Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Mass of Men Lead Lives of 'Fictional' Desperation...

Egocentrica mammalians have no choice but to “believe” things and this appears to aid them in having a meaningful existence. Their brains are packed full of circuitry based on fabricated beliefs, that seem to obstruct facts (death) and they tend to vomit their fictional beliefs all over everything, making a real mess of the place (precisely what I'm doing now).

The paradox is that egocentrica mammalia’s fictional existence is a part of the causal predetermined order. This order allows egocentric “thinking” to devise more complicated theories and ideologies for which to extract itself from that very order that spawned him and allowed him the neuronal based capacities to seek such an exit from his suffering, which he continues to do currently to this day. 

No other part of the predetermined causal order is so endowed and preordained to live within made-up fictional realities that attempt to remove the egocentric 'self' from the natural world. 

Clearly, it appears that egocentrica mammalia simply suffers from too many neurons. If he had a few billion less neurons, then he might be able to see the patterns of the predetermined causal order and realize his purpose in that order.

Nevertheless, even the belief of being separate from the natural order is part of the natural order and this highlights the complete lack of free-will that egocentrica mammalians actually have with regard to their thoughts and actions, which they believe are of their own agency and choice. 

Egocentrica mammalia must remain part of a predetermined causality, but is innately and instinctively endowed with the delusion that he can extract himself and be free of that order. Hence, he magically fabricates fictional exit ways that only multiply the ways he can suffer. He does this simply because he has no choice, since it all is predetermined and started long before his existence was even "known" by him.

Egocentrica Mammalian’s revel in their fictions and they believe they have conjured it all up by themselves. This causes him to believe that he is not part of the predetermined causal order and, hence, that he actually has the power to moderate his destructive tendencies through his own thoughts and actions. However, if the predetermined causal order did not require his destructive capacities, then he would be absent them.

Why would a “thought” arising in your brain, formulated from neuro-circuitry, be different from any other electro-chemical impulse occurring in the brain? Is the impulse that informs you of hunger any different from the one that tells you to want pizza instead of a burger? Is the “thought” impulse to say a prayer before bed more sacred than the impulse informing you to have a bowel movement upon waking?

Are not all brain impulses made of the same electrochemical soup? How is it one thought can be more significant than another when all are made up of the same synaptic, electrochemical transmissions, firing off in the same 3lbs of fatty tissue?

Nevertheless, egocentrica proudly refers to the ordinary electro-chemical impulses of the brain as “thought” and he believes these impulses are all contained in a “mind.” He speaks about all these ordinary neuro-circuit impulses with great reverence and pride, but also suffers through impulses he does not like, but can’t seem to terminate no matter how hard he meditates to achieve "enlightenment" or prays to God for "deliverance." He fictionalizes particularly meaningful thought-impulses as “wisdom” and villifies bad thought-impulses as “evil,” even though no such designations exist anywhere else in the natural world. He works diligently to protect his fictions and will often kill other egocentrics and destroy his own habitat to preserve his fictional "beliefs."

More significantly, egocentrica mammalian's are know for a thorough indoctrination of their youth into the prevailing fictions through “education” and this is based on the specific social order from which they exist and that ultimately defines what brain-based, electrochemical impulses (thoughts) are valuable and which should be avoided. Through education, egocentrics are taught the fictions for which they are expected to base the conduct of their entire existence, living as if these fictions were, in fact, true and basically doing what they have been taught to do. Unfortunately, each and every passing year, their fictions become intricately more complex and inexplicable, but this will aid them in weaving thousands of fictions into “stories” and from these stories they will continue to destroy themselves and exploit the natural world that spawned them. 

They will learn that to believe in the fiction of “money” they must engage in other fictional activities called “work” and the type of work they choose will determine how much money they have to spend on objects that help support other fabricated fictions, i.e, career, wealth, status, prestige, pride, love, happiness, etc, etc. Those egocentrics who refuse to engage in this fictional based activity, will obviously suffer the consequences.
However, many of them have devised ingeniously incredible fictions involving “gods” and “satans” and many of these fictions have been passed down through countless generations. The causal order has only predetermined egocentrica mammalia to persist in fabricating fictions and nowhere else in the causal order does this occur. Hence, egocentrica mammalians only do what they must.

Some will even break from the mainstream fictions and construct alternative fictions that employ conceptualizations, such as “enlightenment” or “awakening,” and many will become masters of these fictions and spend their lives teaching others how to revere and worship these fictions. They will dress in robes and shave their heads as symbolic of their fictional mastery and to generate reverence for the electro-chemical impulses, or “thoughts,” that these fictions require they “think.” They will string together, through the language centers of their grey matter, complex concepts and declare these concepts as “truth,” but will diligently fail to notice that the causal order of the universe pays them no heed whatsoever and goes on doing what it has always done since the predetermined causal order created the biosphere allowing egocentrica mammalia to live.

Hence, egocentrics have no free-will to terminate their fiction constructing capacities, because they have been so ordained by the predetermined causal order to construct fictional realities through which to suffer, and seek relief from suffering, as they have done for centuries with no end in sight.

So if you knew that every thought in your head was a product of a predetermined causal order, an order that had shaped and molded the entire universe, and continues on shaping and molding…what would you think? What fictions would you ‘choose’ to live by to shape and mold your existence, if you knew with absolute certainty that every thought that you experienced was entirely outside your ability to control, because every thought since birth was predetermined? If “thoughts” are nothing more than electrochemical impulses firing off in the brain, would it matter what you “thought” and if it didn’t matter what you thought, would “doing” anything matter at all? 


  1. “ So if you knew that every thought in your head was a product of a predetermined causal order, an order that had shaped and molded the entire universe, and continues on shaping and molding…what would you think?“

    Holy Shizzle, after reading ur previous posts, i've been contemplating on this idea of havn no control of thoughts ( or neurons whatever you call them) to me it makes sense becoz there's no entity in the brain taking control of anything if ppl really looked at it, it's pretty obvious.

    I read this article on ( and thanks for providing the link in one of ur earlier posts) it talked about how different parts of the brain receives/process information/data at different speeds and how the brain makes it feel as if it is one experience. Which probably creates the illusion of self.

    Here the part of the article i'm tryn to share explains it better.

    “ Sensory information reaches us at different speeds, yet appears unified as one moment. Nerve signals need time to be transmitted and time to be processed by the brain. And there are events — such as a light flashing, or someone snapping their fingers — that take less time to occur than our system needs to process them. By the time we become aware of the flash or the finger-snap, it is already history.
    Our experience of the world resembles a television broadcast with a time lag; conscious perception is not “live”. This on its own might not be too much cause for concern, but in the same way the TV time lag makes last-minute censorship possible, our brain, rather than showing us what happened a moment ago, sometimes constructs a present that has never actually happened. “


  2. Hi Abe,

    " makes sense becoz there's no entity in the brain taking control of anything if ppl really looked at it, it's pretty obvious."

    Yep, nobody minding the store except an illusive shadow called 'self' running helter skelter in the aisles with no idea why it's there or what it's purpose is (Wait'll he finds out he doesn't really exist and is only a shadow)

    That was a great quote from the article btw..

    Now to discover how to live, when the way to live is not a choice (but only seems as though it is).


  3. “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them.” Henry David Thoreau ~ Great Blog Mike I think this guy is right up your ( our :) street

  4. erasmus,

    Great vid. Thanks!

    I would only suggest that the ego/self will most likely go thru many "collapses" because, after each collapse there is an intense process of consolidation as a means of conserving important remnants of the ego. This tends to provide some security until the next explosion. Hence, it's not necessarily a one time, 'poof!' event, but more a long process of dissembling and deconstruction.

    At least, that's what I experienced and continue to experience.

    But the vid was very informative.


  5. What you wrote, I knew (but couldn't put into words well) when I was a pre-teenager. You are correct, but I look at it like this now: Let us say you have a "choice" of picking up two rocks in front of you. You pick the rock on the right. The layman will say this represents free will, but he will never understand that it is an illusion of choice. In order for you to have picked the rock on the left, the whole universe would have to have manifested differently from the beginning. The beginning of the universe (the big bang) is like the seed that contains the entire DNA for the tree. The start, middle, and end of a universe are all a package deal. A universe is like a CD movie. Even God "intervening" in the univverse is part of the pre-determination.

    But the problem I have is with God. Something had to create the universe. If some God did, then that God has a personality and therefore programming. This God has preferences to create this and not create that. But it implies another God who created it, on to infinity?

  6. Cleft Asunder,

    "In order for you to have picked the rock on the left, the whole universe would have to have manifested differently from the beginning."

    Exactly. I wrote about this in "Recreational Swimming in the Primordial Soup."

    I don't much deal with the "God" thing these days. I imagine "God" as more of an 'emergence' of infinite causality in which there is no beginning nor can there be an end. I know this makes no sense at present, just an idea I am toying with.


  7. thanks for the reply. Have you ever read from the sage Nisargadatta Mike? Nothing is more hardcore than Nisargadatta. I will tell you about him if you haven't, since I've read several of his books.

  8. Cleft Asunder,

    I am very familiar with Nisargadatta and his student Ramesh Balsekar and his student Wayne Liquorman (not sure who his student is). Many gems in all that and it would be disingenuous to say that my circuits have not been so influenced.

    But then, of course, I have had no free-will in what I identified with in the past, nor will I in the future, since it is all causally predetermined.

    But a question: If free-will does not exist, does that negate the role and title of a "sage"?


  9. No, it doesn't negate it. After everything I've learned, mainly through failure, I feel that I'm on the threshold of understanding why the world --the universe-- exists and why it is the way it is. It exists to frustrate the individual --the ego-- by placing it in a place full of sorrow and tears so that finally, after enough failure, he gives up trying to attain personal happiness and surrenders his will to God. Or, for people like me who don't like God (and don't even really need to believe in him anyway), we get fed up with Life, the intellect, and our ego's and renounce the world fully, mentally. Yes, the pre-determined course led us to it.

    The Sage is someone who has attained that state because he no longer trusted the world taking him anywhere, yet Liberation is exactly where it will take him because of it. If you pay attention to people, EVERYONE has this idea that they are special in God's view, that they are growing by Life's lessons, and that things are progressing for them. Well they are, but in the end, the idea must be abandoned. Yes, Life is giving you experiences, challenges, and attainments, but the pre-Sage, fed up with coming and going, attaining this and that, flowing with life, and negative and positive states of mind, learns what the father of illusion is: The belief that MORE experiences and growing are necessary; that by continuing flowing with life, you will attain Liberation. But God and the trust in the flow of Life must be abandoned in the end.

    I ran into a good song that demonstrates this point. Here are part of the lyrics and a link to the video.

    The father of illusions is their belief
    that they have a purpose, they serve the need.
    That's why the pain never ends.
    The final lesson cannot be grasped by those
    Who aren't prepared to go beyond the reach of the world they know.

  10. 'Yes, the pre-determined course led us to it.'

    Yet, if that is "true," what need to prescribe a path or convey practices? In fact, if it is ALL predetermined, wrapped up and inherent in the infinitely unfolding causal reality, that only allows a delusion of "free-will," the "sage" does NOT exist and "truth" cannot have any fixed anchorage for which to conceptualize and convey.

    Hence, a "sage" is deluded into believing his/her wisdom is not completely attached to a predetermined causal reality, but only if he/she provides techniques for which to escape that reality, since there can be no escape. One's being "fed up" with reality is not a volitional choice, since free-will is not available to you and never has been. If one attains an attitude of "fed up" the first thing is to recognize it was not of their choice.

    The entire spiritual/religious quest relies on free-will. If it does not exist then centuries of pursuit, and the teachings demanding such pursuit, is annihilated in an instant.

    If there is no free-will, then there is nothing that can be prescribed or even taught.

    It seems to me, after many posts, that most cannot even slightly consider the idea of NO free-will, simply because to do so annihilates years of dreams and objectives and egocentrica mammalian's thrive thru such fictional meanings.


  11. You don't like to acknowledge an intelligence that started creation, so my reply will not be satisfying. The self-created (God) started creation. It cannot be otherwise because the universe is clearly contrived just as Michaelangelo's David sculpture is obviously the work of an artist. You asked why practices or paths are needed. Because it adds depth. Your question is the same as asking a master artist why this line, or that color, should go there. Why all the trouble? Why paint anything at all? Or, why put effort into the painting? Well, spiritual practices and paths and failure create a richer movie, that's why. Creation is the very deepest art. There is pain in it, and suffering, and demons and angels, heaven and hell, skeptics, idiots, intellectuals.You have to understand that the universe exists mainly to experience TIME and individualized experiences. Time is the realm of the ego and seperation. There is no free will, but it feels like there is, and it unfolds just as the creator created it. It is there because God is asking, "Who am I? What am I?what am I capable of?" God doesn't know yet. God is nothingness, pure spirit, and infinite possibility. Out of this spirit a mirror manifests called consciousness, which is the present moment. That consciousness reflects God's potential. It is the screen on which the objects can exist.

    In the end you realize that there is no individual anymore who is trying to figure it out. There is no one who is in bondage. You are the consciousness, the objects, and beyond them as the spirit. You are everything and nothing, abstract, at peace, and everything is bliss. Beyond that is the highest truth, Nirvana, which transcends time, space and the mind. I do not know what happends when you realize it.

  12. Cleft Asunder,

    You're right. Doesn't resonate with me.

    But I am certain others will find value.