Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Modern Mysticism Fears The Ego (and wants you to fear it too)

Most of our so-called modern "mystics" teach you to fear your 'self.'

They teach that if you just differentiate between your good, loving, "happy" thoughts (or "voice") and your mean, nasty, negative thoughts you'll soon become enlightened or awakened. In other words, if you listen to your good voice only, you'll transcend the mean and nasty ego and experience happy, happy, joy, joy.

Unfortunately, this is complete unadulterated bullshit.

The ego ("you") is schizophrenic and, thus, an expert master of duality and both the good and bad are ALL ego, ALL the time. In other words every interpretation you make on the world, others and your 'self' is an egocentric interpretation, exclusive to "you" and separate from everything else. You have no choice, because the moment an interpretation is made, “you” are that maker. Therefore, what the ego-self SEES in a world of others is exactly how it wants to experience itself.

The problem with what the modern mystics teach has to do with the concept of "guilt." Thus, in your seeking to identify with some thoughts as better than others, whenever you have a negative, even cruel, thought, you'll immediately experience guilt over identifying with the bad ego-self and NOT the good Self, Divine Consciousness, Universal Oneness, Voice of God, blah, blah, blah, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Therefore, you have been inadvertently taught to FEAR your ‘self.'

What you fear more than anything is your own mind. If the ‘self’ you identify with is guilty, then you’re in a world of shit with no way out, because every thought in your head either seeks to offset guilt or inadvertently bring it on.

Essentially, you hate your 'self' for all the crap you think and the modern mystic takes full advantage of your self-loathing in trying to teach you to be a better "you."

And, as everybody knows, along with guilt comes PUNISHMENT. This is why we are always our own worst enemy, because the ego's constantly punishing itself for being itself, thereby, consistently reinforcing what it IS...a duality of light and dark, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, etc, etc, etc, etc......

So the ego goes along, meticulously developing itself for years, progressively reinforcing its egocentricity (since the world values the well-developed egocentric self) when suddenly you bump into the modern "mystic" who tells you that there is a different voice that is not ego and all you (ego) need do is differentiate between the two voices. This begs the question:  who or what will be differentiating between the two voices?

The ego!! (duh...)

The ego is NEITHER bad nor good and it is BOTH bad and good (paradox). You evaluate your 'self' as both bad and good all the time and that's because you are an EGO. All of "you" that you identify with in any way (good or bad) is egocentric because it is “you.”

So what's wrong with that??

The ego hates and loves. The ego does good things and bad. The ego comes up with some really wonderful thoughts that help others and cruel ideas that kill many. The ego extends compassion and projects fear. The ego is resourceful and wasteful. The ego dreams of an end to its suffering and bitterly suffers through its own self-hatred in its failure to be free of suffering. The ego is everything you want to be...ALL the time.

The can't hate it or love it. You can't avoid it, appease it, placate it, punish it, run from it, hide from it, escape it, etc, etc, etc. THE EGO IS YOU and "you" are doing all this to your 'self.'

The ego ("you") loves all attempts to TRANSCEND it, since every cottonpickin’ attempt only reinforces IT, and ALL IT does, as REAL. The ego is a big time consumer of "spirituality," because spirituality magnifies it and projects its grandiose egocentricity all over the friggin’ place. Our most beloved gurus are some of the most disturbed, egocentric ‘personalities’ you'll ever encounter and they give you nothing but your own egocentric NEED to identify as a particular PERSONALITY that you (ego) call egoless...HA!

All your attempts to differentiate between the ego-self and some other holier-than-thou-identity merely reinforces DUALITY and egos thrive wonderfully in duality and can “live” nowhere else.

Guilt is what keeps you stuck and NOT the ego and everything these  "pseudo-mystics" teach only reinforces your continued self-punishment and associated suffering. You have NOTHING to be guilty of, because you are what you’re supposed to be, doing what you're supposed to be doing.

There is nothing you NEED DO to change that, because there is nothing you CAN DO to change that.

It’s all a game folks. So go ahead, pay infinitely. Have fun. Enjoy your ‘existing’ and jump in and fully engage the fucking mess and stop pretending you can do something otherwise that is different than being what you are…an ego….Ha!

So here’s a fun game that you can try at home.

Instead of trying NOT to experience the ego in your ‘self…try NOT to see it IN ME. Ahaa! Now that might take some ‘doing” huh?

React to the ego in 'them'...

...and rest assured that all your years of hard spiritual grit and grind have been completely futile and all for naught….

But at least you had fun playing the game, but what else are you here for?

Oh wait, let me guess… transcend the ego?

Love that game!
(are you a serious player?)

Artwork by Scott G. Brooks - "JoJO the Dog-Faced Girl Takes Her Walk"


  1. Mike, I'm not sure what Modern Mystics you read, but the thing is I dont get the same thing from it as you state.
    The teachers that have inspired me dont necessarely tell me that certain thoughts are good and others are bad. They merely say thoughts are thoughts.
    What you call blah..blah Divine Consciousness etc. I experience as a love that includes All including the socalled 'shadow' and negates guilt.
    I'm not denying guilt is an issue, and a strong often unconscious drive in people, but I dont relate it as much to modern mystics as you seem to.
    To me, when I experiencing emotions like hate or anger and I feel their energy in me, I still have a choice to act on them in blind rage or acknowledge them for what they are and take that energy and make a different choice that seems less destructive. It's all energy and imo that's not the same as denying or being on a guilt trip.
    But then again it's all in the eye of the beholder isn't it?
    (posting under anonymous cos the other ways dont seem to work for me)

  2. Cool blog Mike.
    Good critique on the concept of working for the transcendence "cookie". It is futile in my opinion...
    This elusive "cookie" is right under your nose and you dont need to follow anyone else's recipe to have it. If fact, other peoples recipes are never going to quite satisfy me as much as my own. I dont need to feel guilt over that.

  3. "But then again it's all in the eye of the beholder isn't it?"

    Indeed, Lucienne. It's all relative...

  4. "Good critique on the concept of working for the transcendence "cookie". It is futile in my opinion..."

    Looks like we are of the same opinion and I imagine there is a transcendence in that knowledge as well.

    "If fact, other peoples recipes are never going to quite satisfy me as much as my own."

    Ahaaa! Good point. Could it be that this "enlightenment" is completely unique to each individual? And that everyone's 'pointing' only gets in the way as distraction......hmmmm...

    Dang Gillian, looks like a future blog post...HA!
    mike S

  5. i am the most serious player that has ever serioused. lool cheese anyone?