Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Ha, Ha, Ha, Bless Your Soul...You Really Think You're in Control"

Just had an online converse with a nice chap who follows this blog and after wondered, 'why the fook would anyone follow this blog???'

Funny how life unfolds as it does...

Past experience has shaped the very contours of your brain and "you" go on as if none of that has ever happened, making decisions based on the excitatory and inhibitory electro-chemical impulses darting to and fro in your cranium but, as far as "you" are concerned, that's irrelevant to the decisions "you" make that arise from the fat between your ears.

I'm the boss of "me," gawd dammit!

Your entire life was sculpted to bring you right here, right now. Every experience drove you to the next experience, which influenced the next, on and on, wiring up your head fat to bring you here, today, to this moment In fact, without the 'happening' of a quadzillion historical precedents, "you" wouldn't even exist. But you do exist in your consciousness as a result of everything occurring exactly as it did over the last 4.543 billion years (none of which, I might add, did "you" have anything to do with in relation to how all that shite happened as it did and could not have happened in any other way than as it did)

You can't be anywhere else then where you are right now, because if you could be somewhere else right now, you would be there and nowhere else, especially not here.

I know, I know...(sigh)... it's a fooking suxs that you're here,  right now, reading this stoopid drivel, while you could be doing something important. But here you are, nonetheless.

But whadefook are you doing here? How the frick did you get here?

I'm from Phila and the surrounding subs. Did 6 yrs in the USMC and enjoyed running around in the woods playing combat and so, 25 yrs ago bought a house in the mountains with plenty of woods to run around in, but got bit by a dirty tic and now have protracted Lyme Disease, that I can handle most days, but right now I'm suffering through a full blown flare up. Right now, as I write these words, I am in total pain (not to mention had to shovel out from the snowpocalypse just dumped on me, which fooked up my back, reminding me that I'm a friggin old man...Lol).

But here I am, right now, right here...

I certainly could be somewhere else and, sometimes, God knows, I would like to be somewhere else then here, but ideas like that now quickly fade in the acceptance that I'm Not there, but here, encountering the experience here provides. I may NOT like the experience, but why deny it. It is and I'm experiencing it as it is, until it is something else entirely, which it, inevitably, will be and I have nothing whatsoever to do with what it will be when it will be something other than what it is, while for now, it is what it is, and "I" am here now, deeply in it, not wishing to extract out of it, cause that ain't up to me and I understand that fact fully without an inkling of a doubt (HINT: definition of "enlightenment")

I know some of my more astute and assertive readers will respond, "oh, how sweet, Mikey's giving us the 'be here now' script that we've all heard a million times before." Ha!

This "enlightenment" shite really sucks sometimes, but when you're here, there's nowhere else to be but here...

"It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to
Cry if I want to, cry if I want to
You would cry too if it happened to you."

Artwork by Naoto Hattori


  1. Mike you will love "the universe says meow" by Stephen Wingate. A short auditory film

    1. Listened to it on youtube

  2. Mike, seems as if I (and I) have to respect you purely for your ranting skills.

    Good and expert ranting is not everybodys business.

    You rant best, dude!

    Kind regards,
    Anja (second best ranter)

  3. Come on, Mike, just say hello to me and we are done with it. Just say, for expample: "I think you are a maglignant mammalian chick, Chicky. Ha!"

    Come out to play, companiero.

    Kind regards,

  4. Thanks, Mike. I was seriously worried about your health and such. Now I know you are still in the game.

    Spring is comming soon. That's my faith.

    Kind regards,

  5. Mike?

    You're okay? Is there anything I can do for yah? To make your ride less bumpy? Just let me know. Seriously, dude. I respect your stance, that's why I seem to care about you.

    Kind regards,

  6. Dave's Not HereMarch 16, 2016 at 4:21 PM

    If I have learned anything in the past 74 years (yeah, I'm the same age as Uncle Bernie) it is that the human mind is capable of believing anything. I have personally experienced the effects of suggestion--long story--where my normal state of consciousness was suddenly and dramatically altered for a period of about two weeks before it reverted back to normal. During that time I felt confident, energetic, positive, optimistic. etc. I had no problem making eye contact with strangers as I normally do. I felt my facial muscles relax. I felt powerful somehow, and could not see a problem I could not resolve effortlessly. The reason I say I think this was the result of suggestion is that I sat next to a friend who volunteered to be hypnotized and got on on stage and was told he was a famous singer and suddenly my shy, non-singer friend started belting out a popular song as if he were that person. Normally such behavior would require 20 beers on Karaoke night.The bottom line is I think we are all products of our core beliefs. I am willing to bet if your subconscious mind or psyche had a GUI similar to your computer's desktop you would find all sorts of interesting stuff in your Self-Concept Folder. No doubt there would be numerous sub-folders each containing a number of files. Some say that optimal health and happiness can be achieved by culling through this folder and discovering the files that are causing unwanted effects in your life, ranging from nagging illnesses to your current financial status. Others claim that all you need to is wipe your hard drive which would include the problematic Self-Concept Folder and do a fresh install of your native OS. Lose all concepts associated with your self and you will be free. But as we all know too well, words are cheap as are the concepts they attempt to refer to. Every thought I think these days probably originated somewhere else. I had a brainstorm one day and lapsed into a prolonged Flow state that left me vibrating as a torrent of words upchucked from wherever they upchuck from. Some time later I happened to be reading some old entries in my Journal and saw the exact same words and got quite depressed. I'm pretty sure I have said all of this before as well. In any case, to all of you young folk who read this, just focus on what you enjoy and don't waste time over-thinking everything. Life, especially when you are young and juicy, truly is it's own reward.

  7. I think we as humans are able to exess and tap into all sorts and kinds of states of mind. We all share the same conscious/un-conscious mind-space here on earth. Taking certain mind-altering substances, for example, can make one realize and see something completely different than ones normal state of mind thought is possible. In my case shrooms thaught me a lot about what beauty is and what it's not.

    I can always tap into that space I was once in. I can always be given another big hit of beauty, without using any substance, just by asking for it, by thinking, "I need to see or hear something realy beautifull, please." And it will happen.

    Mostely I don't even ask for it anymore. I'm just open for it and that's why I can see and hear it everyday.

    I also contemplate always while I go for a walk. And the answers to my questions will be given to me by what I see, hear or smell. Complicated inquiries also work like that, but I had to learn how to read the signs and signals. (Including car-signs and colors I see while contemplating.)

    I think what so called paranoid people fear about is actually something they just don't know how to prossess, interpretate and understand properly. I seem to have a paranoid wold-view also, but without being paranoid. I just have a dialog with my environment about a certain issue I'm inquiring into.

    Does that make any sense?

    Kind regards,