Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Ego Does Not Die…It Divides and Multiplies

What you experience is an egocentric self and egocentricity thrives on opposition and conflict with the other egos it ‘perceives.’ This is how IT knows itself.

You have contrasting experiences that “you” make meaningful through a hierarchy of opposing ‘values.’ Therefore, If I slap you across the face you may, at the least, be grateful that I did not knife you in the gut. Egocentricity sees the least suffering as the greatest reward and this is how your “world” functions, by denying that ALL is suffered. This is how an ego-self manufactures its experience of a “world.” Make no mistake, the ego (“you”) defines itself through its suffering.

An ego that does NOT suffer…does NOT exist.

If you experience beauty then, make no mistake, it is IN you. There is nothing IN your world that is not IN you. The mind participates in NO such division, but is fixated on an ego-self that divides up experience continuously, moment to moment. This is an egos only function.

Therefore, you don’t experience beauty as IN you, but seek to find it outside. This is why beauty must contrast with ugliness because, in your mind, both are equally REAL. In your mind, hate competes with love and good seeks to overcome evil. Your mind can be a very frightening place indeed, often requiring you hide from your own thinking. Why else turn to an ego-self to aid you by dividing the WHOLE experience in two, so that there is “you” and your “world” and neither shall meet in cooperation, but oppose one another in fear and hatred. How can your world be anything less than a cruel opponent since, in identifying with a separate part of your mind as “true,” you’ve expelled your world and made it an enemy to individual egocentricity. The ego needs a “world” apart from “you,” to maintain its exclusive existence. The ego must seek to conquer and control all opponents, since there is no alternative to an egocentric self intent on preserving its centralized and grandiose position against its “world.”

Yet, just as there is only ONE MIND, there can only be one ego and that ego superimposes multiplicity upon itself to preserve its egocentric exclusionary perspective. How could an ego exist alone and still preserve the delusion of existence? What would it contrast with and oppose, if there were no ‘other’ egos? How would it define itself? How could it experience ‘death’ of there were no ‘others’ to die and, hence, prove death real?

The ego does NOT die. It divides and multiplies.

Simply look at your world and take note of the multiplying effects of egocentricity. It consumes everything it sees with uncompromising indifference. Although, for centuries, many have claimed to be egoless, the ego continues to multiply exponentially. ONE MIND maintains its fixation on one ego, which fixates on multiplying itself.

Clearly, this fearful saga never ends, until you end it. But death cannot be the means, since death is an ego invention and only egocentricity can experience it. The ego manufactures death as outside itself to reinforce its purpose in “life.” Without death an ego could NOT “live,” because life is nothing more than the ego’s multiplying through division. The solitude of death is the most profound experience the ego could devise. But not one separate, solitary mind in your ‘world’ can define that actual experience, except as it pertains to the death of ‘other’ egos. Thus, allowing that the ego has made it “real,” you must wonder if it is TRUE, since there is much in your experience of a “world” that seems real but is certainly not TRUE.

If the observer changes the experiment just by the act of observation, what does this say about your experience of death?

An ego multiplied must experience death alone, simply because it has never experienced itself as unified with what it separates from and it separates from itself. “You” are a house divided against yourself and death assures that you must fall.

There is only ONE MIND and one ego multiplied against itself. ONE MIND deludes itself through investing in an ego, which invests in multiple renditions of itself through which to insure contrasting forces as the means of self-actualizing against the mind. Yet, it takes just one ego out of billions to realize its unity with another as the means of dissolving egocentricity for 6 billion “others.” This has NOT yet occurred because, with every so-called “awakened” mind, there is always the tiny connective tissue of egocentricity holding it all securely in place, simply because an ego claims “awakening” for it ‘self'.’ TRUTH is all or nothing and it does NOT come in spurts or pieces, for some but not others. Therefore, you cannot be partially awakened and partially NOT. This is an egocentric ruse to insure the continuation of egocentricity through levels of opposing inequalities in a world that supports and reinforces conflict.

The death of multiple egos insures the continuation of the one ego we all are entrenched in, presenting the delusion of multiple minds. You need fully engage with only one other ego to dissolve this multiple division by joining to see it is a delusion of ONE MIND.

But be prepared, because you will no longer know your ‘self.’

(But does that really matter, since you’ve always been against your ‘self’ anyway).

 Artwork by Mitsuyoshi Haruguchi - "A Man and a Woman - Love"


  1. Mike, I really appreciate how you can state this. So often the "ego/one mind/no mind/one self/no self thing gets delivered like a riddle. You either get it or you don't and since there's nothing to get, why not just say what you mean.
    To each one's own. Some may vibrate to the endless riddle. i vibrate better to the way you put it.

    thank you and an ongoing thank you for your choices of artwork.


  2. Thanks George!

    My descripts are pseudo-objective. Sometimes I think I'm right on target. Other times I fail miserably LOL. But, all the time the subject being studied...

    ...is "me."

  3. Brilliantly put Mike, terribly well-observed.

  4. You need fully engage with only one other ego to dissolve this multiple division by joining to see it is a delusion of ONE MIND

    I often wonder if this so called "enlightenment" grail might be the most freakish thing anyone could ever dream of or up.

  5. Thanks No One!

    Indeed, Nahnni, it's ALL ego...

  6. hey one mind labelled you

    i get what you are saying - but through my experience so far (ie the version of one mind named me) to bring it into practical realization - other than thought - there is always a string of me attached - the me that perceives.

    beings come and go. body containers for shared experience - body containers to fully engage with disappear. new ones are conceived and take shape.

    one mind - as an everchanging series of relationships.

    whenever i experience anthing - even when i experience my self as part of one mind... i still experience. the one that perceives. that one is dissolved with death... i think. won't know for sure until i get there though.

    what the one mind version of me is saying - is that multiple division is not deluded one mind - it is an aspect or manifestation of (or within)one mind...

  7. Hey Arpita!!

    Yep, it's all about "an everchanging series of relationships." How deep can we go?

    Nobody "awakens" alone...