Friday, October 15, 2010

SELF-MUTUALIZING: Release From Egocentric Hell

You want to break free of the chains of an egocentric ‘self’? Engage another self in that process. You wish to transcend your deepest shadows and your darkest fears? Help another to transcend, as they help you. You desire to transform the base ego into a higher self? Raise up others as they lift you.

We transcend together or continue to suffer apart (together).

The 'self' was not constructed in isolation and NO transformation can occur alone. ‘They’ have a purpose and there never was any coincidence in the endless procession of ‘others’ that entered your life.

Truth has no involvement in “chance.”

It won’t be easy, in fact, it may often seem like hell (but what else would "hell" be, if not an experience of abject strangers in constant fear of one another). Nevertheless, nothing will reveal and expose the depths of the ego-self like another ego-self being exposed and revealed TO itself.

Your egocentric self-actualization becomes our unified self-mutualization. Did you really think you were meant to do this alone?

Individual transcendence must be a fraud, because egocentric individuality is a figment of your imagination. Discovering the depths of mind is a mutually engaged exploration. There is NO one "Buddha" or "Christ," only a collective WILL to awaken, rigidly limited through the demand for separate forms exclusive from you.

There must be a commitment to the process of engaging depth with others. Two or more joined for the purpose of release from egocentric hell. They have the key to your freedom, as you have the key to theirs, since each of "you" have conceptualized the others prison. I am as much a victim of your concept of "me" as "you" are victim to mine. Has your personal "awakening" freed me? If not then, make no mistake, neither one of us are FREE...yet.

Your resistance has always been futile and eventually you will engage your fear and choose to stay in the game instead of running off and hiding in your secret compartments. The ego can run, but it can’t hide, although it can run (repress) for a very long time (centuries) before it is overcome by exhaustion and finally gives up CONTROL.

Yet, "you" think NOT. "They" have caused you so much suffering that you’ve felt compelled to reciprocate your attack through a coordinated defense of indifference. Make no mistake, a world of egos ALL seeking control can only be a "hell on earth."

The game of relationship is like any other game, because it’s all about rules. Rules are imposed to limit and control play. When two players agree to engage infinitely, they are agreeing to become fully aware of the all the finite rules they impose upon one another. If there is an expected outcome, then clearly there is a rule that must be followed. The “world” you experience demands punishment for those who break the rules. Suffering is the result of the rules you demand be “true” and, thereby, impose on another, while they impose on you. Therefore, the world is experienced as nothing more than mutual bondage.

What are the infractions or violations of the rules? Is guilt the punishment? Do violations justify anger and rage? Define “love” and determine if that definition has any basis in truth or is it nothing more than a learned fantasy from the past? What are the control mechanisms you impose upon each other? Are there underlying patterns of fear and hatred? What defines betrayal? What part does vengeance and retribution play in the game?,

Know your 'rules' and you will discover your shadows.

This is how the 'self' discovers itself, not in fearful isolation from a world of other minds but deeply engaged with other minds to dissolve fear. To play infinitely in relationship is to fully reveal the rules so that they can be played with and clearly seen for the limits they impose. It is always the rules you impose on "others" (and they upon "you") that determines the boundaries of experience. The inmates do run the asylum, because they are also the guards.

The game may become difficult and conflict will arise as egos grasp and claw to maintain the remnants of egocentric control and protection. The ego-self does NOT take kindly to having its fantasies and delusions questioned and exposed. The ego will fight, not only others, but the very mind that invented it and gives it ‘life’ by following the egocentric rules demanded for "happiness." The mind is free, but the ego has imprisoned it by requiring others conform to its requirements.

Nothing betrays you, but your own concepts.

The truth has nothing to do with what you believe in, but understanding the delusions of belief will clear the way for discovering the truth together, because it is NEVER what you "think." ALL your relationships serve this purpose and nothing else, because learning the truth of relationship is what you are here for and nothing else. When you have extracted every ounce of fear between you, be prepared for surprise.

Atoms do not define the material world separately, but only through their relationship to one another. The truth is IN relationship, waiting for you to discover it. Commit to that purpose only, by becoming aware of the purposes you impose on each other. The journey has NEVER been to “free your mind”...

...but to free "theirs."

Artwork by Rafal Olbinski - "Manon  Sescaut"


  1. My pet rock is grateful that you refer to "others" and "players" and not "other people." "Egos" is a bit tricky though, as it claims already to be free of the stringent chains of egoic hell. Still my rock and I engage each other, and it's 50/50 all the way...!

  2. "Still my rock and I engage each other, and it's 50/50 all the way...! "


    Which is why I fail to be insulted when told I'm as stupid as a "rock."