Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Finite “Rules of Perception” Demand Clear Lines of Chaos

The infinite player really has NO commitment to the MEANING of anything. 

This allows them to play with meanings simply by adjusting the egocentric “Rules of Perception.” As a rule, finite players do NOT play with rules. They need to SEE things remain exactly as they’re ‘supposed’ to and so everything does…

Of course, infinite players are certainly aware of the all the numerous relative meanings you and I idolize as “truth.” Yet, because ALL meanings are relative, infinite players tend not to quibble over “truthiness.” They simply do NOT commit to any of our “truths.” Of course, the recipient of this response tends to get all befuddled over the apparent lack of commitment to any specific viewpoint, causing them to defend their “truth” all the more (sometimes even to the point of violence). Infinite players are fully engaged but, ironically, are seen as indifferent and odd by finite players.

Nevertheless, the “Defenders of Truth” are completely impotent, unless there is a clear enemy for which to defend against (in fact, without a “truth” to defend, their lives would be pretty damn boring)

But, no matter how brazenly defensive the finite player gets, the infinite player always fails to engage the battle. They just don’t connect to ALL your profound and sacred meanings, but… they have none of their own to replace with (important point).

Nevertheless, infinite players still love to play in all our fooking finite games. However, we resent them cause they don’t play like we do (possibly demonstrating that we don’t really ‘play’ at all).

It’s almost as if they SEE an entirely different world than we SEE. A world that simply does NOT conform to the finite meanings that we believe are seriously worth believing.

However, infinite players realize that any attempt to define what they SEE, will only meet with opposition/defiance, since finite players have clear and concrete “Rules of Perception” that command exactly what can and cannot be experienced. These “Rules of Perception” determine what can be seen specifically through the finite meanings you demand everything adhere to, based on what you have learned it all means. 

Without these sacred “Rules of Perception” how could you play your ego-games…and WIN. How could the games of “life” be seriously engaged in without definitive rules determining how to perceive the game so that WINNERS can be determined? At least, that’s what the finite player believes and this is why the ‘rules’ are especially important and sometimes even more important than the game itself.

Some finite players even forget it’s a game… Ha!

It is NOT an “outside” world that you are victim to, but the egocentric PERCEPTION  of an “outside” world. The Rules of Perception are entirely egocentric and demand that all images adhere to strict finite boundaries. Nothing is allowed too close to anything else and any attempts at unification or reconciliation must be within clear and concise boundaries. Perception simply demands that the difference between right and wrong, here and there, more and less, white and black, etc, etc, be clearly observable to all finite players. This limits all attempts at unification from the very start, because as long as black and white are SEEN as distinct from each other, unification (or “Oneness”) is impossible, because the Rules of Perception will simply NOT allow for it.

There can never be peace in your world as long as perception follows egocentric rules insisting peace be distinct from war.

You need to separate this from that. Everything must be defined and categorized.The ego-self demands clear lines of chaos and there can be NO “grey area.” The ego-self cannot exist in an uncertain limbo-land of fluctuating boundaries that do not conform to strict RULES. Everything must be in its proper place and order, adhering to its respective limits, levels, degrees, colors, sizes, amounts, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. All egocentric relationships must conform to distinct boundaries and all relationships that rely on boundaries, in order to “know” their purpose, are egocentric and thus, FINITE.

For the ego, only relationships that are maintained from within such finite boundaries, are sanctified and allowed to be RECOGNIZED as “true.” It does not matter whether or not such relationships allow for expansion or extension, as long as they exist within the proper boundaries and, thereby, conform to the respective rules the boundaries indicate.

In your world, ‘relationship’ is a game like any other game, with both winners and losers. Is it any wonder so many relationships eventually collapse from the oppressive, superimposed meanings of their own rule-limited boundaries? 

The chaos of your world is perceived within specific finite boundaries. But that’s okay because, as long as it remains within its boundaries, you’ll “know” exactly what it is and so, your chaos is comfortably normalized. Yet, infinite players clearly sees the connective web that unifies all ego games into one infinite tapestry, thereby, making the games themselves, completely meaningless. Infinite players are not effected by the insanity of chaos, because they see it’s all interwoven and, other than the connective relationship which unifies all games, all games are completely meaningless.

But finite players take their games very seriously indeed and so, miss the connection altogether and suffer accordingly.

This results in failing to actually seeing that everything you DO makes NO sense whatsoever, even though what you DO has clear finite boundaries and rigidly conforms to the Rules of Perception. This is why you pretend that the games you play MUST be played. However, If you were to learn, even for the briefest of moments, that this is NOT the truth…

… the finite walls you’ve constructed would come a tumblin’ down…

…and TRUTH would rush in upon you through a tidal wave of ecstatic, in-your-face, revelation.

At least, that’s what infinite players suggest would occur (I wouldn’t know).

But we’d rather die…

…then NOT play by the rules and so…

…no doubt we will follow that rule to the very end.


Artwork by Naoto Hattori - "untitled"


  1. It's a world of distinction, Mike. The only thing which separates humankind from the beasts of the wild, is the degree of complexity...the manufacture and compliance to the rule of rule. Distinction according to disposition. The game, I suppose, is simply not to fall into ruin, as in starvation.

    Oddity carries its own weight. It's just the way it is. I do agree that no greater truth is outside the revelation of truth which knows no distinction nor defense. So, the infinite player carries the water from the well without anxiety and a heightened, albeit detached, intuition. I am guessing this is what you are saying.


  2. Nahnni,

    "So, the infinite player carries the water from the well without anxiety and a heightened, albeit detached, intuition. I am guessing this is what you are saying."

    Hmmm...well that seems as good a way of putting it as any other i suppose. However, I imagine an infinite player might disagree.

    But I wouldn't know...

    ....since I'm certainly NOT an infinite player.

  3. I suppose the only infinite player is Life, itself...the infinity of instinctual consciousness. Whether that has a spiritual component to everyone's satisfaction, well, it hasn't happened as of this writing. Perhaps it is that the answer is not as important as the question.

    Blessings, my Friend,