Saturday, July 2, 2016

HUMAN EGOCENTRICA PLAGUE: Symptomatic Stoopid...

Human egocentrica mammalia (or ego sapien, sapiens as opposed to homo sapien sapiens which means "wise person" in latin) is afflicted with a genetically inherited brain disorder that has been symptomatically progressing over the last 400,000 years. The symptoms of this plague have magnified with each generation, resulting in a growing incapacity of the neo-cortex to engage logic or reason (a chief purpose of that brain region), resulting in thoughts, emotions and behaviors that can be classified as symptoms of abject stoopid
These symptoms are universal and easily available for observation, not only in the behaviors of others, but in the dumb sheit you do as well, which continues to become more bizarre and absurdly ridiculous with each generation, resulting in an ever greater magnitude of justifying and rationalizing your behaviors as necessary for ego-sapien survival, even though the behaviors are indicative of a collective extinction and though you have no idea who or what the fook you are, you can't resist asserting into the nebulous nether some ridiculous concept of a "self" that demands you be offended and outraged when that self concept is negated by the cold, hard facts of brute reality as opposed to the delusions of institutional facts necessary to keep the circuits plugged into the matrix so the slaves have no compunction to even consider leaving the plantation.
METASTASIS CARCINOMA: The disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. Cancer is a disease in which cells grow and divide with little or no control. LINK
This nefarious carcinoma is no different than any other cancerous affliction defined by an uncontrollable division of abnormal cells. With symptomatic stoopid this uncontrollable division specifically affects the neural circuitry of the frontal lobe which, until recently, has served to provide ego-sapiens with the adaptive qualities necessary for surviving in unique environments and in altering those environments to meet his needs.

Yet, human egocentrica has progressively jettisoned his adaptive capacity as no longer necessary to his survival fitness and instead, has engaged a fixated hypnotized trance, inadvertently sculpting his neural pathways to conform to rogue neural circuits that have absolutely zero purpose in surviving or thriving, causing stoopid to become more obviously symptomatic, based on "stupid is as stupid does," the neural circuitry literally multiplies, hijacking circuits pertaining to logic and reason and rerouting those dendrite pathways to accommodate the cartoon logic of symptomatic stoopid.

The post-modern frontal fat (neocortex) of human egocentrica mammalia meets all the criteria of a carcinomic disease. It is abnormal in that no other species in the natural world has such a progressively engorged brain structure and the cells (neurons) of this fat fissured gelatinous mass, directly behind the forehead, are generating delusional associations, resulting in magnanimously jack-shite stupid behaviors, because "neurons that fire together, wire together" in a self-replicating echolalian feedback loop of rinse and repeat.
This inherited cancerous blight is directly associated with the brain's neuroplastic capacity to generate new circuits as a means of accommodating new experiences based on external influence and the need for survival. Yet, as the biological imperatives of survival lose electro-chemical current, cultural experiences become more patently vacuous, hollow and desolate, the brain generates new circuitry to accommodate to this ever increasing level of absurd emptiness, provoking more absurd behaviors (thought-emotion-behavior feedback loop), which then, subsequently, must be accommodated within the grey matter which, as is historically demonstrative, intensifies in perpetuity until you have the incongruously chaotic shit-storm experienced today on a macro and micro level.
In other words, the mirror neurons within your brain, which adopts social mimicry as a means of social attachment, insures the eventual extinction of human egocentrica mammalia, because behaviors indicative of a full blown, collective train wreck are symptoms of frontal lobe metastasis carcinoma and require, above all other criteria, monotonous repetition. Do anything long enough and any doubt as to the truth and reality of the act fades away like a stinky fart in the wind.
Even though the stoopid shite you do is evidently beyond base levels of pure crazy- town, dumb-arse, your brain has naturally accomodated to your bat-shite stoopid lifestyle as entirely normalized and, hence, your behaviors become stabilized and accentuated, changing only as the need to accommodate ever greater levels of bat-shite stoopid become hard-wired and this is simply in conformance to the evolutionary neural "pruning" process that your neurocircuitry cannot evade or escape, because it gave you life in the first place and survival is always the chief prerogative of every functioning brain (at least on a subcortical level)
Make no mistake, every fabricated fictional perspective you regularly magnify as "real" or "true" will become a hard-wired brain circuit demanding you subconsciously adapt behavior to that fictional perspective as "real," no matter how utterly delusional or illusory the belief, action and behavior conformity is automated. For instance, neuro-circuitry culturally programmed to adapt to the sacrificial Christ ideology will unconsciously modulate sensory apparatus to seek out the persecution of Christ everywhere, even in a slice of burnt toast. The body will always seek direction from neuro-circuited commands, resulting in microscopic cell conformity (neurons) to absurd realities and fictional truths provoking moronic behaviors.

Alas, the younger generation are more rapidly amenable to this frontal lobe carcinoma through the current screen-brain interface in which billions of high speed pixels mimic high speed neural activity resulting in a subconscious facsimile of actual existence that ultimately informs conscious real world behaviors, rerouting neuro-cricuits to direct actual behaviors to instinctively seek out and engage a pixelated fantasy world that simply does not exist anywhere but in the neuro-circuitry of the grey matter resulting in a squinting, open-mouth, plasma screen trance.
"For the younger generation, the course of boredom, disappointment, disillusion and demoralization is almost inevitable. As the products of invisible parents, commercialized education, cradle-to-grave marketing and a profoundly insane marketing programme, they must also assimilate into consumer culture while knowing from the outset that its workings are destroying the planet and jeopardizing their future. Understandably, they have become the trance generation, with an insatiable appetite for any technology that can downsize awareness and blunt the emotions. With society in existential crisis, and emotional life on a steep downward trajectory, trance is today's fastest growing consumer market." LINK
Historically, once afflicted, stoopidity cannot escape itself and, based on the Dunning-Kruger effect, can only replicate and magnify, simply because it has no conscious acknowledgement it even exists (anosognosia), let alone any real understanding of how it subconsciously (all rote, repetitive behavior drops into the subconscious/unconscious to preserve brain resources) informs the aberrant behaviors of the physical organism (human egocentrica mammalia) that the organism persists in manifesting, since the symptomatic nature of frontal lobe carcinoma hijacks the adaptive qualities of the neo-cortex for its own uses, which can only be progressively more stoopid.
I have worked with many ego-sapiens who have found a way to heal themselves from this cancerous plague.  Unfortunately, the healing process of disengaging from symptomatic stoopid is often long and arduous requiring complete abstinence from stoopid which, depending on how long stoopid has been the chief mode of interacting with reality (addiction), can result in numerous relapses back into stoopid. Yet, first one has to acknowledge stoopidity as a means of inoculating oneself from stoopid and this awareness, in and of itself, is entirely unavailable to most human egocentrica mammalians, simply because the frontal lobe circuitry of full blown, nutjob stoopid has become concretely hard-wired through incessant repetition over many years and decades, making egocentric stoopid no different than driving a car, requiring no real conscious thought whatsoever but, like driving a car, ego-sapiens demonstrate an effortlessly flawless performance of stoopid, each and every time.
I have also met with many symptomatic stoopids beyond all and any attempts to rehabilitate, because once the hard-wiring is solidified in the grey matter, the thoughts and behaviors become fixated and stoopidity completely takes over all brain based autonomic functions, the most insidious being the circuits dealing with language and emotion (hence, the chief mode of identifying symptomatic stoopid is by the guttural utterances that reflexively are expelled out their mouths, often with much finger pointing and tremorous gesticulation)

Alas, we are all afflicted my friends, as there is no cure, only palliative measures to subdue the symptoms. Even attaining to the enlightened knowledge that this cancerous plague exists, fails to insure immunity. One need only look to the symptomatic stoopidity of the current U.S. presidential candidates to realize the actual predicament we are in as a species. With a greater acceptance and emulation of abject ignorance with each passing year, ego-sapien as a species is surely doomed.

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  1. Brilliant, and utterly obvious. I am tempted to hang a sign... "progressive, hatist, or stupid, pick one". Though it's easy to merge two and three, I don't think it is as simple as that. There's different forms of stupid, Gump stupid, and willfully ignorant stoopid, usually manifested as visceral hatred towards all forms of perceived bogey-men. It's really Psych 101. Ughhh, how can people be so frigging... stoopid. But they are, even though the handful of readers of this blog may be aware of that, the hordes of lemmings are not. I'm not holding out hope. Of course as any basic Darwinian text would expound, hope is for suckers, evolution is for the raw force of Mother Nature (including our three pounds of fatty tissue) to decide otherwise. It's a wasteful shame as the ride could be a lot more fun. Hmmm, humans gotta go?

    Love the Camus refs, I do need to read more of his stuff.

  2. Hey Chris,
    Great comment, as always. I don't think humans gotta go, since they're doing what they're supposed to be doing. Consuming. Apes consume, chimps consume, wolves, iguanas, ants and cockroaches consume. All living things consume air, water, sunshine, food, space, etc. The natural causal order has simply allowed ego-sapiens to consume en masse and for reasons that are no longer specifically related to survival. But the fat frontal lobe cannot differentiate between survival and pleasure seeking (I imagine Neanderthals got all jiggy with experiencing a "survival moment")and this is what I refer to as Butt Hurt Stoopid (the millenials are now the most demonstrative example of this undifferentiated stoopidity).
    Glad you liked my Camus quote. I got my start in existential nihilism many moons ago (now I'm more into existential nihilistic non-duality, as if there were such a thingy)

  3. Well, I did put a question mark after the statement "humans gotta go?" It's not within our purview to assign that sort of control, quite within MN's (Mother Nature).

    I'm curious as to the differentiation between existential nihilism and existential nihilistic non-duality. Ignoring the existential term for a moment, nihilism can be defined as (cough, wikipedia) "extreme skepticism maintaining that nothing in the world has a real existence". First, that would seem synonymous with solipsism (which I have no problem with), second, would seem redundant to non-duality. Of course, this could be explained simply as "my hobby", not much removed from knitting or carving wooden ducks. What I do with my brain. Or what my brain does with me.

    Of course these are only labels and have no inherent meaning. Recently (thanks to some of your links), I have found myself to be in the socio-political context a libertarian socialist anarchist. Peeps give me strange looks when I expound on that though. Then I try to explain that these are merely the products of my gazillion pre-programmed bio-chemical neural connections, and they go completely blank. Oh well...

    I see Jed has a new book...