Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Itsy Bitsy "Circuit" Climbed up the Water Spout...

Hey! What’re you doin’ here???? Why are you here? What brought you to this blog, this page, this post, these words, this moment?  Why are you reading this? Why are you right here, right now, at this very moment?

If you look back in time you will see an unfolding stream of events, thoughts and action that brought you here, but that “you” had no control of and all choices were influenced beyond any “free-will” you might wish to claim for your “self.”

You woke this morning and a cascade of uninvited thoughts competed with intentionality circuits as to what you WILLED to think and do. Even thought that you consider intentional provokes unintentional counter-thoughts and contrary ideas.

Maybe your first thought upon waking was that "it’s Saturday," which then initiated thought-experiences of actions to be performed and this circuitry activated motivational circuits with Limbic based emotional circuitry interacting from frontal cortex circuits all working together to institute movement towards specific goals (the brain is all about 'movement'). The lawn must be mowed, but the game is on TV, which generates circuits that seek to manage "time" based networks and circuits that engage interactions with your wife and circuits that must take into consideration your kids, but then suddenly your eyes send messages to the visual cortex which must include the dog and memory circuits engage the need to walk the dog, generating circuits that inform you that you have to hurry or the lawn will not be mowed before kickoff time, which engages negative amygdala electrochemical spurts causing bodily changes requiring your wife to ask “what’s wrong,” which engages linguistic centers processing speech and centers processing facial muscles. But the tone was wrong (based on her circuitry) and you perceive that she perceives you’re angry with her, engaging stored memory of your resentments toward her, but these conflict with other circuits generating positive “feelings” and circuits that require more conciliatory gestures and circuits that fire off other circuits firing other circuits firing off….

…and here you are now at, from a web search you initiated because you feel your life is often out-of-control and suddenly other circuitry made you desire “peace of mind” and number 15 in Google listed a blog called “” and that must provide some ways to a more peaceful life….

Now you think, "damn what a stupid choice this was. This blog sucks!" based on meaning circuits engaging meaning circuits engaging additional meaning circuits...

For chrisakes dude, you are all over the place! Get focused. Control yourself. Get it together…

But then at what “place” should you be…but all over the place.

So why does that bother you so much? Why struggle to control your brain? Why do you sometimes "think" it's in control of you?

So just stop THINKING!!

"If anyone could enter my head," you THINK, "it would blow their mind?"


"Relax, " said the night man,
"We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave!

Do you actually realize the work required to stay fixated on one solitary thought, when 100 billion neurons are firing off in your brain and sending messages through a quadrillion dendrite connections?

Is it any wonder people get drunk? Is it any wonder people become addicted to TV? Is it any wonder people gravitate to any number of distractions to get the hell outa they’re HEAD.

But if you could only accept the chaos of your brain. If you could only accept that you have NO control over it. Because what you avoid through distraction will only engage the periphery nervous system and the body MUST accept the consequences. It has no choice. Brain controls it.

But go ahead and spend your lifetime attempting to terminate the actions of neurons. Go ahead and seek a way to shut off the biological processes of neuro-circuits. Make attempts to rearrange 100 billion neurons and a quadrillion dendrite connections. Pick and choose the circuits you want and shut-off those you no longer desire. Continue on with your precious self-development, which is nothing more than constructing additional circuits for which to conflict with other circuits that you can't shut off if your very life depended on it.

One day you will surrender your illusion of control (thereby, constructing a new circuit, which will activate circuits you forgot you had).

But the brain cannot be denied. It cannot be escaped. It cannot be “thought” away or cajoled into non-existence. Nature will NOT be denied. Nature must be accepted and the chaos of the brain… is natural.

But there is one tiny itsy-bitsy circuit that is a problem. One circuit that is cause of all your distress, all your pain and all your misery.

That circuit is called “I-Me” and it has a tendency to claim all electrochemical activity as its own. It’s a circuit that demands all activity, thoughts and actions, belong to it…. alone.

But like one audacious wave in the massive ocean, claiming ownership of the whole ocean, it is only one tiny circuit amidst trillions in a sea of interconnected neurons and dendrites.

Pay it no "mind."

The itsy-bitsy circuit
Climbed up the water spout
Down came the rain
And shorted the circuit out
Out came the sun
And dried up all the rain
And the itsy-bitsy circuit
Climbed up the spout again


  1. Another great read Mike, the I/Me circuit is quite the stubborn SOB, and despite all evidence towards its illusory control, it somehow manages to persistently delude itself. But eventually there comes a time where one realizes that surrender is the only option, and strangely enough a certain freedom reigns a midst the chaos of the 'neuronal hell'.
    I was listening to a Alan watts lecture the other day and I love his definition of the Ego, or I, sums up the experience of this consideration for me. The following is a quote from one of his lectures:
    “If we can see the first part - which is that the ego is purely fictitious; that it is a symbol or image of oneself, plus a sensation of muscular strain occasioned by trying to make this symbol an effective agent to control emotion, to concentrate, to direct the nervous operations of the organism - then immediately it is clear that what we have called ourselves, what we have thought of as ourselves, isn’t able to do anything at all…there follows this kind of silence in which there is nothing to do except watch what happens, but what is happening is watching itself, there is nobody apart from it watching it.”

    Enjoy your saturday.


  2. sunny,

    I like what AW is saying and I'm probably parroting his words. Maybe the only difference is that I'm saying that the "ego" is not fictitious, but a real honest to goodness brain neuro-circuit and nothing more than that.

    but the result of this is the same in that:

    "there follows this kind of silence in which there is nothing to do except watch what happens, but what is happening is watching itself, there is nobody apart from it watching it.”

    A circuit is formed to observe a circuit, which forms another to watch that circuit and on and on and on...

    No one here but us circuits, yo!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love your posts, Mike.

    The "I" is like a phantom limb in the brain. I bet you've heard of those and how pesky they are. Your blog is a valiant attempt to re-map the circuitry.

    Thou art a warrior.

  4. Yes, i am familiar with the "phantom limb" phenomenon and your comparing it to the ego-self neuro-circuitry is brilliant. And there are neurological methods currently in use to extinguish that "phantom" circuit.

    I wonder....


  5. Lovely. I just wondered how the concept would change if we would rename this tiny, small, itsy-bitsy circuit within a bit less dimensional space? Oh, what do you know... it would apparently be called - a short circuit?

  6. dragorad,

    Yes, it most likely is a very "short circuit."