Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Egocentric Politics of Control

It is a natural predisposition of egocentricity to CONTROL it's environment.

Therefore, why would we, as a collective, not assume that it would be the same for a collection of egos, unified under one banner, or grand goal, in order to facilitate increased control for the individualized participants? The corporation is an egocentric tool of control, really little different than a government.

This is why we can all walk like an Egyptian and overrun the gov. But, as history demonstrates, ad nauseam, whatever ruling body assumes the reigns will eventually impose its own collective egocentric conditions upon the victims of "learned helplessness" and start up the whole "Oppression" game all over again. (Mubarak was once seen as a liberator of the people, Ha!)

Forget the tools of control (corporations/governments) and look to the deeper layers of the individual egocentric control that we all desire. Look how diligently you work to control your immediate environment, your little micro-world. Look at all the constant changes you apply to be "happy," often regardless of the protests of those around you. You know what you need, yo!

Oh wait, I forgot...

You're innocent.

It's the bad people in the corporation or those nasty federales. They're the problem! They're the guilty ones.

Make no mistake, history demonstrates that the moment "you" take control, you'll do exactly what HAS BEEN DONE, just like every other ego self-construct has always done... since time began

The ego-self has no concept of real freedom because freedom is completely outside its experiential domain.

Freedom can NOT be conceptualized by a mind incarcerated within a cranium attached to a body. The very fact that the ego-self is bound to a body, demands it control its environment so that it can self-actualize and "develop" itself as REAL The ego knows only surface "freedom," because essentially "you" are a prisoner of your own bodily desires and appetites and each NEED is only another means of asserting greater control for a "skin-encapsulated ego."

So you see, there is NO hope of freedom, until control is obliterated from your mind.

But then who or what would "you" BE then?

Now that's a frightening thought....

Artwork by KH Blackwell - "Stoic Masochism"


  1. sweeet.... so ur tryin to say that should take responsbility for our view on reality or personal lives than always throwing the potatoes at the governments/corporations.

  2. Well...actually, it is what it is. So if ya feel like throwing taters, throw taters. Although it might be good to identify that it doesn't matter...