Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Invasion of the Truth Snatchers

Whenever I'm informed that there's some important distinction that must be made, some profound idea that need be known, my first response is to minimize the importance. This is often seen as my being an unbelieving contrarian. Yet, for me, "important," "profound," "significant," "necessary," "must," "have to," etc, etc, merely signify serious rules somebody made up in order to win the game. In order to win, you must take the rules seriously, because if nobody takes the rules seriously, how can anybody win the game?

So what game are you seriously seeking to win through serious rules? "awakening," "non-duality," "enlightenment"?

Whatever you think you know, doubt it. Unless, of course, it's "important" that you know?

There is a freedom in doubting everything your ego informs you must be true. This does NOT have to interrupt your games and merely serves as a conduit to more deeply engaged play. This is not only helpful to the "awakening" or "enlightenment" games, but also in the numerous life games you engage in with the hope of injecting meaning into the meaningless or creating something out of nothing.

In playing life games, seriousness can lead to mental disorders. Just look at all the current economic-based suicides as the wealth game suddenly becomes meaningless (as if it ever was meaningful). But then, mental disorders are also a game that we think we must play because we have no choice. Therefore, like the wealth games, we take it very seriously.

How many games do you play in which you feel you must play and, therefore, must play seriously? As if I were to take this blog seriously (although there are alot of serious bloggers out there).

However, this does not mean that you can't seek truth (that's a game too!), only that doubt protects you from getting fixated on 'serious rules' that somebody, who has snatched up "truth," calls "The Truth."

You see, "truth" is the trap, not your doubt. Discovering an end to your doubt is like finding an end to infinity, as if truth were finite. Do you really believe there is something you can actually 'do' to get "The Truth," some path you can follow, some ideology you can memorize. Sure, all that leads to 'knowing' something, but probably not truth. However, feel free to doubt that, too.

You can certainly play with other theories of "truth" in the belief that they bring you closer to truth, but closer to truth is your only reward and, of course, that's not truth now is it? Accept anything as "The Truth" and you merely accept a delay, because eventually you will discard your acceptance and move on… and on and on and on....

Even though you'd like to see an end, there is no end in sight nor will there ever be. Truth is an infinite game. But not to worry, you won't be penalized for "delay of game," simply because time does not matter. Recognize that you WILL never stop playing and have fun playing infinitely.

You can’t get stuck in doubt. Your doubt simply keeps the game in play because your not fixated on this or that "truth." In some way, we all play the "Game of Awakening," simply because we doubt we “know,” and we deeply want to know and seek out the rules to 'get' it. This makes finding "truth" a finite game and all finite games have an outcome so that someone can be declared the winner.

Whenever somebody informs you that they 'know' the truth, or the 'way' to truth, I would advise you to head for the hills as fast as you can. Otherwise, you too, may become a 'Truth Snatcher' and they're everywhere these days. Turn over any rock and, sure enough, you'll find somebody preaching "The Truth"

Proclaim that you “know” and, in that serious moment, you have applied rules to the game, because to know is to assert a direction based on that “knowing.” Once you assert a particular direction, you then automatically cancel out other directions or outcomes (as if there were a specific direction to truth)

Actually, that's called “religion.”

I used to envy the ‘Truth Snatchers,’ who somehow have miraculously dug up truth from where it never was, but I realize I could never be one, because I'm a 'doubter.' Unfortunately, this doesn’t get me many friends and I’ve been asked to leave numerous groups of Truth Snatchers because of my incessant, confounding doubt (READ: "pain in the ass") and Truth Snatchers don't doubt. This is because, for most folks doubt perpetuates an unknown factor and that sucks, because we want, more than anything, to know the truth and thus, knowing is considered the only positive resolution to doubt. So we seek out the 'Truth Snatchers' in the desire to resolve our doubt.

Do you really think anyone in your world knows anything more than you? Ha!

But what if truth is merely infinite doubt? Seems to me the drive-to-question (hyphenated to signify unity) is the one thing that never ends and if truth is infinite, why should it?

The world has been invaded by Truth Snatchers. Feel free to play along with them, but only to further stimulate your drive-to-question and the glorious doubt that fuels it.

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  1. Very well said Mike... Have lived my 72 years always this way."Doubt everything". Jubilee.