Sunday, March 1, 2009


ego: Uh… who's that you’re talking to?

Mike: Why, that’s Being and it’s about time you guys get to know one another.

ego: Uh…Mike, I’m not so sure there’s enough room here for the three of us. I mean, it’s always been just you and me making sense of things. Now you go and bring in a stranger.

Mike: There's plenty of room and once we all get to know one another we won’t be strangers anymore, will we? Besides, you’re the one who actually brought Being into this, remember?

ego: Uh… no.

Mike: Sure, remember that guru who you thought would teach us “awakening”? Well, he’s the one who told me that I need to get to know Being.

ego: Yea, well, I guess I screwed up on that call. Nevertheless, things are gonna get confusing around here if we’re all competing to be heard.

Mike: Well, actually, Being thinks that I should not listen to anything you say and refer exclusively to him.

ego: That bastard! Mike, how can you trust a stranger? After all these years, how can you just toss me aside? Yea, sure, I’ve made some bad calls, but you can’t deny I’ve taken us pretty far too.

Mike: Well, it’s time for a change around here and I think a new voice would be helpful.

ego: Ok, Fine! But don’t think for a second that he’s gonna know anything about the things I’ve taught you. When it comes time to getting your needs met, you’ll turn to me like you always have.

Mike: Relax. I'm not tossing you aside. In fact, I’m quite happy to have you two agree on things and then get back to me on the best way to go.

ego: That's fine, as long as he understands who’s really running the show, I have no problem with that. In fact, on second thought, I think that in time we’ll become good friends!


  1. Isn't ego talking to himself here?

  2. Hey Spartacat,

    Yep...isn't ego always talking to himself?