Sunday, July 7, 2013

Your Fictional "New World Order"

There seems to be a lot of talk these days about some elite conspiracy to create a “New World Order”

Yet, the history of egocentric mammalia has been nothing less than a collective endeavor of extracting itself from the natural order, as ordained by universal causality, by neurotically inventing fictional world orders for which to dissociate itself from a causal determined universe that denies free-will. Hence, in order to maintain and reinforce a free-willed illusion of control, egocentricity becomes more deeply transfixed in its fictional realities and this provides an illusion of being removed from the causal order of the universe.
Through the psycho-symbolism of superimposing abstract concepts upon a material world, egocentricity seeks to dissociate itself from the natural world order. Obviously, dissociation from the determined causality of your existence is utterly impossible, since the universe allows you to exist and death tends to have a way of proving this rather consistently and without question.

Nevertheless, egocentricity gets all jiggy with the psycho-emotional experience of being dissociated from the natural order through symbolic fictions that seem to glorify its existence above mere causal determinism.
But a symbolically ordered reality can never be inherently real and egocentricity has had little success in dissociating from its cause, by chronically propagating the belief that egocentricity is cause of itself and its world. Nevertheless, the tenuous fragility of your beloved symbolic world could crumble at any second into a million scattered pieces with even the slightest provocation, simply because it exists as a fantasy in your head. Fully understanding this is often referred to in the east as an “awakening,” but in the west we call it “schizophrenia” or "delusional" and immediately prescribe drugs.

You can even note this phenomena in your personal life in which the slightest look of “The Other” could send your “awesome” day spiraling into the netherworld of suspicion and paranoia. Or a word, uttered in anger, could smash to smithereens the “positive” mood you’ve worked so diligently at protecting and preserving. Such is the utter fragility of egocentrica mammalia in its belief that it constructs and controls its personal universe.

Some claim just such a “crash” is quickly approaching for all of egocentrica collectiva, which relies on symbolic abstraction to transfer its own superficially fictional meanings upon the natural world. However, it does appear we may have to experience many more years of inventing senseless conceptual dribble, through which to magically medicate the egocentric condition, before all egocentrica mammalians simply go stark raving mad trying to make sense of all the fictional contradictions and hypocrisies that make up their symbolic reality.

Egocentricity will essentially crumble in upon itself through its own chronic schizophrenic babbling about which fictional world is more “real” and “true,” without ever questioning the fictional concepts of “real” and “true.”

The essential purpose of all technology is to allow for egocentric dissociation from the very universe that gave egocentric mammalia existence. Egocentrics demands a “better world” for which to glorify the sacred goals of its otherwise meaningless existence.

Every year some “visionary” pundit explains how it’s possible for the future of mankind to be better if only we simply make this or that change. However, as with all symbolic realities, it’s easy to discern how egocentric progress is actually heading for a train crash of symbolic chaos and this becomes  more apparent with each passing day.

In this post-modern world it’s really not that hard to see that in a symbolic reality, anything can mean anything, depending on who says it and how many invest belief in it. It’s just that simple.
For instance, if the President of the United States (a fiction) claims that “drones” are necessary to keep the country (fiction) safe from terrorism (fiction), egocentrics will never question the fictions, but only the degree the facts (“drones) should be managed to protect the fictions.
Nevertheless, the natural order of the causal universe requires no control or governance, because it exists as fact. Its laws simply unfold and regulate reality through a general functioning that has no egocentric meanings or concepts to make it “real” or “true.” But because egocentricity wishes to separate itself and not be victim to the causal determinism of the natural world, it constructs imaginary realities that require fictional governments. The fictional realities of egocentric herds must have limits and this is facilitated through the fictional demands imposed by fictional governments.
Governments are popping up everywhere, imposing a seemingly endless array of spurious laws and utterly absurd rules to regulate your fictional experiences and, because they govern fictional realities, they too must themselves be fictional. Nevertheless, egocentric mammalia demands a fictional world through which to emancipate itself from the causally determined universe and this requires numerous fictional governments and governmental departments, committees, bureaus, offices, agencies, etc, etc, for which to control and limit symbolic egocentric fantasies. Although such fictions have no actual reality, we cannot deny that the causal determinism of the universe has allowed these fictions to assume a reality simply through the "Illusion of Control."
Egocentrics both demand and abhor governments. They live in a dualistic tension between wanting absolute freedom to do whatever they wish, but with a need to limit and structure to their busy scurrying about doing stupid stuff. Like little lambs they bleat and whine about wanting more control from their governments, while demanding fewer restrictions to manage their personal egocentric delusions of grandeur. 
The dilemma is that governments are made up of these same fearful little lambs. You cannot have honesty in a fictional reality and, as a means of controlling your fictions, governments have extracted themselves even further by constructing their own fictional realities as a means of controlling the fictions you idolize as “real” and “true.”
Note how the causal universe always has very discernible consequences that are clear and concise each and every instance. Yet, in a fictional reality consequences occur based on the power of the fiction. We can see this in the post-modern world today. National government has now become an immensely powerful fiction that proclaims itself “true” above and beyond any other fictions conjured up the egocentric masses. It has extracted itself not only from the fictions of the egocentric herd, but also manufactured its own fictions that are essentially immune to any consequences. Hence, it couldn’t give a rat’s ass about what you think, because it has transcended your fictional expectations almost completely and thus, does whatever it wants, whenever it chooses, without consequence. Other than bleat and whine about it, fictional governments recognize that to protect your fictional fantasies, there is very little you can do to limit their own.
For example, the fiction of the Federal Reserve is not actually protected by a historically fictional “charter,” but by the fact that it will pursue the fiction of monetary value exactly as all other egocentrics do, only on a much greater scale. Hence, egocentrics may complain to holy hell of an abuse of power, but all egocentrics desperately support the fiction of “money” and want as much for themselves as they can get.
This can readily be seen with governments in this post-modern era, in which egocentrics complain that the fictional powers granted to fictional governments is being fictionally abused through fictional constructs egocentricity has originally supported as a means to control, limit and structure the fictional fantasies of the egocentric mammalian herd.
But in a fictional government, fictionally elected by a herd of fictionally self-caused egocentrics, there is really nothing that can be done because the fictional government now sees you as a fiction and itself as more real, true and completely necessary. Hence, it can easily avoid consequences which the fictional egocentric collective herd may demand it face. It merely need justify its fictions and you can just shut the fook up, which most of the egocentric herd conveniently does as expected as a means of preserving their own fictional realities psychologically constructed through the Illusion of Control. They will never fully analyze how much of their lives they actually control, since the conclusion could only result in utter despair.
You must have seen this coming? For centuries the fictions have been piling atop one another constructing an incredibly ludicrous, but powerfully persuasive tower of babel, in which you now can no longer claim your fictional “civil rights” or any right to a fictional “privacy.”

Popes and presidents, democracies and dictatorships, corporations and consumers, etc, etc, these fictions are simply made up out of thin air. The conduct of your life is entirely based on your investment in fictions and you are so deeply invested that you have not the means nor the brain circuitry to perceive fictions as fictional.

Indeed, the causal universe has ordained egocentrics to exist in fictional realms of meaningless fantasy and to stress and strain, grit and grind over the self-imposed limits of those self-constructed fictions. But there are those who neither fight the injustice of the fictions nor participate in emphasizing the fictional as real.

Yet, alas, to egocentrics, these folks are fictional…

Artwork by Gitannah - "Mystery Shadow"


  1. good day comrade,

    There're a lot of peeps on YouTube dedicated to make videos about the New World Order and conspiracy theories, i used to be into that stuff but lost interest. Don't know how they know all that stuff.


  2. indeed....

    egocentric paranoia seems to be intensifying by the hour.

    One just called me a "shill."


    I truly love egocentricity...

  3. "I truly love egocentricity"

    hahaha It aint bad after all aint it? Except to those who want to transcend it. I wish them all the best.


  4. One thing, Mike, if I may admit, that in my mind I interpret, so to me, your writing often feels like a negative criticism towards "everyone else".. While it might not be so, it most likely just being stuff from myself...

    Although I like that negativity from myself, because it makes me think I'm somehow smarter than all those other people. Then reality hits hard and I see myself struggling just as much as everyone else, most likely even moreso!! Few things are a relief to me.. that includes small talk and the complaining with other (egocentric) people.. it forms a connection.

    Love and compassion for each other seem to be the few choices we have to relieve suffering (and sure these things will come and go - seemingly out of control and it probably is), yet we (or me) seem to be so addicted to that to-do list and forget about the simple things that carry the most value in the end. Even if that is something seemingly dumb as recognizing the suffering in those you meet and close to you.

    I know, this is another way for me to think that "suffering in this moment is not enough" and willing to transcend such states, but how can you not want to stop suffering within yourself? Abe? Mike? Anyone? =)

    Thanks for these articles Mike..


  5. I do not claim to be other than egocentric.

    Possibly, the only distinction I can convey is that my egocentricity recognizes NO free-will and is now in the accommodation stage of that relationship.

    One day the circuitry takes one to a realization that there is no free-will and this tends to put an alternative spin on suffering.

    But we have no choice in that either...

  6. Glad we're still all doomed :) ..

    We don't really have free will, I can get that partly intellectually: for instance: why would I choose to have this illness? (Or why would I choose to become a criminal?)

    Yet, we can tell ourselves to eat healthy and go to the gym often in order to convince ourselves that we had the free will to steer our fate towards a healthier body.

    And maybe this is true, maybe we do have free will to some extent. At the very least we can't seem to deny having free will because that seems impossible and absurd (what's the point of life if you can't steer it somewhere?).

    I was in a cult somehow, with a guy, the leader, who claimed to have realized enlightenment and No Self. He taught us to let go of everything and everyone at all times. Because according to him there was no free will. Sometime ago I read up again on his forum, and now he claims that he lied to us (about not having free will) in order to get us further into that space of No Self. And that seemed to work for quite a few, although most people bounced back into the before state quickly (others like me got nuts while getting glimpses).

    So maybe there's more to it than just "there's no free will". Maybe we just can't see into the real nature of reality with our limited senses..

    Just pondering...


  7. You were born to a body, sex, gender, race, parents, country, culture, society, etc, that you had no free-will in choosing (let alone choosing to be born at all).

    For the first 5 yrs of your existence, experiences you had no choice in encountering sculpted your grey matter and that very sculpting has subsequently influenced every choice you now make, even though we claim autonomy in those choices. Autonomy only exists in that a "you" made choices, but those choices had to be made based on the neuro-circuitry tangled up in your skull.

    Not to mention the dormant or subconscious circuits that you are not even aware of, that influence the direction of electrochemical impulses we call "thought" and it is that "thought" that comprises every decision you make.

    Analyze the major events of your life and it may become apparent that life has simply unfolded and you have made choices that had to be made based on your unique brain circuitry formed by experiences in your childhood formative yrs that you had no choice in experiencing.

    Possibly, fortuitously for you, you have chosen to attend the gym rather than participate in alcoholism. yet, neither you nor the alcoholic has had any free-will in how that has played out.

    There is, however, the illusion of control, which allows one the delusion of choice.

    But whether or not one unveils that illusion is not a choice either.

    So not only is your birth and death out of your volition, so also is everything in between.

    Allow these ideas to percolate awhile and see what comes up for you.

    Not everyone, in fact most, are simply not ready to understand this because it is simply not a choice.


  8. Thanks Mike for your patience, I was already aware of those points you just made though & that does all make sense.

    Even though I don't understand or experience this concept you try to get us to, there might be more to it than just all that what you meant or currently understand?

    I was also just pondering about the cult leader I wrote about above.

    Currently I'm with another group of people (read: cult as well, but not a sect! :D) and they seem to think there's free will as well.

    I don't give credence to groups lightly btw..

    I'll try to get to your concept closer tomorrow, night!


  9. "Even though I don't understand or experience this concept you try to get us to, there might be more to it than just all that what you meant or currently understand?"

    I really have no investment on getting anyone to a concept or any understanding I might have because, most likely the circuits will take me elsewhere anyway. I write this stuff because I feel so moved. Yet, there have been months where no such movement occurred and I'm fine with that as well.

    But you're 100 percent correct in that "there might be more to it than just all that what you meant or currently understand?"

    There is always a drive to go...further.

    Maybe something I write might help another in that quest.

    But it was bound to happen regardless and I can take no credit.


  10. I got into contact with my psychologist via e-mail, asking her what she thinks about happiness.

    One of the things she wrote: "it's important for people to have the feeling that they have a certain amount of choice in where life can take them."

    So, albeit a delusion, which sounds very negative to me (that's my issue - I understand there's little to be done about that), it seems to be necessary by pretty much everyone.

    And if we can't get to that concept of no free will by choice, can we even get to it at all? Like if we could do a certain action with our body or mind, turn left, right kind of thing.. Have the right directions to the destination and following them through?

    We can't just deny there's the need for this factor of choice, so is there anything we can do to experience "no free will" 100%. I think that's my question..

    It seems like that's possible to me, the idea/concept of free will is standard stuff for 99% of people, they are so tuned into it (be it by conditioning or whatever). There's also the concept of no free will, tuned into by the other 1%. So, it might be hard to do, but it seems like it's possible to tune your mind into that and get the information flow running..

    Then again, this might only "happen" for those really motivated if it's a lot of work (maybe this could screw your mind quite a bit if you're not prepared).

    Just pondering. Seems like I'm not even that much motivated to do this, otherwise I'd just dive right in right? Just playing the game of mad scientist :)


  11. "We can't just deny there's the need for this factor of choice, so is there anything we can do to experience "no free will" 100%. I think that's my question."

    This is not a very popular blog. Except to those who have, by no choice of their own, come to question free-will. The question you can ask yourself is, 'how did i get to this point in which I am even actually questioning the existence of free-will?' What series of events that I had no choice in experiencing, unfolded from the moment of my birth that brought me right here, right now.

    Hence, if through careful analysis you come to the realization that life has simply happened to you, you can then look for patterns to that life, almost to the point in which you can predict the future (I'm not there yet, but I know of others who get it). But it does seem that first they completely jettisoned free-will and the illusion of choice and they did that through a very long and arduous process that they had no choice in.

    There are some good authors out there worth considering. The neuroscientist Sam Harris. The Indian teachers Ramesh Balkesar, whose teacher was Nisargadatta. Two other American authors would be Satyam Nadeen and Jed McKenna (a pseudonym). I read these folks many years ago and it just so happened that my neuro-circuits were juiced up from some of the points made. But at the time I was not sure why...till now.

    And so it goes...

  12. Part of me likes to believe in the idea that there's unlimited alternate realities to choose from and maybe this is so. It sounds new agey of course! =)

    Many people don't ever get much change in their reality, because they don't see the patterns they keep perpetuating & thus keep producing similar stuff.

    What you believe inside yourself, consciously and subconsciously, seems to manifest physical reality, all the time. It's much more complex, as everything is interconnected and whatnot, but a part of it feels true to me.

    So, if you can hold the concept of something different for a while, take a leap of faith and believe in the power of your mind, you could effect some instant changes that are easily recognizable in your personal reality (while others will not consciously recognize what just happened at all because of their own processes and focus).

    I seem to have done this in the past, when I really needed it, during my psychosis and hospitalisation. Maybe I should try again.

    (pauses for dinner and comes back..)

    This is funny, I just had a small event happening that kind of "confirms" the questions and concept I just had in mind for a while. So for me, at this time, it feels more like things can be manifested and altered with free will, which in a way is a form of predicting the future.

    Then again, if you want the truth, this "will" in changing things, if this is possible, shifting realities and such.. Then even that kind of Action might be scripted and was meant to be, planned from birth and such. Like, the action of shiting realities, was happening as it was, even without my conscious wanting.. Including the beliefs or idea that I like to believe in unlimited choices. I just participated in the script, just a role to play.

    Who knows, who cares? It's all fun to ponder for a while, but in the end you just want a good life and you'll work at it, believing you have a choice in it, till like you say, you realize you did not have a choice at all.

    I also read some Jed McKenna some time ago. I was so interested in all that stuff and it seemed to be recommended reading by the cult I was in. I still am interested, but it gets tiring. Focus shifted to mainly other things instead, seemingly for the better.


  13. It does seem that the chief preoccupation with finding some "new world order" is that this one sucks. But then each epoch seems to suck just the same, regardless of how we wish to "order" it.

    Too many dormant or unconscious neuro-circuits to ever try to consciously restructure reality and have it be what we want it to be. We lost the race from the starting block. But we have to run. We have no choice in that..

    nevertheless, some of us are blessed/cursed to keep "pondering" and we have had no choice in that either, because you can only go where the circuits take you and some are forced to go where few have gone before.