Friday, May 29, 2009

Following the Reactionary Paradigm

There are many internet spiritualists that claim that your mind, and its thoughts, must be sacrificed and denied if you wish to awaken from the "illusion." These paths inform that you must transcend the mind, which is cause of all your suffering.

But if it is cause for your suffering, might it not cause joy? Are we not first cause, deluded into acting as if second best?

Thoughts give great joy as well as suffering and this thinking is authentically honest and real. However, the teachers of transcendence would deny you your thoughts and the joy that allows you to extend and share that joy with others. Of course, they seek to eradicate your suffering and pain, yet thoughts of love and joy are equally discounted, unless they are the product of some enigmatic “enlightened” state of “no-mind.”

If the ‘self’ is a mental construct that you made up, shouldn’t it be constructed to provide the most peace and joy possible? Why should the peace and joy prescribed by the “enlightened master” be the only legitimate experience? Why is the joy of the 'common man' negated and marginalized while the austere joyful experience of so-called “pure awareness” or “direct experience” the only authentic joy? And just consider how much sacrifice and suffering are prescribed and promised before this bliss is available.

Transcendent joy has its price. No pain, no gain, right?

This is a theme of the world and will not serve to transcend it. The world will not be discarded because it demands you live through it as a construct of experience. But it can be seen differently within, thereby reconstructing experience causing radical changes to an "external" world. The "kingdom of heaven within" does not deny or eradicate the world, but magnifies it through the parameters you construct.

The problem with the world today is fundamental to a disengaged encounter with living in the world and in that disengagement you are estranged and alienated from the world, others and, most of all, your experience of 'self.'

Is the extension of loving joy from parent to child any different from the joy your master teaches you to seek? Is the joy between lovers less than the joy of these prescribed “enlightenment” or “awakening” experiences? Why are the normal joys of living contraindicated and illusory?

Throw it all away, they teach. It's merely a trick of the ego.

As long as you fear or hate the “illusion” of reality, and make this the basis of your “awakening,” you will remain bound to your perception of an illusory world and it can never be anything more than that.

This is the "reactionary paradigm," in which you react to suffering by seeking a means of escape, while the world continues to reflect back more of what you wish to escape from causing your meditative escape 'practices' to become that much more intense and even desperate.

What makes you think the masters "enlightened bliss" is any less an illusion than your suffering or fear? The choice is not transcending an illusory world, but a transformative engagement by deeply embracing the experience of living IN your world. The most profound spiritual exercise you will perform is deeply engaging the experience of your world and those whom you encounter in that world.

Reach out into it in a loving embrace and be awakened. There is no "I AM" separate and isolated from relationship. The I AM knows itself through relating to and extending into a world.

Stop hiding from your experience of living through spiritual and religious platitudes and austere mountain top practices. Come down from your mountain hermitage. The world cries out to become your home, if only you would engage deeply with your experience of a world and make it so.

You will know your truth by sharing it with me and I will know mine through you and that merely confirms the truth that we are ONE. You can encounter hell in your world, but only when you refuse to be part of it.

Being cannot be experienced without 'relationship.'

To BE is to extend outward to a world of your choosing and, make no mistake, you do choose. There is no such experience as "pure being" without an experience of a world for which to BE PURE FOR. God extends and experiences Being and therefore, you exist and will realize your Being through extension, not contracting into a world of religious and spiritual concealment and undisclosed meditative solitude. Tear down the monastery of your 'self'!

Disclose your 'self' to yourself by Being in your world with others experiencing the infinite game.


  1. Transcendent joy, abject suffering, just different guises of love, oneness, whatever the hell we call it on a Wednesday morning. One is not really more desirable than another, but the thought that it is may arise. No one can decide whether to sacrifice the mind, the suffering, the joy, these ideas can arise, for no one. There is nothing wrong, or right, with any of it.

  2. No One,

    Ahh yes, plummeting into nothingness. You seem to be enjoying your descent/ascent!

    Feel free to drop me a line along the way. Maybe we can share some "experiences."


  3. No One In Particular...


  4. Ahhh. So, in the apparent story or "your" life that seems to unfold, there lurks a sense of humour after all!

  5. Only when I choose to allow it to arise.

    Otherwise, I can be pretty boring.


  6. So you choose to allow humour to arise...if you were out of the way, it might arise all the "time".

  7. Hello, I am No One In Particular. How are you No One In Particular? And you No One In Particulars, how are you too?

    Does the 'Happy Happy Joy Joy' dance of the humour in it all... *shakin No One In Particular moves* on the comment page of No One In Particular and reading all these No One In Particulars typings.

  8. well, if we see the world and ourselves as guilty until we realize our infinite invulnerability, and therefore indict each other accordingly, doesn't that mean that any joy experienced between mother to child or lovers who see guilt in the world (albeit, different levels and whatnot) must be in some way tainted or not pure? I often find myself judging other peoples happiness they find in relating to each other as phony, but I also find myself feeling jealous of these perceived connections.. I feel guilty for judging people in such a way and don't really bring it up with them... also I tend not to tell them about my jealousies because that'd just make shit more awkward for everybody. hmmm... I guess i'm less quick to judge my own experiences of joy with others in such a negative way...
    It does seem to be quite a strange mix of blaming others and blaming myself for this mess... i just perceive others as being happy the way things are, which i judge as delusional since they all see guilt. If only they could see how deluded they are and realize deeply engaging with me is the only way to awaken to real joy, then we could all be happy! (lol)

    at least i realize seeing guilt in myself and in other people is fucked up. they project mad guilt onto our government and the ignorant masses and feel so self-righteous! like they know the way! If that were the case, why haven't they helped me get outta my hell? cause they're really not happy and protecting from fear too? well then why don't they show it? I mean sure I cover up my negative shiet most of the time, but any doof could see i'm unhappy! I've even told them on occasion. they tell me they're happy, but not awakened and so I see their happiness as a delusion... I realize there is hypocrisy in that i indict them as guilty when they project guilt onto the outside world... I also tend to judge people when I perceive them withholding information/ being dishonest but the very fact that I don't tell them i'm judging them makes me a hypocrite. I feel self conscious about this post and apologize if you're just like 'wtf?'

  9. I do believe all "love" in this world is hinged on guilt.

    I suppose "they" will help "you" get outa your hell when you help them get outa theirs by no longer requiring them to help you so you can help them.

    I know that's probably not the profound answer you might be looking for, but then...

    ...I'm no guru,