as if you do NOT belong ‘here’?

Christ consciousness is nothing more than the thoughts and feelings of individuals aligned with the collective WILL. This does NOT negate or nullify individuality, but joins and unifies individuals under ONE WILL. We move equally as ONE without losing our individuality and your individuality is enhanced and magnified beyond the suffering of divided egocentricity.

The modern masters who pontificate on their precious concepts of “oneness,” fail to realize the full implications of what they teach and so the teachings are deluded. Oneness does not destroy or dissolve individual minds in one blob of undifferentiated consciousness, but simply unifies ALL minds under one TRUTH. But that truth can NOT be experienced in a world of disengaged and alienated ‘individuals’ each asserting a WILL opposed to truth.

Do you believe you are special? That your thoughts are unique and your feelings are your own? And does this belief aid you in disengaging from the world you experience? Does you mind show you a world disjointed, deluded and confused? A world of chaos and contradiction, in which hypocrisy is valued as a crucial component of survival? Are you on a path that seeks to transcend this world you experience?

You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave (not even the dead are really ‘gone,’ since we do not WILL to be concerned with bodies).

Make no mistake, it is your desperate attempts to disengage from what you see, that demands you see it in the first place, because not one experience that enters your mind is free of the collective MIND. Your thoughts and feelings are NOT your own, but the extracted experiences of a collective consciousness. The ‘self’ is not constructed in isolation. ALL Experience is available to ALL minds, if they so choose. No matter how we all seek to assert are own experiences as unique and exclusive, even the experience of “uniqueness” is an extracted construct of a collective mind deluded into believing individuals can WILL SEPARATELY from one another. That parts can be dissociated from the whole.

You certainly can conjure up thoughts that have yet to be experienced by anyone else, but this does not make you a magical mystic, because we all pull our rabbits out of the same hat. The definition of individual ego is a mind that believes that its magic is unique and available only to itself. Thus, an ego suffers in resistance to the WILL of a collective mind. Egos resist joining with other parts under one harmonious whole, because loss of individuality is a negation of egocentricity.  You only lose your suffering, because the WILL of consciousness demands freedom from the objects of egocentricity, which you have always felt victimized by.

The collective consciousness allows for your individuality. We all engage that paradigm and there is NO escape. However, if we continue to thwart, resist and remain unaligned with the very WILL that is meant to steer that consciousness, we must all suffer chaos and confusion.  How can you transcend delusion, while still seeing it in others? How can you overcome the dream while others remain dreaming?

This is what the infinite player has experienced. Nothing more than the complete absence of all fear and conflict between what is thought and what is WILLED. Total and complete alignment leads to infinite harmony.

You are not unaware of that infinite WILL, because no matter what you possess or own, no matter how far your feet can take you, no matter what thoughts your mind can invent, you still seek freedom, because you still feel chained.

The infinite player merely plays in Christ Consciousness and experiences total alignment to a WILL invisible to those who WILL to be alone and separate. You can think individual thoughts and feel your individual emotions. But to deviate from the collective WILL asserts that there is NO purpose to your thinking and feeling. You are alone in everything and this is the current from which all thoughts and feelings are derived.

Consciousness does not determine purpose. Only the WILL of consciousness reveals your purpose and it is beyond anything you could imagine or contemplate, while you still fight against your WILL.

The holy refrain was never meant to be “I AM,” but…


Artwork by Martin George Oscity - "Expansion of Love"

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