Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Don’t Know Why She Swallowed The Fly…

I know an old lady who swallowed a cow
I don't know how she swallowed the cow
She swallowed the cow to catch the goat
She swallowed the goat to catch the dog
She swallowed the dog to catch the cat
She swallowed the cat to catch the bird
She swallowed the bird to catch the spider
That wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside her
She swallowed the spider to catch the fly
But I don't know why she swallowed that fly
Perhaps she'll die?

So, how the hell did you get here?

Was it something he said?

Not entirely.

More likely it was what she said that brought you to him that got you here. But even that isn’t the whole story.

Because... if that event hadn’t happened when it did, you would have never been in the ‘place’ to hear and understand what she said that brought you to him that got you here.

But wait!

There's more...

If you weren’t in that situation when the event happened, you would have never been in a ‘place’ to hear what she said that brought you to him that got you here. But more specifically, if you hadn’t been in that mood, while in that situation, when that event happened, you’d have never heard her, which brought you to him that got you here. But being in that particular mood stimulated a specific emotion while in that situation, in which that event occurred, causing you to hear what she said which led you to him that got you here.

But then, why that specific emotion?

Well, obviously to have that specific emotion there must have been a preceding interpretation in the form of a concept, which only arose because of the mood you were in while that event occurred, during that situation which motivated you to listen to her that eventually brought you to him and then here.

But from where did the particular concept come from that caused the interpretation, while in that mood, which led to that emotion due to that event happening in that particular situation, which caused you to hear and understand her that brought you to him and got you here at this very moment?

When you were a child you learned that concept. You don't remember how, why or when, in fact, you're not even fully conscious of the concept itself or that it has the peculiar capacity to evoke specific emotions in certain situations and events.

None of this has ever been available to you...

Nevertheless, it is the reason the mood arose that evoked the emotion due to this event in that situation that allowed you to hear and understand her, which brought you to him and that eventually led you here.

This is precisely how your entire life has unfolded and transpired. It may seem random at times, but there is always a pattern for those who can pull back the curtains and SEE. Notice that "you" had nothing to do with any of this and it all unwound simply by nature of your ‘birth.’

Isn't it "true" that your existence is contingent on making choices, because it does seem that making choices is something you do everyday?

Hence, if no 'choice' has ever been made by you, and never will be made by you, therefore, do "you" even exist?

When the time comes, after a series of non-volitional "choices," made by what certainly seems distinctly "you," there will pop-up in your head an answer to that question.

In the meantime, while dreaming seems "real," there will be an apparent feeling of being controlled by it, instilling a desire to struggle against that control. The belief that you have even the slightest, tiniest control of your “destiny” is probably cause of all your suffering. Just as the belief you can choose other than suffering has the same net effect.

Egocentric Mammalia is the only species intently focused on altering its destiny. If you are seeking to control your destiny to achieve a state of future “happiness,” then clearly, you are destined to succeed in failure.

It seems to take many years before achieving this degree of 'understanding' and most never make it because they believe it requires a correct ‘choice' be made in order to 'understand.'

But be of raucous and jubilantly good cheer!

You are not the cause of even that….

Hence, you may construct a volitional, choice-based context for why you are here at this moment and, because of that, the real reason will only elude you. The invisible oscillating patterns that direct your movement are beyond the capacity of most to detect. Hence, they must fabricate comfortable theories of God, universe, ‘vibrational energy,' etc, etc, to make it all seem... reasonably ordered and not chaotically absurd.

Nevertheless, no need for guilt or regret. No need to worry about what to do, because you will no doubt do exactly what will be done each and every moment and, even though you may rate these experiences as “good” or “bad,” they will happen regardless of what context you wrap them around, as a means of emphasizing the wonderful conscientious decision-making skills that you diligently honed to perfection your entire life through various positive "choice" reinforcing educational experiences (but that have failed in teaching you the best choices for which to be "happy," because you have yet to experience that state with any considerable consistency worthy of such grand educational endeavors).

Right now, at this point, in this very moment, on this exact spot, some of those who came here, through whatever experiences they had no choice in experiencing, are beginning to understand that there’s no reason to consider what will happen after here (because of meeting him due to hearing her, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah...). It most certainly will lead to something, because everything does, just nothing you could “choose.”

But if you’re not choosing your destiny, then who the hell is?


...allow the meaningless nature of your egocentric self-absorption to flow over you like cool rain on a hot summer day...

So that, if the time is right, you can get the answer to that question and you will be one of a very rare few who now KNOW...

...why the old lady swallowed that fly.

Artwork by SheerHeart - "Where is my dream"


  1. Hey Mike

    Good writings. I'm also checking out your other blog, it's a little overwhelming, so much stuff to read through.

    I'm finding it exceptionally hard to get my head around not really having a choice in anything, because every moment it seems as if "I" do(es)!

    Thinking about things like diet and physical exercise, socializing. Judging resulting experiences either good or bad. Results in suffering either way. Judging it good makes you feel like you're on the right track, which is to say there's a wrong way of doing things, then judging it bad, you wish you'd do better in the future.

    It's inevitable to have feelings, judgments and reactions to things in the unenlightened state.

    Is there really even a need for using common sense and trying to do the right things in life? Trying to see neutrality in things? Eventually, no matter how under control and "good" things seem to be, there will arise some chaos, let's say a world war. What will you be like then?

    Question becomes: is there one way or another way to live that increases one's chances of becoming "enlightened"?

    Do you believe there's a need for the idea of free will, even though there might not be any or a very limited version of it?

    Should I try to increase a more balanced way of living? A healthier diet, more meditations, more socializing?

    I'm a little confused. I try my best to do the right things, and then I have days I just do the exact opposite of all these things, which results in me thinking I'm ruining things. But hey, there's no free will anyway. So why care? I still do! Argh.. :)

    Last night I had an experience in which I felt like I slipped through to the "other side", a sense of giving up the world. It resulted in an out of body experience, which I haven't had for years.. It was a little scary because as I laid there in my bed, paralysed, suddenly felt like being choked by some being. I surrendered to the experience and woke up. Saw shadow moving too, while laying absolutely still.


  2. Like me, you seem to question everything, even the obvious.

    I really don't have any answers, except to say that you may wish to consider the very fact that the patterns and currents of your life have brought you to this 'place' were you can even ask these questions, while someone else may think all of this as utterly ludicrous.


    "WTF! How in the hell did this happen? Why am I asking these questions? How did I get 'here'?"


  3. For some reason I'm actually laughing out loud at that you're admitting you don't have any answers. I find that really funny because even if you thought you had the answers and I would follow up on that advice, would that really lead me anywhere closer to what I seek in the end?

    It's not really fun, but I really laughed out loud.

    Thanks for being honest Mike :)

    I've been to similar places on the web. Some think it makes you closer to enlightenment, but how much of that is true. Maybe I'm just going through cycles of thoughts and action that will eventually result in me achieving a better balance, neutrality and happiness and all I really want from life. Except for the real deal of "no self" that I thought or now think I was/am looking for/after.


  4. Some blahblah (thanks Mike ;)) about free will I’d like to share


    I can make things easier for myself => for instance: eat a balanced diet
    I can make things hard for myself => overindulgence in anything, not caring about stopping the overindulgence
    (yes even this 'not caring' is something I don't have any control over)


    Easier: meditate and access love, energy work, self-image, relations with others, integration society
    Harder: getting fat, feeling heavy on all levels, disease, earlier death, makes it harder to care a shit about anyone else because
    I'll be too busy feeling sorry for myself...

    The idea that I'm able to choose either to make things easy or hard for myself is rooted in the desire for having free will.

    I know what to do in order to steer my life in a better direction and this is where I'm at, regardless of free will.
    Now, would either decision made, result in coming closer to Truth/Enlightenment for me?

    There's no reason to believe that denying pleasure and meaning in my life is going to take me closer to enlightenment.
    There IS a reason to believe that denying this pleasure and meaning in my life won't really make me happy, contented, have the experiences I want to have. Which is something else than enlightenment, but who cares?

    It's obvious to see then which decision I've made. Who would knowingly want to create a life with more unnecessary suffering?
    It's like choosing death over life.

    Observation, neutrality practise can be applied to both situations, but it's far easier to apply it for myself, when I know that I’ve done everything I can to be content and more accepting of the reality that I’ve created for myself (or maybe better said what’s been provided for me to participate in by the dream)

    Then again, if I’d found myself in a crappy situation, which I admit I do find myself in often (but less and less actually!) …
    Then, maybe it's a good thing to ask myself the following questions. (for instance when I'm feeling irritated, angry, furious, anxious)

    How do I know that it is not [any feeling/situation] I'm supposed to work on?
    Perhaps this is exactly what's required for me to do by the dream?
    Is this seemingly negative situation any less valuable for me than a positive situation, in the big picture?
    Would I choose one over the other? Is it possible? No? Why not pretend to see the best in what's here now, let go let God as some say?


  5. Hello Y - the reason Mike has no answers is because there are no answers. There is only ceasing to question. Or better yet - the answer to any question is to stop asking. If you don't believe me, just keep on asking questions.

    Reality is unquestionable. Frustrating as hell in certain ways, but always unquestionable.

  6. Hi willie, are you free like Mike? :) (tries hard not to see that movie pop up)

    Yes, this is probably true, I don't know. Freedom means literally freedom and I can imagine there's no questions there.

    So, I'm supposing it's true.. Is there a way to make things easier to get there by asking the right questions? Doing the "right" things?

    There must be, because there's so many religions and spiritual paths and what not. They must all share a common interest. Simply not asking further questions, in whatever way or form they may appear (this is written/verbal and direct for instance) ... doesn't seem possible.

    This is just my process.. Necessary or not, I'm still going a long with what feels right!

    Not much to do with this but, often I find myself thinking things and then somehow I "see" a reply to the thing I was focussing on, without really asking any questions directly.. Maybe I'm just crazy!? :)


  7. Not sure what "free" actually means, since there are so many connotations.

    There is no free-will because experiences occurring outside the brain cannot be controlled and impulses inside the brain have been neuro-chemically 'scripted' or wired-in, by past experiences, meaning reactions will occur as previous programming has determined.

    However, the 'feeling' of having control over responses is also scripted or wired in. That is until that current is somehow denied in the neuro-circuitry and if it is denied, it will not be from any volition of the actor, who essentially does not exist due to the fact that it has no free-will over what happens to it, nor on how it responds (which is based on neuro-circuits already formed).

    This gives credence to the age old cliche:

    "it is what it is", simply because it cannot be any other.

    I believe there is a "freedom" inherent in having volitional belief circuits dissolved, but it will seem more like a death than a freedom.

    Great comments guys.


  8. I understand it's more like a death than a freedom, because I've seen some of it happen to myself and then wanting to back out of it because it's a scary experience.

    There's no control, but there must be a way to get there easier. And I think there is, even besides meditation.

    Imagine a drug exists to burn out those circuits. Available to every one on the planet, for free.

    Some take the drug and go through to the other side. It takes a while to adjust, but the drug helps with pushing through and stabilizing the mind.

    Other people read about the experiences of the people that have taken the drug and now decide that they want to get there as well.

    It's like a fire that spreads, from person to person.

    I've been part of a cult that has such tools. I wasn't ready at the time though. Ended up in a hospital.

    If there's anyone willing to try out such a tool, but a milder version of it, let me know. It's free and only requires an open mind and a picture of a bottle of water that you send me to the spam account I just created: ... I'll let you know when the water is ready for consumption.

    Mike or willie, feel free to allow this message, edit it or not.. :)

    Kind regards