Wednesday, February 29, 2012

From ‘Full O’ Crap’ to No-Crap: Turd Blossoms in a CrapFest

I often receive emails pointing out that what I post here is nothing but pure “crap.” So for these more astute readers I will define the nature of enlightenment in the scatological concepts they easily understand.

On your life journey, you have a choice. Comfort or truth. One allows mindless wallowing in your ‘crap,’ pretending all the while to be crapless. The other demands you free yourself from ALL your 'crap' and engage the dream with the excitement and vigor one should expect from playing out crappy fantasies and lies.

The fact is that Truth is completely crap-free.

But how do you know if what you’re attached to is not truth, but really ‘crap’?

Simple. Do you care about it?

Not sure? Cut it loose and find out. When you feel the pain of loss then know that it was ‘crap.’ Slash free the moorings on all your values and morality and send adrift your beliefs about everything you own and everyone you relate to. Flush all your dreams and aspirations down the toilet and feel the sharp exquisite pain of self-dissolution or the slash and burn of the conceptual “you” (crap).

But the "good" part is that after you cut away all your ‘crap,’ you can bring it all back into play with no attachment whatsoever. Play infinitely in the world simply through knowing the difference between 'crap' and truth.

Realizing ‘crap’ is quite liberating and does free one to fully engage the 'crap' of others and the world, absent the burden of all your ‘crap.’ What else stands between you and complete freedom but ‘crap’? What is it that separates and divides, but your ‘crap’? (not theirs, just yours. Ego projection is 'crap').

We're all attached to ‘crap.’ It's the nature of existence to jump and splash around in ‘crap.’ There’s NO denying we all stink to high heaven. But the olfactory is the weakest sense, causing you to remain unconsciously mired in the putrid stench of our own ‘crap.’ Although the stink never really goes away, the smell always dissipates for "you," which allows continuing the ‘crapfest’ with all the other ‘crap-slingers’ you’ve come to know, “love” and rely on to validate your ‘crap’ (which reminds me of a famous Koan: If a bear shits in the woods, and no ones around to smell it, does it stink?)

The world is a ‘crapfest’ of complete strangers only known by their 'crap' and all validating each others 'crap' as a means of denying a crappy existence. “Hey, Billy Bob. That’s some great crap you got there. How many years of school to get that crap?”

However, it's not necessarily the fact that you're attached to your 'crap.' It's that you're attached to 'crap' that you are not even aware of as 'crap.' To not know your life smells like 'crap' is ignorance. The unexamined 'crap' is not worth living (through).
Enlightenment is nothing more than knowing 'crap' when you smell it and not pretending it's anything but 'crap.' Whenever you feel all egocentrically bloated over some important choice you have made, recognize it as a time to unload some 'crap.' It’s amazing how oppressed some are by the weight of their own 'crap.' You can see the strain of retention in their faces. The pain of too many years carrying around way too much 'crap.' But they’re loathe to let go their 'crap' when they see so many others carrying more 'crap' than they have, because hauling around a load of 'crap' is a national pastime.

But you think it's important 'crap' which is okay. Lotsa important "crap" out there, but more importantly it’s still 'crap.' What you have yet to realize is that your important 'crap' is just as 'crappy' as what you consider dumb 'crap.' So stop differentiating between 'crap.'

Consider “enlightenment” merely the crystal clear recognition of ‘crap’ with NO delusion it being anything else but “crap.” Truth is really nothing more than this…

Do you say to yourself, "oh, how I love the crap I worked so hard to achieve!"? Of course not!

But shouldn’t you?

When you reach a certain will. You will laugh, “ha ha! look at all the crap I call my life.” You will proclaim this without anguish and dread, but with pure joy over how you could of ever thought your 'crap' was anything more than just plain old ‘crap.’ And this time you will mean it right down to your sphincter.

Your emancipation proclamation from ‘crap’ will be intensely liberating. But does this mean you will no longer be playing in 'crap'? Not at all. Enlightenment only requires your full realization of 'crap.' From this realization, what happens next makes NO difference whatsoever. When the ‘crap' is seen as 'crap,' it’s immediately outa your hands (cause who wants to hold crap?) and you need no longer rely on the ego-self that only knows it exists through its incessant ‘crap’ slinging. 
No matter how you slice up your 'crap’ (continually justifying its necessity by claiming it doesn’t stink) you still got nuthin' but ‘crap.’ Go ahead and trying slicing up your 'crap' and learn for yourself how crappy 'crap' must remain no matter how it is formulated, justified, explained, defined, pontificated, internalized, externalized, spiritualized and configured through all your crappy concepts which you righteously superimpose upon 'crap' as a means of making it less…crappy. Consider 'crap-cutting' an enlightenment "action-step" and get back to me with your observations.

Oh, but I'll bet you'll squirm and whine, "ewe, I don't wanna cut up my own ‘crap’! This is why so few have attained liberation from 'crap.' Turd dissection is a crappy business, but it must be done for Craplessness to be experienced.

Yet, keep in mind, in a world of 'crap,' some crap is a higher grade 'crap' than that which you have become accustomed to and learn nothing from in your desire to hold onto your own special ‘crap.’ Higher grade ‘crap’ is a learning vehicle from which you will come to recognize your constant attempts to distinguish between levels of 'crap' is nothing but another instance of pure crap.

Consider it the "turd blossom" from which your enlightenment will bloom. 
But you must not reject and be willing to accept, and breathe deeply, of the 'crap' which makes learning possible. Whenever you feel that deep gnawing, burning sensation in your gut, recognize that you have come face to face with “The Teacher” in the form of useless 'crap' and the need to unload it. Whenever you experience a sense of elation or joy, listen for the tiny voice saying “this too will pass,” and realize it’s just more ‘crap.’

One day you will recognize that every thought an ego-self “thinks” is 'crap.' Every belief, every emotion and every thought is 'crap.' A famous Master Teacher once said, “thoughts are like assholes, everybody’s got 'em and they all stink.” The Spotless Mind is obviously crap-free.

Pretending to discern the universal nature of all 'crap' is disingenuous, particularly when you continue to assert or even imply that some crap has value above others. The nature of crap is crappy. All crap exists to demonstrate itself as nothing more than ‘crap.’ Feigning an experience of NO-CRAP, in the presence of the truly crapless, is just another example of pure 'crap' and you will inevitably be revealed as stinky. In this reality you love so much (crap) you demand levels and grades of 'crap,' which only keeps you transfixed on your smelly dualistic world, with no relief from the continued stench of your own 'crap.'

You are literally suffocating. All you need do is stop denying the stink and seek fresh air.

Therefore, it is true that I am providing 'crap.' However, within your crappy reality all learning must utilize the 'crap' provided. Henceforth, I will continue to provide my usual 'crap' from which the true nature of 'crap' may be exposed to those who wish to see their 'crap' in vivid Technicolor (never a pretty sight).

Look at your life. Your 'crap' demands a mind-numbing regularity to your existence and you find the need for justification utterly exhausting. How does one justify 'crap'? Simply by holding ones nose? Deep down you recognize that egocentricity is 'crap' and you long to jump free of the pile you created.

Reject looking closely at your 'crap' and continue to suffer through the usual 'crap' by your usual method of pretending your 'crap' really doesn't smell that bad, in comparison to other 'crap' that really stinks up the joint.

Attain the realization that it is all 'crap' and finally rise above the stench you have become so accustomed to by disingenuously claiming it actually…

…smells like roses.


  1. I can kind of go with this crap thing. For instance, I was oh-so-worried about the literary crap and just yesterday, I realized, fully realized, that it was, indeed, just one more crap in a sea of crap. I have felt very light- hearted since that revelation and not in the least bitter that I've spent the majority of my adult life wanting that particular piece of crap. Que sera sera.

    Maybe your email grievances come from a quaking beneath the surface. Crapatoa usually erupts quite fiercely after a series of tremblings...but then, after awhile, the soil becomes quite fruitful...for the roses, as you say.

  2. Oh crap! Great again. Who emails you saying you're full of crap? How dare they!

  3. "Maybe your email grievances come from a quaking beneath the surface."

    Indeed. However, it is disingenuous of me not to take responsibility for bringing it up since, as you know, I tend to relish provocation (of a gentle nature, of course)

    Thanks Myna,

  4. No One,

    "Who emails you saying you're full of crap? How dare they!"

    Well, I can be pretty crappy. So I suppose their crap is justified.


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  6. Ha! That's funny Annie, because the sidebar ad states:

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    ....odor can't stop you!


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