Friday, October 3, 2014

The End of the Free-Will Paradigm

In your formative years “you” were hastily indoctrinated into a “free-will" paradigm of "personal responsibility," and your ego-centered, cranial-based existence (all experience occurs in the brain) is now virtually suffocating in an ocean of 'choices,' made and to be made (but you continue to proclaim you are "free"). As you advanced in age, so did the oppressive burden of making "right" choices, in order to finally experience "happiness," even though a great many of your choices have only induced suffering and this demands an ever greater attentiveness to making the 'right' choices.

Free-will magically grants you "personal responsibility” and dumps a heaping sheit-load of guilt on "you" for choices made in the past that turned out to be miserably "wrong" in the future and, as a result, you live in a chronic state of anxious contraction about the choices you must make as a means of sculpting your precious future because, as you righteously proclaim, this is "my life" (as if you were completely unfettered and non-originated from the predetermined causal order of space and time). You had absolutely no choice in your birth, nor will you have a choice in your death, so why the fook would it matter what you choose in-between? Does the universe care about your self-esteem or career choices?

Such are the results of the "free-will" paradigm. A paradigm that is patently false (and can easily be observed as such through a  basic analysis of the variables that have determined your current life trajectory). Nevertheless, 99 and 44/100 percent of human egocentrica mammalians wholeheartedly endorse free-will, without question and without doubt, and conduct their every waking moment on free-will being undeniably true, resulting in a pandemic of depressed zombies, chronically rejecting what is as is and, year after year, slogging through mind-numbing routines of abject pointlessness, which they have no choice in, but believing that things should be different than they are, which they cannot possibly be else they would be, they suffer as they inevitably must.

They live woefully miserable lives in constant rejection of the variables currently representing their own personal “life.” They are consistently gritting and grinding over “personal responsibility” and go though numerous years of "education" to painstakingly develop the skills of making ‘right choices,’ which, subsequently, and regardless of their esteemed education, they consistently fail to make anyway, over and over, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

This results in 'neurological exhaustion,' requiring constant, moment to moment, distraction in finding ways to avoid their own fooking minds (which the spiritual-entertainment industry makes billions on) and the thoughts that arise, denying that they have NO "personal responsibility" for those thoughts (thoughts that are clearly victim to a free-will paradigm of 'personal selection regardless of social conditioning and outside influence) and they do ALL of this because they have no choice.

Yet, what if, from birth, you were indoctrinated into a paradigm absent free-will and contingent on a predetermined universe in which nothing was separate from an infinite unfolding causal order and that every choice made had to be made exactly as it was made or it would NOT have ever been made at all?

How would "you" conduct your life if you knew it was predetermined to unfold exactly as it did and does? Would it matter what you do, if what you did had to be done exactly as you did it, in each and every moment, or it would not have been done? What type of 'self' would exist absent free-will? Could a "self" absent free-will even exist? What would that 'self' be like? How would you think, and react to your thoughts, if you knew you were not responsible for any of them? Would you sit around moaning that, since "I'm not a 'self' that makes choices free of influence, I'm NOT gonna do a fooking thing at all"? Or would knowing that you are not separate from an infinitely unfolding predetermined causal order result in your deeply engaging whatever unfolded before your eyes and completely without fear? Would the concepts of "right" or "wrong," "good" or "bad" totally cease to exist in human discourse?

What if we raised children to believe the fact that they had NO personal responsibility for what arose between their ears, since 86 billion neurons, and billions of miles of dendritic connections, fueled by chemical processes in trillions of synapses, are obviously outside their capacity to control? How would we 'choose' to teach them if they had no 'personal responsibility' for their actions?

There are a few who currently live under such auspices. They have no anxiety regarding the future and no guilt of the past. They tend to exist in a state of "surprise" over what unfolds before them and the individual ‘choices’ made based on that unfolding (which is, of course, part of that predetermined causal order).

They have not developed tendencies to reject reality, as that which is not wanted, while another reality would be more suitable to their tastes. Momentarily, they may not like what has unfolded but, nevertheless, they accept the emergent variables as inevitable and adapt accordingly.

They see very clearly that they are not separate from the whole timeless tapestry of a predetermined causal order, and every choice made being part of that timeless unfolding, and in that understanding they experience absolute freedom.

As a result, they tend to play infinitely in a finite world....


  1. Hi and thanks once again for a great post ! In your 2011 post about Infinite Players you mentioned that you have someone in mind, may I ask who it is ? I have two in mind: Ken Wapnick and Byron Katie !

    1. You wouldn't known them as they are not celebrities and they have absolutely no interest in being known. If I were to address them as such, they would think I was ridiculous.

      In addition, I should add that I am NOT one of them. I am merely a student of the infinite play.

      : )

  2. OK :) I like the idea : "state of surprise" , the expression is new to me and it is somehow free of judgement !

    1. Surprise is what we long for. Yet, conditioned neuro-circuitry makes it highly unlikely (except for a select few).


  3. Mike
    I so enjoy talking out my problems with you, your Mindset is intriguing. I also write; fictional, factual and technical papers. I have been working on a Blog called, My Mind Trials. I f you have time I would appreciate your comments. In-turn I am currently reading your writings "The Peaceful Self". I am sure it will be useful in my self-evaluation of my masculinity. Thank You for your words of encouragement.