Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Defining Death Denies Life and Demands Sacrifice

The Jesus myth is pervasive to all cultures and this is why all cultures revere a 'person,' as serving up salvation, and miss the message that until you die to your definition of "death," living must elude you and therefore, you will die in exactly the way you define eventually ending.
Well, heck, if "Jesus" is nothing but a conceptualization of your mind, then he did not suffer on the cross, YOU DID.... and most likely still do.

The concept of Jesus is the distraction just as the concept of Buddha is nothing but a distraction. It is the message that is supposed to save the suffering mind. But we miss the message and therefore, fail to live it. These "people" never existed, but then neither do "you." (I can't help it that you presently 'believe' you exist, but I imagine we all will eventually replace that distorted interpretation for something more equivalent to "truthiness").

This is something we have in common with the atheist. Only the atheist completely runs from the archetypic message, while we simply twist and distort it.

Savior myths/stories comparable to "Jesus" have been found in numerous ancient civilizations long before the Christians ever adopted it (remember Gilgamesh?). Most likely each civilization tailored the archetype to conform to its own cultural power structures (recall that Buddhism and Christianity went through numerous revisionistic councils until the approved stories were finally given to us in all their distorted glory).

The sacrifice that the cross symbolizes is played out day after day in our modern world. Note that, ironically, Christianity employs the symbol of death (cross) as primary to symbolic resurrection. Nevertheless, resurrection eludes us, since we believe we have not yet suffered enough. It seems we have learned nothing from the archetype but that it is a myth of supernatural and, thus, unattainable proportions for us mortal, weak and feeble humans. So, onward christian soldiers...rejoice in your suffering! Yet, never fear, one day we will all come down from the cross.

No wonder we chose to worship the personae, rather than live the message!

We have been stuffed with 'sacred' sacrifices until we are ready to burst and I suppose that when we do finally burst we will immediately recognize that all our seeking of purpose through suffering has been for naught. No sacrifice is necessary.

Nevertheless, even if you see it as a myth, in recognition that there was no Jesus or Buddha, it is a myth that evidently has been deemed to serve the betterment of humanity. Yet, the primordial problem is, why would humanity adopt resurrection when it has become so utterly fascinated with sacrifice?

Resurrection certainly seems to be the ultimate purpose of the savior myth. Yet, in 2000 yrs of idolizing the myth as 'true,' have we seen any tangible results, individually or collectively? Seems a bit of a time-waster, if you ask me.

"But, based on the "resurrection," didn't Jesus showed that that there is no death?"

Well...not exactly.

The real message we tend to miss is that Jesus was dead before he was nailed to the cross. And so are we, until we accept that our sacrifices are not longer necessary and we finally take the nails out from our hands (symbolically speaking, of course).

The resurrection symbolized rebirth not that "there is no death." This might seem insignificant, however, "no death" and rebirth are conceptually different. Therefore, you may 'die,' but you probably won't 'end' and this redefines the concept of death, because for most of us it symbolizes an ending to life and that's why we live our lives consistently vigilant in thwarting death. Our definition of the end of life (death) keep us consistently in fear. Thus, a life lived in fear is NO life at all.

If life is death, and that was the one and only message of the sacrifice, until you 'die' to your definition of death, you have yet to LIVE.

Jesus resurrected in order to prove there is no death and we need to stop living as if there were. But note that he didn't hang around too long afterward and many continue to expectantly await his return. (I suppose heaven is a bit too irresistible!)

Of course, return is imminent. Yet, contrary to popular opinion, it will be the return of a 'state of mind' and not a person of human form. Your resurrection is formless and of no substance, because your mind is that and when you completely join with formless and substanceless mind you will finally live free of bodily limitation. This is because, regardless of the U.S. constitution's proclamation of your inalienable rights and inherent freedoms, until the body no longer enslaves the mind, YOU ARE A PRISONER. This essentially means YOU ARE DEAD.

That's because, as most convicts will proclaim, living in prison is no life at all.


  1. I like this post as its a favorite topic of mine.

    Jesus not suffering on the cross, eh? Always nice to hear an ancient heresy being brought to bear upon modern experience. I must say you are sounding quite Gnostic.

    I really was happy to see what you wrote here:

    These "people" never existed, but then neither do "you."

    I've had similar thoughts about God. God is real or as real as we are which might not be as real as we'd prefer. A while back, I was writing about the imaginal in reference to how people confuse it as being literal. Literalism is an interpretation of reality and not reality itself.

    This was nice as well:

    The real message we tend to miss is that Jesus was dead before he was nailed to the cross. And so are we, until we accept that our sacrifices are not longer necessary and we finally take the nails out from our hands (symbolically speaking, of course).

    I'm thinking you aren't going to gather a large following with such talk. People tend to not feel very inspired when you tell them that they're zombies. lol

  2. Hey Ben,

    Yes, I have read a few of the gnostics, so there is some influence there. And, yes, I certainly do get my share of hate mail. But this just seems to motivate me. I mean if all you get is negative attention, well, at least it's attention!

    You have a great blog and I'll be stoppin in for read from time to time. I'm startin' to feel I may have worn out my welcome at Gaia.

    Peace Bro,