Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Human Egocentrica Mammalia: Destroyer of Worlds

The post-modern social fictions of the collective egocentrica mammalian ‘self’ are pathetic momentary wisps of smoke, quickly dissolving into insignificant anonymity, which demands human egocentrica consistently twist and bend his own fictions to validate his importance.

Validation is necessary due to the undeniable awareness of his abject insignificance. Awareness right down to the sinew of his bones, chronically informing him that his words don’t matter, his actions change nothing, his thoughts are useless to divert his eventual death and a causal order at work in the entirety of the universe (including an indifferent natural world) could easily smash him to smithereens in an instant without the slightest logical reason or rationale.

Alas, enter the ‘prefrontal cortex,’ with trillions of historically ‘significant stories,’ neurally hard-wired through childhood social programming, serving no other purpose but to provide an individual sense of grandiose self-importance.

Based on the predetermined causal order, that clearly holds nothing sacred, human egocentrica mammalia has little choice but to desperately press himself against that unfolding order. A reality that could care less for his complaints when his fictional "lifestyles" eventually FAIL (as they always must) to actualize him into some tiny semblance of magnanimous significance. This desperation is so psycho-emotionally profound that egocentrica mammalia will employ acts of destruction and death to insure and reinforce his individual, independent significance.
“The sense of insignificance and death anxiety have been shown to play a key role in everything from terrorism to mass shootings to extremist religious and political ideologies to obsessions with materialism and wealth. Just about all that is violent and corrupt in our world seems connected to it.” LINK
It is egocentrica mammalia’s blatant insignificance, deeply hard-wired in his primitive limbic system, that drives him to wipe out entire populations (populations similarly existing within fictional boundaries, participating in fictional activities) as a means of asserting his own fictional significance, and this has gone on since an individual ‘self’ electro-chemically crackled to life in some nebulous circuit in the 3 lbs of fat between his ears and, will obviously continue until his pursuit of significance eventually overrides all his circuits and he gets sucked up and consumed by his own electro-chemical brain matter, with billions of neurons overloaded by his incessant need to escape the undeniable fact of his own pathetic lack of significance to the universal causal order.

The genetic nature of human egocentricity is based on one specific variable, not available anywhere else in the predetermined causal order of manifest existence, and that variable is… the capacity to ask ”why.”

Nowhere else in the universe is “why” even slightly entertained. Everything is as it must be, and has always been, based on a predetermined natural order that has been expanding and unfolding since time began. But the delusional hubris of egocentrica mammalia actually proclaims an answer and that answer is a product of ego-centered delusion, based on the all-encompassing fear of his abject insignificance, resulting in a mental labyrinth of lies, fantasies, delusions, fabrications, mythologies and distorted beliefs.

Everything egocentrica does, he does to raise himself from the depths of his own microscopic insignificance within the grandeur of the universe, made vigorously apparent by the knowledge of his own eventual death.

Egocentrica mammalia pins his entire existence on the vagaries of “why” and constructs complex fictional realities to provide answers as to “why” he exists and what the purpose is to that existence.
Fictional stories give purpose to the purposeless. Yet, it is a desert mirage and the closer you get the more it dissolves into thin air.

Hence, egocentrica has constructed fictional societies to mask his insignificance through vapid goals, mundane and morbid distractions and futile aspirations and there are very few who will get close enough to see the emptiness that is actually apparent in all of it. 

“You” are absolutely of no significance to an indifferent predetermined causal order and that indoctrinated recognition only compels you to engage mythological fictions, absurd ideologies and blatantly ignorant belief systems to somehow deny the truth of your worthlessness to the predetermined causal order that allows you to exist at all and granted you the capacity to mentally construct your ‘self-ness’ as a means of engaging in fictional pursuits to fabricate fleeting experiences of significance.

But, of course, with a wave of his hand, death scatters all your significance into nothing, like a sand painting on a blustery day.
“The Grim Reaper has his hand up all our butts. He’s puppetting all of us because everything that we do, every project we undertake, child we have, building we build is because we know we are going to die. It’s the main driving force of our lives. If we ignore our death, we end up just going around completely oblivious to why we do the things we do!” Read more: Caitlin Doughty: Mortician + Death Activist | Rising Stars | OZY

 Artwork by Metalpiss


  1. I agree with the deluded nature of our existence, but I can't get on board with (what I'm reading as) subsequent contempt.

    The fictions and the stories are part of the dance of life too. Why let them bother you? The dance is always here, always happening. Why not just enjoy it? If we're so darn insignificant (which, sure - we totally are!), then why does it matter if we're lying to ourselves all the time? Just get up, go out, and enjoy the dance! Or not - do what you'll do. (And yeah, I know you've said that last line before - I'm just chiming in agreement.)

    Also: who knows if no one else is asking why elsewhere in the universe?

    1. I'm not sure where you perceive contempt in this, as I merely describe, not prescribe and have little "bother" about what is described. I recognize that this description is immutable and as destined to continue as the orbit of the planets around the sun.

      If you 'prescribe' enjoying the dance as the bombs fall, amidst unimaginable death and destruction (currently experienced in many populations) that is a prescription and one that I doubt possible for most robotically wired to 'suffer' egocentric organisms. However, it may be actually be good advice.

      Nevertheless, as you point out, you will only do what the programming dictates in relation to external stimuli. There is no escape from the programming, only more programming.

      True. There certainly could be organisms in the universe who are also programmed to ask 'why,' and thus, answer as we do, gloriously fooking up everything as a result.

      With all the extraterrestrials currently orbiting this planet, one must wonder why they have not intervened as yet. Possibly, they recognize that it all must unfold exactly as it will.

      Please recognize that the posts here a purely fiction...

    2. I infer contempt only because the words being used are generally associated with contempt, and the artwork depicting the ego looks conventionally "ugly". the idea that some beings are "fooking up everything" implies that there's a way that everything "should" be. I know you must agree (because I've read your other posts) that everything "should be" as it IS.

      The joy of the dance is delusion, but the sorrow of its
      ending is delusion too. Of course I'm programmed to react with sadness and horror to bombs and destruction. But I'm also programmed to marvel at the stars and the motions of the moon orbiting us. Whether the motion of the universe is "good" or "bad" is irrelevant. It is in fact "alive", and we and all of our stories are a REAL part of that complex system. Lucky me that I can rejoice in that (even though in my regular life I'm hardly the Pollyanna type...)

  2. I do not deny that human egocentrica mammalians and their stories are contemptible and that this is exactly as they have been predetermined to be and, as you say, "are a real part of the complex system." Yet, you would prefer they not be so described as they are? You can put lipstick on a pig and it will still remain a pig. The stories are a part of the causal order and I'm not saying they aren't nor am I saying that they should be told other than how they have been. But we are undeniably contemptible and will remain so, since that's the nature of delusion. Spiritual materialism (also called spiritual bypassing) attempts to poor pink paint over suffering and then claim to "rejoice" in this denial.
    These posts address an aspects of egocentric mammalia and this particular one addresses the deplorably contemptible nature of the egocentric. It is a fact, among others. I'm not sure I can rejoice in this aspect, but I do accept it as completely unchangeable and predetermined.
    Maybe my next post will address the joys of egocentricity but, as of yet, I'm clearly not wired for that.


    1. Re: the contempt for delusion - if you go to a movie and think that everything on screen is really happening (subsequently disturbing the other moviegoers and whatnot) then yes, I suppose that needs to be addressed in some manner. Maybe contempt is the right response, maybe compassion. But doing the opposite, pointing out "hey, I can see the string moving that sheet!" the entire time isn't really right either. At a movie, you're just suspending disbelief. If the movie gets too disturbing, you have "reality" to fall back on (your dull and small little self, shoes adhered to the sticky floor) But mostly, there's a lot in the movie to enjoy. Just don't take it too seriously, and don't worry about the fact that it will come to an end.

      (By the way - the pink paint thing was an interesting analogy. Reminds me of "pinkwashing" wrt breast cancer.)

    2. Unfortunately (or fortunately, based on perspective) I am cursed (or blessed) to see the strings. But I have no investment in what happens to the strings. I don't prescribe only describe.
      You seem to be wired to prescribe. Which is fine, since it has never been your choice anyway.

  3. whats up mike, after reading your blog for sometime, I get the sense that you may be hung up on a belief. This no free will movement is just another religion it seems. Its a story we can use to help make sense of how we ended up where we ended up, based on prior events etc etc. But isnt that just a story to make us feel better, maybe less guilty of past mistakes or lost ventures? What if I didnt tell myself that story, there was a time in my life where I did not even think of free will, or no free will, self or no self, and I was living just fine. It seems to me a useless reference point, maybe a bit of a relief initially, as if believed it takes away guilt, and anxiety of the future( I myself used this story quite a bit), but in the end it just seems to run dry. What difference does it make, you still gotta do what you gotta do. Whether you sit here thinking "whatever will be will be, lets just let it unfold', or you take a more proactive stance and plan for the future and take the necessary steps, they both seem to just be thoughts we can tell ourselves into a particularized way of being. For instance at this moment, I am choosing to type this, I can delete this if I want to and not even submit this response. If I sit here and believe that there is no free will and the casual order decides everything, what I'm doing is setting up a reference point in my mind, as something outside my mind is making me or compelling me to do such and such. It will make you feel robotic, and dead, maybe even nilhilistic. My question for you is, why even have this reference point or talk about this? IF you had no storylines in your head of free will, you would still be able to live just fine, and in my opinion in a more lively manner as you arent making yourself feel as if you are just being carried along by the forces of nature. To me the mind is just imagination, you can imagine what you like, and it tends to bring about or select out those experiences or feelings that coincide around what we think is going on.
    You may say that you had no choice to think what you think, or post this or not post this. But is that really your experience? In hind sight you may say to yourself for instance, 'why did I write this, and not that?' and then you may say , 'its because I have no free will" but thats just a way your trying to make sense of things. Its an after the fact story, in the moment you have choice, what else are you doing?

    1. Thanks (??) to this blog, I was turned on to Richard Oerton's book, a good primer on this subject. He discriminates between free will (the existence of which he steadfastly denies) and choosing. He makes the point that of course we make deliberate choices (beef or fish?) but the choice we make could not have been any other, determined by all that has gone before. If that seems contradictory, consider Laplace's Demon - referenced in that book and knocking the legs out from under my brilliant notion of the infinite omniscient computer - it can predict all futures unequivocally but our 3 pounds of fat cannot possibly process that amount of information (otherwise we would be the Demon), hence it and the universe appear semi-random.

      The Demon destroys all logical arguments against free will, try it on for size and see for yourself. Spend some time with it, get used to its modus operandi, give it a treat. Then get on back to making your choices, which I suggest you tailor more towards the be-nice principle. THe Demon is a bit scary at first but you settle in after a while.

      I was sent to a link recently that attempted to assign your religious non-beliefs into one of several bins including atheist, anti-theist, agnostic, etc. I was a bit miffed at the lack of a determinist category. I suppose it would have rendered all the others moot though, and therefore the point of the article.

    2. So, on googling Laplace's demon up come many images of a rabbit. This is evocative of Donny Darko and Inland Empire, two very dark and lovely movies. What's up with that?

    3. I think I've used a quote or two of Oerton on a post or two. A good read nonetheless.

      I have noted several spiritual/philosophical forums that engage some of my posts. Some of their deconstructing of my posts is often quite brutal, but enjoyable. I tend to stay out of forums these days...

      Darko is one of my fav flicks. Not sure of the connection to Laplace's Demon (which I am fully versed in). Let me know what you discover as to that connection.


  4. "My question for you is, why even have this reference point or talk about this?"

    I have no choice.

    Indeed, you can choose any fictional story you'd like, based on the neuro-circuitry sculpted through years of external influence (not to mention genetics). However, if you look at the history of human egocentrica mammalia, you will see some stories have been so powerful as to alter history. They are called paradigms.

    Free-will is a paradigm that is gradually losing the ability to shape the future as science demonstrates it is not backed by evidence, in fact, the accumulating evidence proves otherwise. Academics and scientists are recognizing the absence of free-will and identifying the implications on everything from psychology to criminology. A 'self" based entirely on free-agency is dissolving unto dust.

    We once had a told a story of the heavens revolved around the earth and when that paradigm was annihilated, the world subsequently changed.

    I cannot say what will occur when the free-will paradigm is finally eradicated but, based on my experience with this "story," it should be interesting times.

    But, as always, you can only believe what you're programmed to believe and you have no choice in that matter, because every choice is predetermined, over billions of yrs, by influences that came before that choice was ever contemplated and, hence, acted on

  5. A fun diversion (though still related to the topic):


    (Anonymous person #1)

  6. A lot of peeps r skeptical about this whole E.T. Phenomenon. Or ppl r just afraid that there're other life forms more intelligent than we are.