Monday, July 11, 2011

Finite and Infinite Learning

There has always been only two teachers. The Infinite Player clearly hears both, but listens and learns, from one.

The finite player, however, is perpetually conflicted between the two.

He/she tries to pick out the best of both worlds. Hence, learning is chaotic and leads only to continued disappointment, because two opposing concepts cannot be equally true at the same time.

The finite player wants it both ways and sets up for himself impossible situations in which nothing is learned except the experience of learning something. The Infinite Player simply surrenders his capacity to choose and, through that, learning is assured.

Only an ego must choose WHAT to learn and so, learns a whole lot of nothing… about everything. The infinite player learns everything about nothing, because everything IS nothing and this realization tends to cause a significant reduction in stress (because how can the meaningless be stressful, except to those who require meaning?).

The finite player wants to “know” a lot about everything, since this seems to indicate an increased ability to WIN finite games and finite life is identified by how many egocentric games can be WON.

WINNING makes “life” worth “living” (or so they say)

Therefore, the world provides the finite player with a whole lot of learning about everything. The finite player is a “Master of Information” and egocentric esteem is attained by those finite players who demonstrate the retention of huge stores of information. In fact, finite players construct massive tombs, called “universities,” for which to store and disseminate lots of information about nothing. Finite players congregate and teach one another the skills necessary to WIN finite games. Yet, they tend not to question the value of what they learn, but simply strive to learn more in the belief that this will increase their chances of succeeding in a finite world.

Unfortunately, this “information” tends to squelch out information NOT learned in schools, universities, books, curriculum's, etc. In other words, NOT provided by the world. Hence, ONLY the world TEACHES the finite player.

They learn nothing from anything else.

The infinite player simply finds nothing of value in the world that is worthy of learning. Oh sure, they learned a lot too. But somehow these folks came to realize that all their learning amounted to nothing and, thus, they basically ignore the VOICE that speaks for the world. You know, that voice that tells you what you should be doing. What you should feel and THINK.

They still hear what you hear, but have no desire to listen and so, remain unmoved by that which causes you intense anxiety.

When you no longer superimpose your meanings upon the "world," what it all really means will become apparent. Until then, you will seek out the best of both worlds and will only be disappointed by the perpetual chaos you now experience.

Artwork by Todd Schorr - "Into the Valley of Finks and Weirdos"

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