Friday, March 28, 2014

The Self-Perpetuated Lobotomy of Neuro-Circuit Deconstruction

You can do anything you want with fictional realities, because they don’t exist anywhere else in the natural order, except in your head (still making it part of the predetermined causal order as is everything else in your head). Nevertheless, fictional realities are contingent on the ability to prove the fiction as fact, not only to your 'self,' but to whichever herd you tend to graze with collectively.

The belief that you are an “enlightened master” is no different than a belief that you are a "policeman," based on the predominant social paradigms of the communal order. Hard-wired behaviors, specific to the role, must be performed adequately in order for others to invest belief in your being a policeman or an enlightened master. You may claim to be a policeman, but if the participants of the social order refuse to invest belief in your role, you are literally powerless to perform it. You may claim to be an enlightened master, but if you tend to use improper or fowl language and have sex with your students, you will lose credibility and have your title and privileges revoked. You must follow the script precisely and only minor, and easily assimilated, variations will be tolerated as you are bound to the scripted performance.

Scripted fictions, such as policeman and enlightened master, are very fragile because they are fictional constructs. Although the physical structures built to emphasize a fiction may stand for centuries, the fictions themselves require the continued “manufacture of consent” to maintain their facticity as part of the natural order. Buddha and Jesus are fabricated ideas personified, but monuments and cathedrals have been built to honor those fictions and those structures will stand for many centuries.

The pyramids were built in response to mythically fictional realities and still stand to this day, although the fictional realities have long since dissolved unto dust. “Disneyland” has a factual location, with solid factual structures, arranged so as to support the fictions conjured up by the cartoonist Walt Disney. “Washington DC” also has a factual locale, with solid factual structures, arranged to support the fiction of American government. Essentially, the social order that provides meaning to your factually vacuous existence is no different than your vacation to Disneyland. Yet, only one you invest in as factually real.

There are a seemingly infinite number of fictions factually hard-wired in your skull and because the hard-wiring is factual, the fictions endure, until death or a paradigm shift make them unbelievable, at which time you will simply terminate electro-chemical impulses, no different than quitting smoking (as the belief one needs to smoke is also a hard-wired fiction). Such fantasies are the fabric of a fictional society and have required daily monotonous indoctrination strategies (the role of public educational system) in order to support the complexity of the interlocking and self-reinforcing socially manufactured fictional mythologies.

The fictional realities of family, community, government, education, media, home, entertainment, etc, all work together to spin the yarn of whatever fictional realities help fuel the illusion of a cohesive fictionally “law” based social order. Do you have even the slightest idea of how much of your everyday existence is entirely based on meanings that are sculpted from past fictional fabrications and have no factual basis whatsoever?

Frequently, in the complexity of a post-modern society, fictions are often in competition with one another through their advocates. "Marriage" is a fictional arrangement with many rules to maintain cognitive adherence to a belief, but the rules are currently in a state of contention (simply because they are fictional and thus, fluid and fragile) based on the fiction of “gender.” To contend that only a ‘man” and a “women” can participate in “marriage,” is to fail to recognize “marriage” as a fiction by framing it with factual rules that must not be broken. To assert that a “family” must consist of a female “wife” and a male “husband” is also a fabricated fiction that has no relevance to the natural order, other than procreation which is entirely instinctual, requiring no conceptual fictions to support and reinforce it.

Why is it so few have the capacity to separate fact from fiction, when fully understanding the difference is a factual “Awakening”? However, there is nothing “spiritual” about this Awakening, because “spirit” is itself a fiction, conceptually superimposed upon certain brain processes, occurring mostly in the temporal lobe (the locale that most "spiritual awakenings" synaptically occur). It’s simply the dissolution of electro-chemical current necessary to maintain the belief circuits that make fictional realities believably pseudo-factual delusions.

This Awakening can be massively uncomfortable for most, because it requires the extinguishing of electro-chemical current to miles of neuro-circuitry whose sole purpose is to maintain fictional realities. It’s a process of extracting ‘belief,’ or neuro-chemically dissociating from various circuits, thereby, dissolving electro-chemical current, as a means of separating fact from fiction. Consider this process a non-volitional, self-perpetuated lobotomy and many are currently deeply involved in such a process today. Unfortunately, they tend to equate it with a free-willed agent, which merely delays the process ( the delay itself a product of causality)

It’s really not self-perpetuating and simply seems as such, because you can’t do it by choice, although many are currently proceeding in this very direction without actually recognizing the process that is factually occurring with no assistance from a non-existing ‘self,’ but only upon arrival does one realize this fact.

Similar to any addiction, if you abstain from the belief that you need to smoke cigarettes, the neural current which maintains that particular circuit (nicotine addiction) will eventually lose electro-chemical power in the synapses and the belief is extinguished along with the behavior (where the mind (brain) is, the body naturally follows). Hence, it is not for the feint of heart or those who demand their fictions define who and what they are.

Which is why you will not do it by ‘choice,’ because, as opposed to nicotine addiction, abstaining from crucial aspects of a fictional society (that endorses your nicotine addiction) is not an impulse your neuro-circuits will facilitate without severe cognitive dissonance. You can disengage circuits that support nicotine addiction, as you no longer wish to be identified with that behavior, but to disassociate from the circuitry that defines other parts of your ‘self,’ may result in chronic emotional disturbances. “Mental illness” is nothing more than symptoms arising from an inability to conform to fictional realities that define a fictitious social order and, hence, in most cases, mental illness should be treated as a guidepost along the path of "Awakening."

To no longer believe in fictional realities, i.e, truth, security, money, career, marriage, employment, compassion, freedom, trust, competition, happiness, love, etc, etc, can be quite disorienting and cause intense cognitive dissonance between your ears, thereby, demanding relief. You want these fictions to be factual aspects of your existence, for without them there would literally be no meaning or purpose to your existence.

You need conceptual paradigms, such as fame, bliss, wealth, fun, enlightenment, prestige, love, awakening, joy, status, spiritual, etc, etc, to fill your abject nothingness, less you should have to face the abyss from which you arrived and to which you will depart. You will fight to maintain the fictions so as to avoid the actual emptiness of your factually meaningless existence. Nevertheless, facts hide behind fictions and fictional realities exist merely to distract you from fact, as they have no other purpose in a predetermined causal order.

As fictions evolve in complexity they tend to crash against and merge into other fictions, thereby, generating confusion and chaotic disruptions in your head and within the fabricated social order. In a fictional society it is beneficial that you have fictional employment for which fictional value, or “money,” can be extracted to support a fictional “government” that is constructed on the fiction of a “democratic nation,” whose fictional role is to fight other fictional governments to acquire access to factual resources used to fuel fictional societies.

Fictional realities are fluid and malleable and have no fixed or concrete mental structures (other than the structures built to support and reinforce the fiction as real). “Democracy” is a fictional reality because it has no factual nature such a tree or rock. You can make democracy anything you want it to be if you’re in a position to do so, and we see this occurring today in the fictional reality called the “United States.” Many have fought and died to defend the fiction of democracy, because it has been defined as a more beneficial social structure allowing egocentrica mammalian’s more fictional “freedoms.” However, today the fiction of democracy appears to be no different than the fictional reality of “communism,” as observed in present day China, and this is because both tend to operate under the more predominant fictional reality of “capitalism.”

Dissecting fictions for some individuals is a rewarding process, while for others it is terrifying and results in anguish, despair and even suicide, demanding the flight into comfortable, but vapid "spiritual" ideologies, such as Buddhism or its more conceptually complex cousin, Zen. It is all “state dependent” and what mental ‘state’ you consistently experience is dependent on hard-wired neuro-circuits, which you did not construct in childhood and still have nothing to do with in relation to the direction the circuitry takes. Hence, most individuals will cling to their fictions, or simply substitute one fiction for another, up to the final breathe.

However, based on final breathes, often the predetermined causal order will decree death, but with a delayed onset. In these instances of "terminal illness," an individual is afforded the opportunity to rip asunder all fictional realities and see through the veil. This is often described as an "Awakening," when only the barest essential circuits remain to filter perception, thereby, allowing a more panoramic view of the actual facts. However, these folks tend to have no inclination to write books about their “enlightenment” and, hence, we have little info on the process (the psychologist Elizabeth Khubler-Ross is a good source).

Other than the terminally ill, who have burned through the stages of grief to achieve acceptance of finality, finitude, finiteness (burning through the rings of fire to arrive comfortably at the clear center) all other prognosticators of enlightened bliss should be completely ignored as silly self-absorbed adolescents seeking attention (and the list is seemingly infinite).

Imagine what would immediately drop from your life upon knowing that an asteroid was about to hit the earth, decimating all life on the planet? Who would “you” be then? What circuits, crucial to self identification, would immediately be starved of electro-chemical current and die? What would a world facing its impending doom look like? What behaviors would immediately be absent from the world, substituted by other less predominant behaviors?

Dissecting fictions without the benefit of impending doom is much more difficult, because often one must continue to participate in the fiction, while knowing it is entirely delusional and this is quite evident in the fictional realities of employment, work, career, education, etc. To see it clearly and proclaim it fictional is to be utterly alone, surrounded by a world that believes fictional realities as factually necessary aspects of human existence, even though they can be found nowhere in the natural order of a causally predetermined universe that allowed human existence in the first place.

However, be careful how far you go in this endeavor of deconstructing neuro-circuitry, because the end product of your search will inevitably be “you.” But, we're all on that path anyway, so have at it!

Artwork by Tommy Ingberg


  1. So your "awakening" is factual but an awakening that leads to "enlightenment" is fictional? This is like 5 year old shit, Mike. You're essentially saying, "my viewpoint is right and yours is wrong," which is exactly what you're railing against.

  2. Heh Heh Heh....just keep feeding it to them, Mike, and they will always come back for more.
    Yours has always been a must-read blog for me - keep on jamming those neuro-circuits!

    Willie R.

  3. Thanks willie,

    As you know, I simply can't help it...

  4. Concepts such as policeman, US government, love, et al, are brain states, as such they have physical components, such as neural transmitter, synapsis, dendrites, neural patterns, et al, and ergo they are as real as a tree, or a building, or the meat you consume when you are hungry. They have physical properties, much as a tree has physical properties.

    They may be illusory (in that they are not really what they appear to be) and they may be out of the I\Me’s control, but they are nonetheless real. Saying they are fictional seems to me to be tantamount to saying that phenotypic expression of the genotype is fictional, because it really is just the genes doing their individual work in their environment (which is the genetic milieu in which they find themselves in).

    These concepts have physical properties that are replicated and affect the behavior of the organism through their meme-nome (meme complex), just as genes have physical properties that are replicated and affect behavior of organism through their genome (gene complex), they could not be more real.

    1. I agree that impulses we refer to as "thought" are physical and all "thoughts" are composed of the same physical material, but possibly the concept a thought represents is fictional.

      For instance, I could have a physical thought about a talking duck. The thought is physically structured to provide a fictional experience in the brain, since talking ducks are fictional and not real.

      I suppose one could make the case that because the thought impulse of a talking duck has physical properties it is also real.

      I tend to make the separation for the sake of poetic license

  5. Of course the concepts of a policeman, the US government, love, and dare I say even God, have real effects on the behavior of very many organisms in the ‘real world’, whereas the concept of a talking duck does not. So maybe what is ‘real’, as opposed to fictional, is something that has physical constituent parts, and because of its strange loopy entanglement with a plethora of other concepts, also affect behavior of the organism.

    Just something you might want to consider in your use of ‘poetic license.’

    1. A five yr old child might be enthralled by the antics of a talking duck at Disneyland, similar to the adult male intimidated by the authority of a policeman and both are 'real world' experiences.

      Both are fictional constructs serving to generate brain-states and associated behaviors and both have physical parts. I don't argue that fictions do not effect and thus, sculpt behaviors only they do so through socially fabricated means.

  6. As always...Mike:

    Too many words! Truth is simple and "enlightenment" is not even a concept but just a lie, although an interesting one. So...I wish you a happy enlightenment, Mike. You are really, really pretty much enlightened! Congradulations!

    And by the way, truth can only be found in a dialog. Your monologs are pretty much moron talk. I guess Socrates would agree on that.


    1. I love a good fictional embrace and your desire to connect is both lovely in content and ripe in contrast Few words or many preferences abound, enjoy as you are.

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