Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Absurdity of “Chance”

You always experience what you want, although often you deny responsibility by making ridiculous claims that it is not what you wanted after all. Nevertheless, you KNOW nothing with the certainty that TRUTH would give you and this is why you remain confused, causing you to believe that some experiences occur without your wanting or that your life is essentially dictated by “chance.”

This is patently absurd (but not to “you”).

ALL experience is OF the mind and there is nothing external to experience. Nothing escapes the Law of Mind, simply because nothing escapes the mind, regardless of your attempts to free yourself from your experiences by ejecting them away FROM you, through the worship of sensation, and superimposing upon an outside ‘world.'

Make no mistake, the outside world is a scapegoat, because everything rests WITHIN experience. All experience is DIRECT. However, from within YOU there are the experiences of the ego and experiences not of this “world.” Yet, the ego requires a “world” to actualize through and so, egocentricity is always rooted and hinged upon that “world.” Eventually, even experiences evaluated as not of this world, must be subsumed and included within egocentric categories of thought. The moment an ‘interpretation’ is applied it becomes “real,” because all interpretations are derived from experiences of the world and, for an ego to exist, a “world” MUST exist.

“Chance” is an egocentric construct to avoid responsibility for experience. In order to maintain control, the ego must avoid recognition that all experience is internally manufactured to maintain a sense of inadequacy. Inadequacy demands ever greater levels of CONTROL imposed on experiences of an outside world. If you were to ever learn just how extremely powerful your mind really is, the ego-self could NOT exist at all, since the ego is a direct product of weakness and inadequacy through opposition to an outside world.

The moment you question the parameters of egocentric experience is the moment you question the very existence of your ‘self,’ since the self must always be inherently ego-centered. Therefore, ALL your experiences conform to inane and ignorant distractions, with no other purpose than to cultivate your chronic, blind unawareness resulting in your deep-seated sense of inadequacy and impotence. Besides, you’ve never really liked your ‘self’ very much anyway….

Do you really believe there is a purpose to ALL your nonsensical actions other than to distract from TRUTH? Egocentricity demands ignorance in opposition to TRUTH. Look at the actions and behaviors you impress upon the body throughout your daily “life.” Study the ‘habits’ that originate from fear and recognize the complete waste of time that makes up the entirety of your life all in the name of chance. Is this your purpose? To be victim to chance?

“Chance” is an alibi for ignorance, for if your life is ruled by chance, what need for responsibility when you have only limited choices? To what but ignorance are you accountable? Hence, you have no problem in experiencing a world of death and destruction, because identifying with egocentricity allows you NO responsibility for what a weak and inadequate mind experiences.

Within that confusing mish mash of consciousness you call “you,” there is a tiny, barely perceptible ‘spot’ that does not rely on time and, thus, KNOWS only absolute certainty. This part recognizes that there is no experience of consciousness that conforms to chance. That part is the only whole that is real, but you have jettisoned it away from you in believing it is only a part of consciousness.

It’s through understanding the whole that you will free yourself from being victimized by its parts. Your mind is powerful beyond recognition and its delusions conform to that power in maintaining a sense of delusional perfection. But if ‘delusion’ is NOT real, how can it be ‘perfect’?

There is NO ‘chance’ in a world of your construction unless you construct it to conform to chance. Examine the WHOLE of your ego-self experience and refuse to be hypnotized by its separate PARTS.

 Artwork by Robert Craig - "untitled"


  1. Hi Mike: It is nice to know that there are others i.e.:you, Jed Mckinna and a few physicists who "know" we create everything>>>just everything.
    Thanks for a great post. Shalom, Jubilee.

  2. My sense is that there are more intricate layers to a theme of chance. What they are, I am at a loss to speculate. I do see that spark of spirit certainty despite the apparent uncertainty, but at the same time realize the mind is capable of many illusions.

    There is not a spot on the Earth nor a philosophy which is not vulnerable to a crack in the cosmic egg at some point or other, which makes certainty rather uncertain or at best delusional.

    If God and the soul are omniscient, then we must love our suffering and the quest to ease it only a pretense and the puzzle just another symptom of egocentric Purgatory. The world is set up this way and gets more complicated by the day all in the quest of saving oneself from the very suffering one would gladly give to another to alleviate it for oneself.

    There is something sick in the whole mechanism...or has been made to be sick through a worship of abject materialism.

    This is a thought-provoking post.


  3. Jubilee,

    Yep, good ole' Jed....


  4. Hey, Nahnni,

    Sorry, meant to post on forum, but the spirit just does not move me. Things are literally insane this side of the screen.

    "The world is set up this way and gets more complicated by the day all in the quest of saving oneself from the very suffering one would gladly give to another to alleviate it for oneself."

    Yep, and I suppose we get exactly what we want, since experience is all encompassing.