Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is Your Mojo Risin’? (part 1 of infinite)

Describing Mojo is a bit tricky, so you best just experience it for yourself. But if I had to I'd say that it's like the Deep Spirit life force that pervades your deepest core and is progressively absent egocentric bullsheit. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine.

But ya know it when it moves ya…when it touches your core, you can't help but feel it.

But you can’t see Mojo, only it’s effects. It ebbs and flows with emotion fueled by belief. Think of it like electrical current. The circuit can be shut off and even dumbed down or it can be jolted with ever increasing amounts of Mojo. Hence, some beliefs increase Mojo, while others decrease it.

Your world is a product of Mojo.

But Mojo can also be victim to the world. The trick is to keep the Mojo risin’ no matter what’s happenin' outside Mojo. No matter what fool is dumpin' on yo Mojo, you just a keep on a' gogo (old Mojo saying).

Like, I paid $450 for car repairs today. Damn Mojo Dumped on me. But then, I said, “fook it man!” and Mojo risin’ again. Talked to an interesting beauty today…Mojo risin!

And once Mojo rises, you can't fight the urge to share it, which only jacks it up more. In fact, Mojo really rises, only when shared.

Mojo rises real high when circuits couple up, forming completely new and more powerful Mojo. Mojo circuits create the world you experience (and you thought it was God? Ha!).

There is never NO Mojo. There is only high and low Mojo. 

Mojo at its highest is completely free of all FEAR. High Mojo plays infinitely in a finite world. High Mojo is virtually unstoppable.

It seems that sometimes low Mojo has to pass through the rings of fire to get to the high Mojo center. This isn’t necessary, but low Mojo just thinks it is. Low Mojo thinks up all kinds of things to make sense of low Mojo, when low Mojo can NEVER make no sense at all. Some live with low Mojo for so long that they know nothin’ but low Mojo.

It’s easy to get Mojo risin.’ 

There is no good or bad Mojo. Only high and low Mojo. Low Mojo desperately wants to be higher, since it is the nature of Mojo…

…to RISE (as high as Mojo can go)

Is your Mojo…risin’?

The best way to get Mojo risin’ is to find a high Mojo Circuit and join in. However, those who deny their Mojo tend to unconsciously stifle it and that may interfere with your own Mojo (especially if you're already low Mojo).

Yet again, those who have high Mojo tend to fire-up low Mojo and that can be a thrilling experience indeed… when Mojo’s join and magnify each other. I was at a Mojo Gathering once and all these high Mojo's were dancin' around and jetting out Mojo Joy all over the place.

Mojo can be affected by a lot of egocentric bullsheit. Like...on my way to work yesterday I felt my Mojo droppin, but then realized I was dumping on my own Mojo through stoopid beliefs about work. Suddenly, the Mojo started risin’ up again. Sometimes all ya gotta do is think in terms of Mojo, and up it goes naturally. Ha! Go figger...

But as soon as you fixate on dumb sheit, down goes Mojo. Unfortunately, most things that egos fixate on are pretty dumb and result in Mojo dropping and staying low. Like money....real low Mojo in that sheit.

Low Mojo is always wanting to rise, but because of the fear associated with low Mojo, this is hard for some.

Low Mojo is always high FEAR.

Hitler was really low Mojo. Probably the lowest Mojo ever experienced. Mojo can drop to a point where risin’ seems damn near impossible. Mojo that low can be destructive and some say it's “evil.” But there ain’t none such thing as evil, only really low Mojo. But even really low Mojo can rise, if it has a hankerin’ to. But this usually requires alot of high Mojo mixed in. When you get a lot of high Mojo all together in the same place, the desire of low Mojo to connect is irresistible. See if ya don't want to! Ha!

Poor Obama’s Mojo took a nosedive, but he had high Mojo. Whadefook happenin’ to the dudes Mojo??? He was raisin’ everybody’s Mojo. Why’d he go and disconnect from the circuits? Hope he gets it back up there.

High Mojo is always associated with deep peace and wild experiences of Mojo Joy. Mojo Joy is infused with unbelievable high levels of Mojo and is essentially fearless. However, high Mojo don’t run around pontificating on itself and tellin' how high it is.

High Mojo just calmly and peacefully takes over the world.

Some peeps fear their own Mojo and this causes them to get nervous around the high Mojo of others. Or sometimes, when you’re in high Mojo, you find yourself avoiding somebody’s low Mojo. This tends to reduce your high Mojo cause you ain’t merging it with other Mojo circuits. Mojo can't stay up high on its own, because it only rises really high through merging with other circuits. But Mojo should NEVER be contingent on what’s happening in the world. That’s just low Mojo and low Mojo can be contagious. But not as much as high Mojo.

High Mojo is like God.

I like tellin’ folks when they’re raisin’ my Mojo. I say, "Dang, Jojo, you makin' my Mojo a'gogo!" Then again, I don’t mind letting ‘em know when they’re bringin’ my Mojo down. I say “Yo, leggo my Mojo…mofo!” But usually I’m just trying to get up their Mojo, cause these days its hard for anyone or anything to dump on my Mojo, but easy for 'em to bring it up. It’s usually up there and if it dumps, well, I jack it back up right quick, cause who wants to go through a whole day with low Mojo??

The highest level of Mojo is often called "Christ Consciousness" or "Buddha Mind." But then, giving Mojo another name is just low Mojo.

Infinite Mojo is simply the realization that Mojo can keep risin' and there ain’t NO end to how high the Mojo can go. 

When you reach that high level of Mojo the world tends to recede or even disappear. It ain’t actually gone, you just ain’t aware of it no more (since who needs a finite world when you’re in Infinite Mojo, yo!). But you do wind up bringing others with ya, cause Mojo can only rise so far on its own. High Mojo always needs more and more Mojo.

Infinite Mojo only wants to show low Mojo how to rise up. It tries to join with low Mojo, but low Mojo keeps on breaking the circuit cause of dumb sheit (like low Mojo "money"). Low Mojo is as addictive as high Mojo. But who wants to be addicted to low Mojo?

Low Mojo’s sometimes winds up worshiping the highest Mojo, failin' to see that it could get that high if it wanted to. Yet, what usually seems to happen is that low Mojo winds up making a religion out of Infinite Mojo and that only keeps Mojo low for a long time.

Centuries even…

Artwork by Yue Minjun - "Between Men and Animal"


  1. Sounds partly like a New Orleans thing and partly just plucked from the ether.

    Either way, cool mojo.


    Don't know what happened to Obama. Ugly reality, maybe...which is rough on the mojo, of course.

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  3. listen to bob Marley 'is this love' song for Mojo raiseness.