Friday, June 7, 2013

Can You Hear the Universe Laughing?

The universe ordained that egocentrica mammalia exist as a unique species within the natural order. Long before the development of his egocentric identification, homo sapiens simply survived. He ate when hungry, drank when thirsty, copulated in season and died in ways similar to all other animal species. The unconscious drive to exist is the ultimate goal of existence in the universe and is pressed deep within the fatty gray matter of all sentient species. 

Yet, unlike all other species, the universe also ordained that egocentrica mammalia live with full awareness of his future non-existence or “death.” 

One could easily imagine the very moment egocentric mammalia located a “self” in his head and proclaimed,“aha! It’s me!” the next thought must’ve been, “but, I don’t wanna die!” 

Indeed, egocentric mammalia is the only species that is consciously aware of his eventual demise, which could happen at any time in his busy schedule. Hence, this results in a serious interior conflict subsequently magnifying the survival drive as a means of diminishing that conflict by short-circuiting the death drive. But, alas, to no avail….

Inheriting an instinct to survive, while knowing he could drop dead any moment, has not allowed egocentric mammalia a moment’s peace since the very moment he discovered a “self” mulling about aimlessly in between his ears. All ego-centered brains were inadvertently cursed with centuries of unnecessary suffering simply because its egocentric ancestors, upon discovering a “self” flopping around in their heads, failed to inquire with “what the fook am ‘I’ doing in here?” Instead they became a chronically copulating tribe of selfish paranoid schizophrenics filling up their lives with abstract trivialities to avoid the brute fact of death. 

Subsequently, modern egocentrica mammalians can do absolutely nothing to extinguish either one of these inherited circuits and both electrochemical currents reciprocally reinforce each other; survive-die, survive-die, etc, etc, etc, on and on, back and forth, ad nauseam.

This dualistic conflict has resulted in all sorts of mental and behavioral dysfunctions. Where in nature do you find “addictions,” the problem of “obesity” or the symptoms of “neuroses”? Does a three-toed, tree sloth ever get “depressed”? Where in the natural order do we find a species that does not kill for food, but to terminate “non-believers”? Apparently, the ‘die-survive’ brain circuitry has resulted in egocentrics unconsciously rushing to their death by destroying the very habitat their existence requires, all the while believing it absolutely essential to do this to increase its chances of surviving. Die-survive, die-survive…

While the rest of the natural world simply lounges around, eating when hungry, drinking when thirsty, copulating in season, egocentrics scurry about engaging in the most spurious and meaningless activities to pack it all in before the reaper comes a knocking. Egocentrics even worry that they don’t copulate enough and have numerous studies to prove it!

In addition, they’ve devised all manner of concepts for which to support their frightened hustle and bustle, all to give their brief and precarious existence “meaning.” This serves to deny that everything that ends in death is meaningless simply because of that fact alone. Hence, the death instinct unconsciously motivates egocentrics simply because, if egocentric mammalia was forced to consider his finite brief existence every day, what would be the point of doing anything at all? What would be the point of pursuing happiness? Why not just lounge around, eat when hungry, drink when thirsty and copulate when the spirit moves you?

The chief role of egocentric mammalia in the natural order is to consume everything he can in the short time allotted; simply as a means to deny awareness that his allotted time is so obviously short. It seems apparent (except to egocentrics) that all the useless sheit they feel they must constantly do actually does little more than make their short time a total hell on earth. For instance, does nature worry about making constructive use of its time by implementing effective time management strategies?

Yet, it’s easy to see how the alternating currents of death and survival (or what some call “life”) must result in the invention of all sorts of symbolic meanings. Egocentrics demand that the “self,” mulling around aimlessly in their heads, mean something to the universe, different from cats, dogs, chickens, goats, horses, tree sloths, etc, etc. As egocentrics see it, the natural world means nothing to the grand scheme of the universe, else why wouldn’t the rest of nature not also have a “self” mulling around aimlessly in their heads, gritting and grinding over the lack of time to engage in useless activities that have no point?

Nevertheless, it does seem that these other species quite fully sense that they mean nothing to the universe, since they aren’t running around obsessively copulating as a means to pursuing happiness. They aren’t gnashing their teeth over the injustices of the universal order of things, demanding the "freedom" to make useless choices that only pile on more suffering. They aren’t inventing vacuous empty concepts to give their lives meaning, simply because the universe has not provided them the grey matter for such tasks. 

Egocentric mammalia has a billion meanings in his head, most of which tend to cancel out and contradict one another, resulting in a helter skelter hodgepodge of tenuous truths, supported by dubious justifications and easily smashed to smithereens with barely any effort at all. Nevertheless, this constant train crash of meanings makes the egocentric world look rather mad (except to an egocentric) in comparison with the rest of the universal order of things. 

The rest of the natural world appears to have accepted the fact that it has no free-will, which seems to allow it a sense of peace and harmony with the natural order of things, even in the face of painful death and natural disasters. Egocentrics must anxiously grit and grind over the unending need to protect, at all costs, their highly symbolic, but hilariously brief, existence, because they believe they can control and direct the natural order.

Egocentrics demand freedom of choice, in complete denial that the universe has totally denied them free-will from the very moment they were conceived since, obviously, their conception was not up for a vote and neither will they vote on their death. What was provided to egocentric mammalians was the delusion of choice and all the suffering that attends it and they did not vote for their suffering either, but constantly complain that they want less of it which, paradoxically, seems to give them more.

So they invent concepts like God, karma, sin, morality, commandments, laws, rules, values, governments, compassion, peace, love, etc, etc, etc, to increase suffering by reinforcing, not only their choices, but their “God given right” to make choices by asserting their “God given free-will” from a universe that clearly does not give a rat’s arse about what any individual egocentric wants or desires.

Nature has never experienced free-will. But the universe provided egocentric mammalians with a highly advanced nervous system for which to delude a “self,” into allowing the continual invention of symbolic meanings that provides an illusion of free-will, causing egocentrics to actually believe they have “control” over the destiny that the universe provides simply by allowing egocentrics to exist in the first place.

As the ancient parable states, like a drop of water in an ocean, egocentric mammalia has lost awareness of the ocean and believes he has the free-will to direct his own individual course, while the ocean simply takes him wherever it will regardless of his delusion of having control.

Egocentrica mammalia proudly proclaims, “I did that!” in complete ignorance of his place in the natural order of things.

Can you hear the universe laughing?

Yet, we cannot forget that the free-will delusion of egocentric mammalia is universally ordained as well. Try this little experiment:

Allow the subjectivity of your identified egocentric “self” to become…

…an object.

Bet you can’t do it.

But it does seem there are a few who can hear the universe laughing….


  1. whats up mike, I came across this article last night:
    wanted to get your take on it.
    Essentially it is saying something to the effect of believing in no free will influences the brains 'readiness potential'.


  2. Hi Sunny,

    Yes, read that article awhile ago, but it brings up a good point.

    If I tell someone that they have no free-will and they act differently based on that instruction, how does that support individual free-will when, in fact, they have been influenced by my statement negating free-will? It seems this experiment actually supports the negation of individual free-will by emphasizing the effects of external influence.

    In addition, the idea that a "brain" can be more or less free is kinda funny when you think about it, since its only a few egocentric self-concept neurocircuits that are so deluded. Get rid of them and most likely the brain will go on sending impulses to maintain the body with not a care in the world about whether its choices are "freely" made or not. My dog has not a care in the world over what impulses his brain sends, he just goes on eating, sheiting, sleeping, demanding affection from me. He never seems to struggle over what choices he makes he just makes em.

    So as they say, when its time to chop wood, carry water, then go ahead and chop wood, carry water.


  3. whats up Mike, I appreciate the response and reminder. It makes sense to me, that I as an independent entity am not the influencer of life, rather the one under the influence. Lately I have been having a lack of interest in nonduality and the related conversation. I've been more interested in things I was once into as a kid, like physical activity. With all the energy free from entering into all these nondual things online, i can expend that energy in other ways now.
    I appreciate the reminder as in the dog just does what it does. Forget adyashanti, eckhart and the rest, a pet at home is the best teacher.

    take care and once again wonderful writing.

  4. sunny,

    Indeed, go where the spirit moves you.

    In fact, I recall Eckhart instructing we look to dogs for guidance (If only he'd shut-up).

    Most likely non-duality doesn't give a rat's arse about non-duality.

    Take care man,