Monday, October 20, 2014

The Arousal Addiction of Human Egocentrica Mammalia

The post-modern human egocentrica mammalian is steadily drowning in his need for constant arousal, an addiction that intensifies with each passing year, requiring ever greater levels of mindless consumption.

The growing magnitude of this arousal can only result in the consumption of, not only external resources, but the very neuro-circuits that give psychological reality to all his fictional, made-up, conjured out of thin air, “lifestyles,” since he is clearly devolving into varied and numerous states of mental illness, that are the obvious result of his fictions. The tangled subconscious neuro-circuitry, tightly packed between his ears, simply cannot handle his delusional ideas of reality and are rebelling en masse.

Essentially, he is gradually being neurologically sucked up into his own maladaptive mind games, and self-actualizing fantasies, to a 'tipping point,' resulting in mass confusion over his chronically contradictory and competing “value systems,’ in which he can only experience a neuro-circuit overload, or advanced forms of neuro-chemically based mental disorders. A hunter-gatherer brain, which we still have, cannot comfortably accommodate daily sado-masochistic anal sex fantasies, without experiencing...symptoms.

As opposed to his ancestors, post-modern egocentrica mammalia is afflicted with the potential for chronic “boredom,” which must be avoided at all costs, for if egocentrica mammalia were to remain mired in his self-actualizing boredom for any length of time, he would eventually come face to face with the abject pointlessness of his daily existence and all the banal, insipid everyday actions he feels compelled to perform to deny his pointlessness.

Hence, because of centuries of boredom avoidance, he has gradually developed an arousal addiction, which needs ever greater magnitudes of meaningless distraction to escape the awareness of the empty nihilism of his emptiness. 

Yet, he cannot, regardless of his attempts, through pointless ideologies and systems of belief, escape the emptiness of his hard-wired subconscious (although he continually claims he has free-will), which, regardless of his chronic daily use of synthetic medications, results in major depression, social anxiety, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc., etc, etc., which all point to a mind-numbing existential anxiety that resists all his attempts to alleviate, and only works to magnify his complete lack of free-will. What possible free-will can exist in socially induced mental illness?

There was a time when human egocentrica used his big fat frontal lobe to question his existence, as opposed to the trivial uses he engages today to maintain and continually stimulate the dopamine receptors (motivation), requiring ever greater levels of motivating stimulation to avoid meaninglessness, yet, which his daily behaviors can only serve to support and reinforce.
If the day to day behaviors your society deems normal, only induce chronic depression, then you have no other alternative than to ingest the “medications” necessary to continue to plod along with that social order.
There was a time when egocentrica mammalians studied philosophy, ethics and morality and these subjects were the chief preoccupation of any “higher education.” Great thinkers were lauded as exceptional and admired for the products their grey matter produced. Now they are simply ignored or marginalized as useless studies, substituted by the endless cornucopia of entertaining drivel that mesmerizes egocentrica mammalia and holds him in a willing suspension of disbelief over the fact that his existence is totally pointless.

Post-modern human egocentrica mammalia lives in a time when thinking deeply about his existence actually impairs his ability to comfortably exist and, except for a select few, human egocentrica mammalians are virtually compelled to seek ever greater levels of entertaining novelty, which they receive through their sexual paraphilias, internet porn, object fetishism, celebrity worship, insipid entertainment, etc., and the seemingly infinite ways they attend to their own self-adoring actualization, fully employing “mirror neurons” which allows them to replicate themselves through others, thereby, sucking dry any degree of personal authenticity that they might achieve, if they had any motivation to do so, except the dopamine receptors are literally exhausted by the mindless cacophony of their daily existence.

Their actions are the same, their words are the same and the thoughts that their brains produce consistently result in behaviors that mirror the actions of a shallow collective, but they adamantly proclaim that they are ‘free.’ From cave paintings demonstrating the magic of discovery, they now employ smart phones as a means of magnifying and reinforcing their blatant mass stupidity.

Their fear of boredom is completely warranted however, since truly becoming oriented to the arid and banal state of their empty existence would no doubt be death defying, and for human egocentrica mammalia, death demands every means of denial at his disposal.

From birth, the absurd socialization of human egocentrica mammalia, to fictional renditions of daily living, provides the experience of death long before the actual event overtakes him, regardless of his attempts to ‘conceptualize’ the conditioned experience as actually “living.”

His self-actualizing goals demand consistent mind-numbing preparation, planning and organization, since every goal, by its nature, must deny the fact that the hand of the universe is up his ass, moving his lips and directing his head to and fro. Yet he believes, with all his metaphoric heart, that he’s a volitional, free-willed, master of him ‘self’ and has control over his dominion, or brain, which is where he exists and nowhere else.

Nevertheless, his extermination seems entirely assured, as he has entirely lost the capacity to ‘be’ (an aspect of existence clearly evidenced everywhere else in the universe, that allowed him to exist in the first place) substituted by an enduring chronic desire to be ‘something,’ as a means of perpetually denying the concrete fact that he is not separate from a natural causal order that has historically demonstrated indifference to all the ‘somethings’  he wants to ‘be’ and couldn’t give a rat’s arse about his career aspirations or his mind consuming goals for an early “retirement.”

Yet, ironically, and paradoxically, it does appear that the actual purpose of his existence, as clearly ordained by a predetermined causal order, that has facilitated the unfolding of a manifest universe, is to rebel against his actual nothingness by creating fictional somethingness to avoid the truth of his nothingness.

Now why the fook would the causal order predetermine human egocntrica mammalia to ‘think’ it was separate and completely free from the dictates of an unfolding causal order that nothing else in the manifest natural world even slightly considers itself separate from?

And why is it that the only way human egoncetrica mammalia can actually experience total freedom is by allowing itself to experience complete containment and incarceration by that predetermined causal order?

Fook if I know….

Artwork by Cristiano Siqueira


  1. "they now employ smart phones as a means of magnifying and reinforcing their blatant mass stupidity."

    Selfie time !! Lol

    1. Lol...excessive 'selfies' have now been identified as a mental illness.

      It's true. Google it.

  2. Wow, no kid gloves, but that's what I like about you. I've maintained that the number one substance of addiction is adrenaline... the fight or flight response generated by the amygdala. It creates the intense feeling of aliveness, the thing craved at a subconscious level, but not at the conscious level where fear kicks in. Whence kicks in adrenaline in a chemical vicious circle. Obviously these are all autonomic responses, devoid of free will. I think that jibes with your premise.

    1. Chris,

      Actually the protagonist is dopamine.
      ASAM, american society for addiction medicine, now includes all chemical addictions as the interference of dopamine.

      Dopamine signals adrenaline, as well as cortisol and many other stress hormones. But particularly, dopamine controls the reward centers of the brain and is involved in, not only ingestable addictions like drugs (including food) but gambling, sex, porn, shopping, exercise, etc, etc, etc. You name it and dopamine controls it.

      A good site to review this is

      But then, I'm sure the folks that read my blog don't do porn...

      : )

    2. Interesting - I was looking at the effect rather than the cause. I recall reference to L-Dopa from some of Robert Anton Wilson's work. What a big old cauldron of chemical soup we have in the cranial cavity.

      Slightly tangentially, you wrote on your fb page:
      "find a way to escape the "self" and you will spiral into a horrifying netherland of abject horror, much akin to physical death.
      I advise you do NOT go there..."

      While this is good advice to most, and firmly tongue in cheek for the rest, I wonder about your thoughts on how this (insane) path of looking at the true nature of self (the sheit you spew) intersects with the DSM definition of depersonalization disorder. Is it a matter of "maturity" - doing the prep work such that the noticing is not scary but merely meh, whatever...

      Just curious, not looking for prescription.

  3. Chris,

    A good flick to watch with regard to Dopa is a Robin Williams/Robert Deniro show called "Awakenings," based on Oliver Sacks use of L-dopa with, if I remember correctly, parkinson's patients.

    Depersonalization/derealization syndrome is rare. I've been in the MH business for 30 yrs and have not encountered any based on the DSM criteria (other than panic disorder diagnosis, which results in derealization of a fearful nature, which I have many experienced yrs ago).

    Nevertheless, it was only when I completely abstained from the numerous "spiritual" practices, after yrs of engagement, that i encountered derealization (not associated with panic disorder). This is not a prescription and not sure why this happened, although I have continued to analyze variables.

    There does appear to be a neuroplasticity based "pruning" of circuitry that, of course, one has no free-will with engaging and it tends to take a very long time, based on the hard-wiring already in place (from my experience).

    As far as "maturity," McKenna (the "Spiritual Warfare" guy) tends to separate progress into 2 categories. Enlightened and Human Adulthood, which relates to your reference of "maturity." He seems to claim, as I remember, that you have no choice on being "enlightened," but you have a choice in Human Adulthood (which he also claims few acquire and most remain in a form of adult adolescence).

    Not sure if all this drivel helps...

  4. Mike,
    If you go by the dictionary definition of enlightenment, those in the pre two year old or advanced senile dementia fully qualify. Interesting you quote JM (a fave of yours ;-) ... I agree that probably his greatest contribution is the differentiation between big-E and human adulthood, the real prize as he suggested.

    I suppose I was talking about derealization when I typed depersonalization... not fully versed in DSM-speak. When I googled the term, wikipedia gave me a cross reference to sunyata aka buddhist emptiness... something that has intrigued me. The notion that there has to be some-thing (Consciousness) seemed a bit of a red herring, or perhaps placebo.

    The wikifact also mentioned certain aberrations of perception, which I tend to have. However, how could any serious looking at this stuff not result in that? If you entertain the notion that everything you thought you were is illusory, that has to upset the psyche. Used to freak me out, not so much now.

    Thanks, your drivel is always interesting.

    Interesting game...

  5. Why would anyone conceive of the idea of waking up when there is no external indication this is a dream? Who considers we might be the screen instead of the “reality” of the film? I suppose when we accept without investigation the nature of samsara, the impermanent joys and sorrows rising, falling, crashing like waves, oddly without an ocean, well, this is our truth. When illusion solidifies into reality, reality is therefore an a priori reason to not ask questions about said reality. Or maybe I just wanted to use “a priori” in a sentence. Whatever the case, when you don’t know you’re asleep, you can’t wake up, ergo, the nightmare continues….

  6. The waking up is still the dream stuff imagining there is a thing that can happen in the dream called awakening. This can of course appear to happen with all the associated experience and verification but it can never escape the relative position of the game in the game. This is all fine because nothing really has to or can awaken because this could not be other than what it is and that includes apparent enlightened states. This is the ultimate freedom and joyous release to see that this is it, there needs to be no improvement in reality, and yet there can be apparent improvements within the seeming limitation of the relative perspective of the dream. The dream is really only a flavour of the beloved, the beloved is all there is. This is all that needs to be seen the rest is a story of "truth talk in the dream state" JM

    1. "This is the ultimate freedom and joyous release to see that this is it, there needs to be no improvement in reality, and yet there can be apparent improvements within the seeming limitation of the relative perspective of the dream."

      Agreed. This blog only describes and does not prescribe.
      It has always been 'thy will be done,' regardless of what "truth talk in a dream" describes what that 'will' is and what that 'will' prescribes. I suppose the only prescription is to do what that 'will' demands, which will be done anyhow, so no need to prescribe doing it. Even when one believes he has disengaged from that 'will,' his disengagement was predetermined long before any such decision was made.
      There can be no individual thinker, only an unfolding tapestry of predetermined causally influenced brain experiences, one after another.