Sunday, April 24, 2016

DUNNING-KRUGER EFFECT: Stupid is as Stupid Does...

The history of human egocentrica mammalia (you and me!) has conformed to one chief project and that is to remove himself from the natural order, physically (body) and mentally (mind), denying that he is genetically hard-wired to perform only two chief functions in nature: Survive and reproduce. Clearly his ongoing crusade to override his biological imperatives has resulted in a diseased state with progressively worsening symptoms.
Over centuries human egocentrica has constructed numerous physical and psychological protective shells around himself as a means of extraction from the harsh natural order that allowed him to exist, delusionally proving to himself that he is superior to an unfolding causative order that allowed his enormous frontal lobe to construct fictional narratives of superiority as a means of denying his origin.
He has built entire civilizations to escape causal reality, proving to himself that he is master of his fate and not victim to a naturally unfolding causal order that the rest of the entire universe is subject to, and he has developed billions of ideological constructs, tangled up in his frontal lobe, providing an illusion of reassurance that he is not slave to his own natural instincts and drives that nature has endowed him with and, most assuredly, it is these ideological fabricated mind-games that are essentially causing him to rot from the inside out.

Nature has endowed human ego-sapien with biological imperatives deeply hard-wired in his grey matter and "subconsciously" determining the course of his existence, from the very moment of his birth. His chief biological imperative, or natural mandate, has always been twofold: survive and reproduce and his modern protective civilization has so deeply reformatted, rerouted and reconfigured those drives as to make egocentrica mammalian (you and me) a rotting corpse of confusing, maladaptive and dysfunctional brain impulses.

Human egocentrica's autonomic nervous system naturally evolved to engage fight, flight or freeze physiological mechanisms as a way of insuring survival, but human egocentrica has so massively diluted that biological program as to reconfigure it for an illusionary ego-self survival, to the point that the autonomic nervous system is shutting on and off several times a day, every day, resulting in indefinable damage to his brain and body through cortisol and adrenaline, with a growing number of diseases and an ever growing list of symptoms.

As hunter gatherers his brain his wired to seek food and if he suddenly arrived at a large cache of edible products his instinct demanded he gorge himself, since he could never be certain of the availability of his next meal. Yet, modern egocentrica mammalia comes upon a large cache of food several times a day and still instinctively gorges himself. Today, not only is his fat stinking carcass attended to by diseases arising from his daily gorging, but the food he consumes is utterly devoid of nutritious content resulting in ever more symptoms of mental and physical decay.

The reproductive strategies of egocentrica mammalia have become immensely skewed based on the socially indoctrinated priorities of one sex (female) seeking equitable status with the other sex (male) demanding that the male dilute his natural proclivity to masculine pursuits so as to allow for the weaker sex to obtain superior status (3rd wave radical feminism), thereby, flatly denying 2 million years of natural order to allow for fabricated social constructs, or institutional facts, take priority over brute facts, resulting in girlie-men that no female wants due to their biological drive (hypergamy) for superior genetics to insure more adaptive offspring. Hence, marriage rates and birth rates will steadily decline over the next 50 years naturally resulting in a reduction in the fitness of the species insuring less effective immune systems that fail to fight off microorganisms due to egocentrica's need for convenient, comfortable, climate controlled, sanitary living spaces.

Nevertheless, human egocentrica mammalia presses on with his growing list of phantasmagorical fantasies of altered states of consciousness (religion and spirituality), which he pursues with vigor in the hopes that it will alter the diseased state of his external world, that he sees rapidly eroding right before his very eyes and, thus, relieve him of the ever mounting symptoms arising from this omnipresent awareness that his fabricated environment is literally killing him. Yet, his eyes are easily co-opted and engulfed by his essentially useless enlarged frontal lobe (ego-sapien thinking cap) demanding complete and total denial as a means of maintaining his addictive tendencies to support his high dopamine levels through mass unregulated consumption of super-stimuli, that eventually become exhausted, requiring ever greater novelty to replenish his D2 dopamine receptors which, in time, results in anhedonia or the inability to find pleasure in anything whatsoever, subsequently, demanding ever greater novelty and higher levels of stimulation ("Making love with his ego. Ziggy sucked up into his miyind")
Yet, rather than seek to engage the causative flow of the natural order that allowed for his existence to occur in the first place, he simply pushes on developing ever more ridiculous theories to prove his existence is superior to that which gave him existence and this allows for full denial of his disease as the symptoms of his fat deformed brain begin to increase exponentially.
And all of this has occurred, and will continue to occur unabated, as a result of the delusional belief of his own fooking agency and that he has the volitional free-will do whatever his delusional agency devises, denying that his DNA is only 1% removed from apes and it is that 1% that will result in his extinction due to abject stupidity, which seems to be exactly what that 1% represents.

Clearly and unequivocally, human egocentrica mammalia is a collective victim of the Dunning-Kruger Effect in which he is simply too fooking stupid to recognize how fooking stupid he is and this poses grave portent for his existence as a species.
Dumb things do not survive based on darwin's theory of fitness and because, up to the last thousand years, the evolution of ego-sapiens was entirely based on the wit and invention of his fat frontal lobe. 
The problem is language, which once worked to share ideas aiding the ability to thrive in an uncaring nature (nature don't give a rat's arse about anything), but which now serves to magnify stupidity by veiling it in senseless banal concepts like "gender is a social construct" (tell that to the hens and roosters).

Alas, as a famous philosopher once acclaimed, "stupid is as stupid does," and human egocentrica mammalia is clearly demonstrating how stupendously stupid he is rapidly becoming and this would be really scary if it wasn't so damn entertaining.


  1. 'Girlie men'

    I think they call them 'manginas' these days.

    1. Mangina seems apt.
      I was recalling Schwarzenegger...

  2. Good to see you continue to be entertained.

  3. Apparently not just humans:

    No question, like these beetles, humans can fail at reproduction due to the stupid stories they tell themselves (holding out for the bigger beetle?).

    But overall, humans aren't doing too badly in the survival and reproduction department. I mean, there are billions of us... Sure, it's possible (probable?) that we'll destroy ourselves. But HOW it will happen, what exact aspects of our nature will cause it, aren't exactly clear. It seems unlikely that it will be due to a lack of "real men", but what do I know? It'll play out as it will.

    Whether "girlie men" are capable of surviving and reproducing is simply a matter of observing whether or not they actually do. Nature is brutal that way - it never, never lines up with the stories in our heads. The theatre of human survival will neither conform to the script of angelic behavior NOR the of script of chicken behavior, because humans are neither angels nor chickens. Plenty of "beta" men have children that grow and thrive. That's why they exist in the first place. Whether they're happy about having conformed to misguided ideals has nothing to do with whether or not they succeed in a biological sense.

    1. Nice beetle story and I like how their chief and only purpose for life is to reproduce so that every action serves that and that only.
      I don't think we're that far removed, other than our delusional fictions which serve our narcissistic frontal lobe.
      But I may have overly emphasized the mating schedules when, in fact, the extinction of egocentrica mammalia will most likely be an holistic one.