Monday, July 22, 2013

The Self Replicating Self

Clearly, through the most cursory observation of “evolving” egocentricity, it can be seen that the chief theme of the post-modern egocentrica mammalia has become nothing more than complete and utter boredom with itself and its habitat.
Egocentrica mammalia has reached the tippy top of Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs.” This now requires full participation in self-actualizing social scripts, and their attached grandiose self-absorbed fictional fantasies which, subsequently, causes him to become bored sheitless with himself and all his vacuous games, which only requires him to devise ever more complex and entertaining fictions to wile away the days until dead.

Egocentricity is accentuated by moving from one fictional self-actualizing preoccupation to the next. They meditate, masturbate and mindlessly meander about doing their "important" tasks, but they never quite feel “actualized” dwelling in their conjured up fictional realities that are supposed to result in "happiness" which they spend their whole life chasing up to the terminal breathe.

Egocentrica mammalia is a species that seeks ‘higher experiences’ as a means of extracting his sorry arse from the predetermined causal order that he had no “choice’ in causing and neither can he remove himself. This is a product of his delusional ‘authorship’ in which he actually believes that he has constructed a “self" through which he identifies with as an ‘authority’ on himself, completely ignorant of the fact that this makes no sense whatsoever. How can one construct a "self" that has as its chief role constructing itself?

So if childhood programming determined who and what you are, at what point did “you” take over that lofty task? And when you claimed authority over your "self" did that include dissolving all the conditioned beliefs packed up in your neuro-circuits that defined you up to that miraculous moment when you took over the job of self-development?

As a result, his actions, individually and collectively, consistently demonstrate that he neither knows who or what he is and, subsequently, has no real idea of what he should or should not be doing with the “self” he ‘thinks’ he autonomously constructed by him "self". Instead, egocentrica mammalians are ruled by pre-written self-actualizing 'scripts,' handed down over the centuries from one ignorant fool to another and pressed deeply into the brain circuits, for which the only purpose is to actualize a belief that one's life is not wasted, when obviously a scripted life is a total waste of time and egocentrics have become bored to tears with the scripts.

Hence, egocentricity has never been able to accommodate to itself based on the scripts that inform him what he should and should not be doing. But without the scripts, what the fook would he do?! He knows not...

Whereas, the rest of the natural world seems quite comfortable with its universally ordained nature, egocentricity has never been able to assimilate nature into itself, but instead, invents lofty but vacuous goals, causing him to become perpetually disgusted with himself, which only demands more complex scripting to medicate his mindless boredom.

This results in egocentrics feeling chronically compelled to “do” things to redirect and minimize their own self loathing, regardless of the value or need of the things they do, by engaging in the most inane activities focused solely on self-actualizing the nebulous, wishy-washy “I-me” construct tangled up in his neuro-circuits. This seems to give him a delusional sense of living through a unique, but completely meaningless “self” that means something to him, but doesn’t mean jack scratch to the determined causal order that simply continues to jerk his dumb arse around like a fooking puppet. 

Yet, all the while egocentrics beam with delight over the "good" choices they make, but with great gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands over their "bad" choices, denying that in a dream, there can be NO choice because a dream denies the free-will to make choices because a dream is not real and how can a fictional reality be real? (this is a tad but off topic, but felt compelled anyway)

The incessant “doing” of egocentrica mammalia is clearly a disease, since the ‘doing’ symptoms only end when he’s stone cold dead, but never does he consider that this is what is actually killing him (rather, he cackles on about all the wonderful things he will "do" in the afterlife). 

Millions of miles of indoctrinated brain circuitry make it utterly impossible for egocentrics to cease and desist from ‘doing’ sheit. Many egocentrics claim that if we all would just do this or that, we could make the world a better place, without for a second considering that it was the centuries of sheit that was “done” that fooked it all up in the first place. Maybe if egocentrica mammalian’s could finally sit down and shut-up, the world might be a better place. Alas, this is simply impossible for egocentrics, who take great pride over how many inane and senseless things they can get done in a day.

They 'do' things to improve their longevity, while inadvertently killing themselves. They do things to save the planet while at the same time destroying it. As one bright mind once put it, “they know not what they do” but, or so it seems, they can't forgive themselves for this and continue to 'do' the same things they've always done. They really can’t make up their “minds” and this is a direct result of the fact that their brains have no clear idea who the fook they are and, hence, what purpose they serve. Thus, they invent fictional purposes and heroic stories to give their meaningless and vacuous lives some sense of importance.

Yet, they will pontificate out into the stratosphere about how “awesome” and special they are, while the causal order simply snuffs them out, one by one, (or sometimes by whole lots) whenever it feels like it and for no egocentrically discernible purpose. Nevertheless, egocentrics seek to demonstrate their self-extraction from the universe by doing the most horrible things to one another not observable anywhere in the natural world. In fact, they conduct their daily lives as if completely removed from the natural order that gave them existence in the first place. Egocentricity is undeniably a “cosmic joke."

Actually, as opposed to the knowledge imbued in the causal universe, the chief ingredient of egocentricity is ignorance masquerading as “intelligence.” In the fictional egocentric world, there are no facts, only relative opinions derived from individually programmed perspectives. No matter how smart they profess to be (and they really can’t shut up about it) egocentrics are truly the dumbest species to walk the planet. While the whole of the natural world rests securely and harmoniously in the knowledge of their place within the determined causal order, egocentrics exist in a chaos of mentally conjured fictions that never seem to make them any happier with the fact of their existence, simply because the fictions deny the brute fact of their existence which came from nothing and ends in nothing. 

Yet, the causal order has not allowed them the capacity to perceive through deluded fictions, since it was that order that caused them in the first place. This raises the question as to why the universe, from which all existence unfolds, has causally ordered to 'curse' egocentrica mammalian’s in this way. 

Why have they been so deluded as to see themselves as separate from the natural order by instilling them with an abject fear of that dependency? Why do they see themselves and all their fictional realities as more sacred than the very reality that gave them life to begin with? Why did the universe require egocentrics to perceive "better" or "worse," "good" and "evil," "right" and "wrong" and then make up fantasy stories based on those differentiations which they superimpose upon the natural world in the goal of achieving "happiness"?

It seems that egocentrics are cursed by the need to see what they want to see, but never what is actually there. Because of an illusion of choice, egocentric perception is ruled by dualism in which he believes he must choose his reality and, hence, filters out any and all which does not jive with his made up nonsense. This is utterly impossible to the whole of the natural order, but egocentrica mammalia believes he is separate from that order and, hence, not governed by its laws. 

Egocentrics believe that because they construct a fictional “self,” it is contingent upon them to construct a fictional world through which to inject that self, make it move around and do ‘special’ things not contingent on the causal order.

If the causal order caused your existence, through a clear and concise chain of events that began unfolding in the universe long before you were even born, do you really think that “you” should expect anything other than what you have received so far? 

Alas, if you are an egocentric, then clearly the answer is ‘yes.’ You believe you make your own "happiness" without considering if the causal order that spawned you even knows what "happiness" is, since it is purely a social construct you make real, but cannot be found anywhere else in the entire fooking infinite universe.

However, this is only because, even though the universe caused the entirety of all reality to exist, you somehow have come to believe you made your "self" and that you continue to construct your "self" completely detached from the natural order that made you exist in the first place.

If the sun, the stars, the earth, the ground you walk on, the air you breathe and the very body you inhabit were produced by a determined causal order, that you have had no ability to alter or change in anyway whatsoever, from whence did you get the silly notion you had anything to do with creating your "self"? Or that you have some inherent ability to thwart, redirect or alter the very course you are now on, based on a "self" you did not make?


  1. Hi Mike, this is heavy stuff but thanks to ACIM I can follow your thoughts. It is necessary to look at the sadness of the ego but at the same time trying to remember somehow that it is not true. That is why I came here to thank you for your other blog which is much lighter :) I hope you will continue writing on that blog ,too ? ( Thanks for this blog,as well, although it's heavy it's also good to know that other ego mammals are wondering about how we could so radically end up in the wrong place )

    I THINK, THEREFOR I AM NOT ( K. Wapnick )

  2. Thanks for the feedback.

    Not sure when I will get back to the other blog. But then I never know where the spirit will move me next....

  3. Sup Mike,
    Nice post one of your other posts was shared on this blog , check it out if u wanna


  4. Abe,

    Thanks for the link and there are a few on the tubes of the internet who have been considering these kids of topics.

    Not many though, since to annihilate free-will is to wipe away everything...