Monday, July 11, 2011

Humans Hate Humanity

kevin-llewellyn-2 Fountain of YouthA coworker recently told me how she cries whenever an animal dies in a movie. She doesn’t much fret at all about people getting shot up, blown away, dismembered, etc. But when a dog or horse is killed, she feels really sad.

Humanity is inherently guilty by reason of its purposeless existence. 

Guilt is the chief reason we cannot come together to fix our problems and the world continues to deteriorate rapidly because of guilt. But it’s not the type of guilt one experiences for specific acts, like stealing a pack of pens from work or cheating on your spouse (or your taxes).

Rather, this guilt is a pervasive, all-encompassing, deep-seated feeling of inadequacy and worthlessness. A feeling of not being ‘good enough,’ and of being inherently wrong, purposeless and meaningless. 

You could really try to do everything right in your life, to follow the rules perfectly, to be a good citizen, worker, spouse, parent, etc, and you could even feel as if you were succeeding. But this would never alleviate your deep sense of guilt for being a part of humanity. For ‘existing’ as human.

Your egocentricity is fueled by guilt. Your very existence as a ‘self’ is contingent on guilt, on the deep sense of being WRONG. You don’t know why you feel this way. You can’t point to any specific aspects of your ‘self’ as responsible for this feeling, but you can’t help but feel very WRONG.

Of course, if “you” are wrong, then clearly the whole of humanity is just as WRONG and you fully indict them as such. This seems to allow you a brief reprieve from your guilt. But eventually, the anxiety prevails over all your attempts at a cure.

There’s no getting around the basic fact that we really hate each other for what we do to one another and to our world.
As a whole, we mistrust and loathe one another and this is essentially why we cannot work together to solve the world’s problems. Problems that guilt created, demanding everyone take care of himself. An ego-self that does NOT trust other egos will only look out for itself. Hence, that is the world you see. A world of fear and loathing. A world of war and destruction, greed and corruption. A world falling apart. A world in which individuals seek to survive in spite of their hatred of humanity and being human. This is a world of “everybody for himself.”

Yet, we fail to see that the lifeboat is sinking and everyone on it will go down with the ship.

Nevertheless, egos like to collude with other egos and will pick and choose other specific egos to help it improve on its finite survival chances, because to an ego, survival is everything.

So why bother trying to fix a dying civilization. I will shoot you and you me and, hopefully, we’ll both drop simultaneously. Haha!

If your existence is inherently wrong, then everyone else’s existence is just as wrong. However, the dynamic of the ego is to deny its deep sense of inadequacy by focusing on specific acts of guilt performed by others. This subterfuge aids in obscuring your deeper personal feeling of meaninglessness and complete lack of purpose. You need not be aware of your sense of guilt if you can indict ME as the guilty party.

Humans hate humanity because we find our self, and humanity, as guilty of having NO purpose and what has NO purpose should be eradicated. God did not create a meaningless and purposeless world.

You did.

The fact of the matter is that seeking ways to protect the planet is absurd and useless. All technologies directed in such a way should be terminated, simply because we clearly do not have the means to cooperate/collaborate in implementing any protective measures. Of course, token measures seem to relieve us temporarily of our inherent ego-guilt. But this fails to wipe clean the guilt we feel for who and what we are and this is the guilt we easily superimpose upon the whole of humanity. It's the filter you see the world through.

The guilty do not work well together and if we can’t, then no amount of innovative technology or skills will make a speck of difference. It hasn’t made any difference in changing the course we are on now, nor will it amount to a hill of beans for our future.

Forget nature! Nature doesn’t care a spit for our techno-fixes and all petty attempts at healing the planet from our own assaults upon it. It simply waits for us to realize our own innocence so that we once again can return to nature. But seeking to return to nature, while subtracting humanity from that equation, only resigns us ALL to our fate.

Until then, the guilty must pay and we may wind up paying with  extinction. As much as you love your personal little “life,” your hatred of humanity dooms you as much as the whole.

The guilt in your mind shapes and molds molecules into the “world” you experience.

As long as we find humanity reprehensible we will avoid and not engage, alienate rather than reconcile, estrange as opposed to unify.

And the world will reflect that back at us in vivid Technicolor.

ARTWORK BY Kevin Llewellyn – “Fountain of Youth”

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  1. It's pedagogy from infancy on and the deviancy of not going with "the plan", lest chaos reign. The terror of judgment by one's fellow human beings permeates existence because from the very first moment, one is judged. Male/female. Rich/poor. Pretty/plain. Intelligent/witless. Gifted/dull. Good/bad. Right/wrong. Obedient/disobedient. It's ten thousand miles of sediment to dig through...a sediment of language, rules, acquiescence and a terror of being the outcast.

    A moment of Zen may be required.

    You have a point. Your co-worker views animals as blameless, but the very core of existence is blameless because Nature is simply comes into a world threaded by blame and lives a life of following the signposts that all the righteous pedagogues left at the intersections.

    Of course Nature is merciless, because life is merciless. Ask any farmer, forest or desert dweller. But as a species, I suppose one could accuse humanity of being wholly enamored by its rules of pedagogy. So much so, that one really doesn't see the forest for the trees easily and without bitterness.

    Even in blathering all of this, I wouldn't have the first clue as how to change any of it.