Tuesday, September 22, 2015

ENLIGHTENMENT: Forgive Them, They Know Not What They Do...

Human egocentrica mammalian's live 90% of their lives entirely from the subconscious, simply because 90% of their life requires no conscious thought whatsoever (ritualistic robotic repetition) and is lived primarily through biological imperatives and programmed mandates conforming to social conventions, keeping him on a chronically reflexive autopilot without any conscious awareness or individual decisiveness indicative of a free-will directed autonomous 'being.'

When you drive your car to a known destination no actual conscious thought is engaged to arrive at that predetermined destination. You did engage millions of unrelated thought-circuits in your conscious frontal cortex, but not one of them involved the act of driving (mostly thinking about dumb sheit, at least from my experience). You've done it a thousand of times, what need to consciously think about it?

90% of your life is, and will  forever be, lived on complete autopilot. "You" are a homogenized amalgamation of biological drives competing with societal mandates for which to subdue and manage those drives, resulting in your despondently depressed disengaged state of hopelessness and, as the brain interfaces with techno-civilization, (determined to be completely devoid of any influence from nature) a state of abject chaotic scizophrenia, mixed with a dash of delusional hope, and mountains of denial, that human frontal lobe conscious thought will eventually save the day...ha!

Your central nervous system is a programmed hard-drive and 90% of your life is lived on complete auto-pilot. Yet, you loudly rejoice and revel in the 10% of your experience you can even consciously access, which is really nothing more than externally influenced sputtering of already engaged ideas, and proudly proclaim the fooking bovine excrement that comes out your pie hole as your "beliefs," to be manna from heaven (I mean, come on...who really gives a shiny rat's arse what "I" believe???)

You've not one unique thought in that gelatinous tangled web securely located behind your eyeballs and within the dark recesses of your cranial cavity. Genetically, your brain is only 1% removed from apes and, hence, you are essentially a moron (but then, me too!)

Many seek to consciously override subconscious hard-wiring, which is remotely possible due to brain neuroplasticity, but your impatience knows no bounds, as you respond to external stimuli with knee-jerk, automatic precision, each response reinforcing that it will be replicated in exactitude when the moment calls for it. Is it any wonder your life is a fookfest and, except for brief moments of respite, has never been but a fest of fook?

Your modern CNS has been unconsciously victimized by routine mechanized behaviors (programmed by previously experienced repetitive stimuli) that you have no control over, simply because of neurally sculpted social conditioning, that began the moment you left the womb, and allowed you to become the docile, mundane indentured servant that your social order required.

Is it any wonder why human egocentrica mammalian's so deeply adore directly seeking the experiences of conscious thought, ideologically accessed through the frontal lobes, with all it's beliefs, opinions, morals, values, etc, all of which makes up a mere 10% of brain activity, but that allows you to assert into the world a "self" that you demand be much more than a mechanized mass of neural circuitry, but can never be anything but that...ever.

"Relax," said the night man, we are programmed to receive, you can check out anytime you like......but you can never leave" - Eagles 

The "subconscious" is nothing more than neuro-circuitry that is lost, and inaccessible, to conscious awareness (the neural realm where "you" seem to reside) and that "you" have nothing to do with, in terms of automatic synaptic messages sent through electro-chemical impulses that "you" do not control, and that "you" live out your life completely unaware of, but are at the mercy of every single moment of your life, yet continually struggle, day after day, to find and assert an 'I-me' into that tangled mass of electro-chemical impulses subconsciously firing off in 3 lbs of fat cheese within a cranial shell that you reverently refer to as "I-me."

We can't say that you're in denial of this, because you actually have no 'knowledge' of it's occurring, as it does, day after day, year after year. There are certain particular processes that you can become cognizant of and change (like addictions), but only because those are blatantly demonstrative and apparent in your constant fooked up behaviors, while all others are subtle, unconscious ripples in the grey matter between your ears, and yet, they have have grave repercussions on ALL your future behaviors.

"In the brain, neurons that fire together, wire together" (quote from a really astute neuroscientist) You simply have NO idea why you continue to do the shite you do, in response to the shite others do, and, most likely, you will never know, because of mental associations unconsciously constructed in your childhood, even before you encountered your 'self' for the very first time, the brain was busy wiring up experiences, unbeknownst to "you."

This poses the question: If 90% of all human egocentrica mammalia's life is performed from subconscious impulses, and those impulses have resulted in the current deplorable state of affairs he now finds himself, is there really any hope that collective human egocentrica mammalia will ever find a way out of the apocalypse he is rapidly heading toward because of his subconscious directives, since his best conscious 'thinking' got him there in the first place?

The revered "enlightenment" and "awakening" practices, that you have been taught by your "master guru" will result in your own enlightened state, are predicated on a conscious mind that only directs 10% of your daily existence and completely fails to account for, or is even aware of, subconscious processes that require 90% of your cranial fatty tissue, the very processes that keeps your physical body alive.

"forgive them lord, for they know not what they do." - The Christ Dude

Obviously, the most profound, and scientifically verifiable, statement ever proclaimed.....

Artwork by Aegis Strife


  1. One of the most striking things about this blog is the irony in that you're pointing out our complete insignificance within the initial post, and then in the comments section you treat your readers with the utmost respect even when they attack you. As if you are saying "You, good sir, are full of shit". Haha excellent!

  2. Hi Eric,

    Indeed, when your brain is no longer circuited for free-willed responses, you can almost marvel at what the universe throws at you and how it makes you respond...kinda like, "damn, did that sheit really happen that way? Yep. Ha! Lol...
    Hence, I am totally (almost) immune to insult, since I'm no longer hard-wired for that form of suffering, although I still suffer in other ways.
    A work in progress...


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    1. Eric,

      Not really wired for praise or insult anymore these days, so they tend to be recognized, just not experienced.
      Hence, because of that programmed recognition, the circuits "thank you" or "fook you" will light up and provide the respective results.

      ; )

  4. You sir speak like you have been in a war

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  6. So, Mike, are you saying that "revered...practices..." are pointless? Because some I have engaged in seem to have revealed to the consciousness exactly what (I think) you're trying to say here. Namely, that nothing I think I know, or think I am, is what I think it is.
    Or, did this realization slowly dawn simply because the little conscious mind is just as much a product of unconscious processes as everything I'm not aware of?
    The two don't seem to be mutually exclusive, to me, actually. I engage in practices for...I can't really truthfully say why. But meditation, for example, seems to allow awareness of the situation to become more prominent and reliance on the "little mind" to diminish, where I feel closer to being able to just give up "self direction" and let that of which I'm not (and cannot be) aware go ahead and live this life, just like it's been doing all along, but with increasingly less interference from "me."
    What the hell. It eases my mind. What choice do I have? Ha ha.

  7. Thanks Jed Mckenna