Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love From Lack Demands Attack

The ego-self believes very intensely in “love” and understands that lack of love will result in a failure to adequately self-actualize (exist as “real”). The ego must then seek and find that which it lacks, and MUST have, in order to experience itself as "real."

But because the ego’s concept of “love” is not really love (just a concept of love) it must always experience lack. A lack of love results in guilt for failing to ‘have’ what the ego-self has determined necessary for actualizing itself and fully experiencing its existence. This experience of lack or absence is the cause of your guilt and it is this guilt you protect yourself from by attacking those who you believe are cause of your lack .

When an ego-self chooses another through which to experience “love,” any experience of lack or absence is symbolic of betrayal. Therefore the ego-self simply projects its experience of lack onto the other as cause.

Although the ego-self has absolutely NO correspondence with Deep Spirit, it does sense something much more powerful than itself. This causes it to construct concepts of love that have very little resemblance to a Deep Spirit love, but give it a delusional sense of control and power over that which it can never know. Since the ego can never really ‘know’ love, it works especially hard at finding its concept of love in a world of six billion competing concepts of love.

Therefore, although the ego believes strongly in its concept of “love,” it realizes that its concept of love is still always lacking, because it does not conform to this deeper truth that the ego senses but can never know.

Since the ego cannot correspond with Deep Spirit, this sense of lack causes guilt, because the experience of love must always be inadequate, which obstructs self-actualization. The ego can suffer through many states of mind, but guilt it must avoid at all costs, since to fully examine guilt would be to realize the very basis of the ego’s existence, which is empirically baseless with no actuality whatsoever.

In order to discard guilt, "you" simply makes someone else the reason for your lack of love. This is done by attacking them, thereby, magnifying a lack IN you by making someone OUTSIDE you guilty for your INNER lack. If the lack IN you is superimposed upon another, you will fail to fully engage with your guilt and instead see it as outside yourself and firmly lodged in another and you will engage in attacking them for depriving YOU of what you need to self-actualize.

An ego is defined as that which seeks to fill a lack. A non-lacking ego-self could not exist as an ego-self, since it would have no lack to identify WITH. To love from lack demands attack, because the ego will never accept that it is cause of its own experiences. You cannot love from a lack of love, because such an experience will only reinforce the lack which produced it.

To love from Deep Spirit is to no longer to rely on reinforcing lack through concepts of love. Deep Spirit is free of relative concepts, because it's true. Recognize that all your attacks are from an experience of lack IN you and have NOTHING to do with another.

You believe attack aids you in denying guilt by blaming the "world" for what is lacking IN you. Eventually, as you begin to play infinitely and allow concepts to recede in significance, lack must also recede and love need  no longer conform to a concept, but evolve as something more than you could have ever conceptualized.

This is because truth (or love) is not a concept and lacks nothing.

Artwork by Scott G Brooks - "Allegory of Love #26"


  1. We are all angels. This world is only a fun house. This world was created for our recuperation. We forgot. We've been here too long. We have been deceived by negativity. We have become trapped here. Its time for us to resume our respective angelic positions and leave.

  2. Yes, so it would seem. Yet for others, it is more a haunted house.


  3. Interesting response by Anonymous. I like it.

    You mention Deep Spirit in your writings, and I am wondering if this is your language for the realm of the soul. If so, how do you think the "you" trapped beneath each skull corresponds, as you say, with Deep Spirit? Is it in the utter silences or in the modes of communication between individuals where it comes out and flourishes? Artists often need solitude to create, which would, if not allowed, leave little art for the rest of us to marvel in relationship with.

    Sometimes, I am not certain if you are rejecting the necessity, for some, to seek solitude to create or even sit in the joy of silence or if you are saying that it may not be good to do it as a lifestyle.

    Love is just an empty space where the rain comes in, so it is not necessarily lack for some, just kind of a space that is neither here nor there.

    "...a response may be delayed due to my work schedule (many hrs)."

    Kind of reminiscent of the old U.S.S.R. regime...or China. Who would have ever guessed it would slowly creep its way into everyone's own backyard?

    Blessings to you, my Friend~

  4. "Sometimes, I am not certain if you are rejecting the necessity, for some, to seek solitude to create or even sit in the joy of silence or if you are saying that it may not be good to do it as a lifestyle."

    Good point. I suppose if the solitary mind extends itself, rather than contracts from fear, the difference is so experienced. I only suggest that if the joy of silence comes from fear of engagement, it is probably NOT "joy."

    "You mention Deep Spirit in your writings, and I am wondering if this is your language for the realm of the soul."

    Yep...or more like a conceptual representation of what is experienced when there is a complete absence of fear.