Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Delusion of "Alone"

The general consensus is that your pain is yours alone. That you are sole proprietor of your shadows, your shames, your defects of character and as such, it must be dissolved by your efforts alone.

The ego demands truth be a solitary discovery and to find it you must engage your shadows in solitude.

But every pain you have experienced, every shadow that impedes your joy, every defect of character and every fear is directly correlated with your relationship to others.

The deepest joy that life holds is encountered through and with others and your most incapacitating levels of suffering are also in direct relationship with others.

You are never alone in anything you think, feel or do. Even the idea of being “alone” demands others exist for which you seek to be apart from. A self “alone” does not exist, but this does not dissuade the ego from glorifying such a possibility and it does this through suffering.

Joy is a shared experience. But suffering you wish to keep to your ‘self’…and this is why you are exclusively a ‘self.’

… and that is why you suffer. Your suffering defines YOU.

How can the self, purely constructed in the alternating and fluctuating patterns of relationship to others, be experienced outside the parameters of relationship?

It can’t....

Buddha/Christ realized the interdependent connection of all things.

What are you waiting for?

Your awakening to truth will be experienced with and through full engagement with others, simply because that is the only Truth. To awaken to truth is to engage others to dissolve ALL fear. Otherwise, your "enlightenment" or "awakening" is nothing more than an egocentric farce, a ruse, an obvious self-deception.

Truth is NOT available to individuals….alone.

It’s all or nothing, folks. Yet, the egocentric ideologies of the world were formulated to conform to your deep-seated distrust and fear of other people. Therefore, all the religions and spiritual paths of the world advocate for what the ego demands. To keep from deeply engaging and awakening with a world of other minds, into a self-absorbed world of individual ‘higher’ states of consciousness and solitary pathways to  "truth."

To fully engage a world of others is NOT to dissolve or negate your individuality, but to dissolve attachment to ‘self’ through deeply and fully sharing that ‘self.’ You’re not here to transcend the ‘self’ through self-absorbed fixation on individualized spiritual practices or religious ideologies that merely magnify your egocentric grandiosity.

You are here to fully engage with other minds in discovering the “changeless,” through deeply sharing the ever-changing "you."
There is no ‘self’ separate or outside relationship with the 'world' and your world is nonexistent without the self-defining properties of those you have joined with to give meaning to that world. We construct, deconstruct and reconstruct one another from moment to moment, but we often do that out of fear. Imagine what WE could do in fearlessness. Imagine a world no longer defined by defiant opposition, competitive drives and incessant conflict.

This is the non-dual Truth we seek to discover…

Your belief in an individuality exclusive to you denies that you participate in the construction of the world, just as the world has participated in constructing "you." This was the original Christ/Buddha message, not the laborious negotiation of a maze of complex ideological practices and paths that individual “masters” proselytize.

The power to move mountains is available to all, but only when all make themselves available to one another. Such power is mutually constructed  and your solitary seeking obstructs it.

“Alone we can do nothing, but together our wills fuse into something whose power is far beyond the power of its separate parts.” (A Course in Miracles - Urtext)

Artwork by Victor Mahana Nassar - "Un Minuto Mas"


  1. i loved reading beautiful....yes!

    thank you :)

  2. Thanks Ash,

    My best to you and ALL those whom you love.

    May that list be infinite..

  3. oh yes MikeS...tears of joy as i share this glorious moment with you...hmmm....infinite love.... :)

  4. "...hmmm....infinite love.... :)"

    Is there another brand??

    ; )

  5. just wanted to share the poem you inspired...thank you MikeS... :)

    i had posted a comment earlier to this one..but it vanished...:)
    i guess it must have come across as though i was thinking about the word 'infinte love'...actually, the 'hmm' was a poem wriggling out of that sound...:)

  6. The love list is infinite - it's a lot easier on the ego that way as well! AND the poor ol' overworked brain. No need to figure out who/what is worthy of love - just love it all. Whatever "love" is!

  7. I don't know why, but this posting seems to me very simply driven by fear -- of aloneness, of loss of control, of having no one to turn to, perhaps. The "will" you mention, is of the false self, doership.

  8. "No need to figure out who/what is worthy of love - just love it all. Whatever "love" is!"

    Sounds good to me!

  9. "...but this posting seems to me very simply driven by fear -- of aloneness, of loss of control, of having no one to turn to, perhaps."

    Indeed. You have listed the conditions of being IN the world. Conditions none IN the world are free of.

    : )

  10. An insightful post. I hope you will consider placing it at the sublime FE not only for the reason that it is relevant to the theme as it goes, but selfishly that I am having the worst problem in downloading this site suddenly and to reference any point is a pain. But don't let that conundrum extort you into placing it there, because it really is an insightful post and I think would open some great discussion.