Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Betrayal of False Choices

You complain about how tired you are of all the pain and suffering.

Yet, obviously, you are not yet tired enough to end it and, make no mistake, the end of suffering is entirely your choice. The only purpose of free-will is to end your suffering. But what you WILL is to suffer and so, you do NOT yet experience a free-will (although we like to blah,blah, blah about how free we are). Your WILL is anything, but free. But this is how you CHOOSE to experience it and NOT how it is in truth. You don’t have a clue how it is in truth, because you don’t have truth. What you have are…


And you think more choices prove how FREE you are.

When you are truly “tired,” in the recognition that you have never been free, only then will you experience freedom. Until then, you will continue to seek to control the victimization that an imprisoned WILL must experience, because it is NOT free and must make choices that an imprisoned WILL must defend as true.

And any WILL that gets its power from making choices is clearly a victim of its own egocentricity. If you wish to know “The Way” or “The Tao,” etcetera, etcetera, or if you wish to experience “Buddha Mind” or “Christ Consciousness” or any of the other labels pointing to infinite freedom, then simply make contact with your inherent, God given, WILL. You’ll know you got it when you simply no longer have a need to make choices.

Every ounce of pain you experience is entirely of your WILL to experience. Therefore, as First Cause, it is entirely of your WILL to break the shackles of your own head games and get FREE. This is your choice and it is the ONLY choice you need make to be free. ALL other choices merely reflect the choice to suffer through the need to make choices.

There is only one choice needed to end all choices. But you love making all the choices that delude you into believing your free…”menthol or regular, filter or non-filter, king size or medium, hard or soft pack, etc, etc, etc. It’s YOUR choice. Hahaa!

Therefore, the question you need to ask your ‘self’ is…"when will I finally get tired of choosing?” Contrary to your claim of being tired, if you still suffer then you have not yet fully exhausted your choice TO suffer. This means you require further suffering and you have to wonder WHY you would always want to choose that. But, if this is what you choose, then why complain about the suffering experienced by your choice? Go ahead and suffer gladly!

Oh, but you contend you have NO choice in making choices and you simply cannot dissolve the suffering that is inherent to this form of existing. You are human and humans suffer and so, must make choices, ad infinitum (funny how you don’t choose birth or death, but you damn well better make good choices in between the two).

And through the alibi of inherent human suffering you have made your choice to choose. Your reasoning and logic is simply an alibi for which to support your choice…to suffer through choices.

However, a choice that requires defending cannot be TRUE, because TRUTH requires NO defense. 

Therefore, anything you must defend reflects a choice you make that is opposite TRUTH.

Anything that is not TRUE, must ALWAYS betray you, but only because what is not TRUE requires defense and anything that requires defense can be destroyed, otherwise, why would it need defense? When you claim a “truth” for yourself, you must then defend it, because you know it can be smashed to smithereens. Why defend that which must eventually fail you by the very nature of its being false? This has been the nature of your existence.

Defending the false against the false.

Eventually, however, it becomes readily apparent to you that what you defend does not serve you and this includes every choice you make and defend as the "truth." You are constantly betrayed by your own choices, until the moment you no longer choose to make choices you must defend. If you continue to make false choices, you will continue to be “tired” of the betrayal that must accompany defense of what is NOT TRUE.

You do NOT know the TRUTH. You only know only the betrayal of false choices, but you keep hoping that just one of your numerous choices will one day be the right choice. “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do” is the most profound TRUTH of your existence and clearly emphasizes the suffering inherent to the false choices that have been made for centuries and must only support and emphasize continued false choices. Just look at the absurd choices being made in the world right now, by so-called “smart” people.

So how do you make choices that reflect truth?

YOU CAN’T. Because TRUTH cannot be reflected. It is or it is NOT. To say that you “tasted” or “glimpsed” the truth epitomizes the game of egocentricity. The false choice requires some situations be a reflection of TRUTH, but not others and this is why it must eventually, and always, betray you. Realize that NOT one choice you make reflects TRUTH in anyway. Recognize that there is no preparation you could choose to locate the truth, because ALL your preparation for truth are merely choices designed to FAIL and you will experience betrayal when your “truth” fails as it always has and always MUST.

When nothing else matters, the TRUTH will not shock or terrify. But when so much in your life is more important, then TRUTH must be rejected since, only through TRUTH,  will “you” learn that all your important fixations have never amounted to a hill of beans. It might suck a little when every choice you have ever made was a useless choice. But not to worry, you’ll NEVER make another useless choice again. Ha!

 Choose NOT to choose, because "you" don't have a clue. Your absolute lack of preparation and choice is what prepares you for awakening to TRUTH. Truth cannot be predicted by an ego fixated on all its wonderful CHOICES. But the ego is always the defender of the fully prepared mind and insists you closely follow its recommendations and choose ONLY from that menu. All preparation only fixates you on egocentric outcomes and rewards and there is no TRUTH in that and never has been. Only continued betrayal by the choices ALL egos love to make. You think having choices means you are free, when it only proves…

…you’re locked away in a prison of your own mind.

 Artwork by Mickey Me - "Seeking Immortality"


  1. umm... i think mostly i am locked in a prison of my own mind.

    choosing not to choose - is still a choice.

    ... and i think that it is possible to recognize moments of freedom... when the shackles slip off in the presence of surprise - or simple clarity... then upon recognition - usually marks the moment of unconscious reshackling...

    but still, in the face of freedom - when it is stabilized - there are still choices... but many many many more choices... unlimitted choices because the judgement around them all has fallen away.

    i think though this sort of freedom - must be coupled with wisdom. because we are not like wee babies that are unfamiliar with the notion of self and relationships.
    rather - we come through to freedom THROUGH the ego... and not only that - the only way to access lasting freedom is for the ego to be healthy and mature.

    the recognition of freedom arises out of causes and conditions - that is - many choices of ourselves and countless people in the past and present that has set up a particular way of communication, of understanding, of perception. and only then - there becomes an awareness of the possibility of experiencing this freedom you allude to.

    so, in that way, freedom is not separate from causes and conditions and choices.

    while recognizing freedom, one can be aware that a lot of other individuals may benefit from our freedom - through our specific choices. so we are free with unlimitted choices - not so much on our own behalf - but we are free on behalf of the whole huge story of causes and conditions.

    so - we can move, with a blend of discrimination (making choices) and freedom.

    maybe then creating causes and conditions for others to recognize freedom.

    don't know if i care to label this "truth".
    but, in any case - that's my two cents worth.

  2. Arpita,

    "choosing not to choose - is still a choice.

    Indeed, although there may come a time when "you" are not the one choosing.

    "rather - we come through to freedom THROUGH the ego... and not only that - the only way to access lasting freedom is for the ego to be healthy and mature."

    Does normalizing bodily limits and containment make an ego "healthy and mature"? Unfortunately, I've never been very able to accept that situation, which makes me a very dysfunctional and unhealthy ego.

    Never could get this "freedom" thing. Seems like an ego simply justifying its limitations as actual "freedom," when in fact, it suffers through its own imprisonment everyday.

    Oh well...